The 22-year-old Bethany Rosser had to be rushed to a hospital in Redditch, Worcestershire, England. This, after getting involved in an accident, in your home. She was preparing breakfast when she suffered several burns on her face, when the eggs she was cooking in the microwave exploded.

Rosser searched Google’s food preparation instructions and read that it was safe to lay eggs in water. As long as salt was added so they wouldn’t explode. According to the instructions, the eggs were then boiled for six minutes and then removed from the microwave to cool.

However, when she went to check if they had cooled to serve them, the eggs exploded. Burning the whole right side of the British woman’s face . “I googled to see if I could make microwaved eggs. There are endless websites and videos on YouTube saying you can. What I read, however, was a set of instructions in Delish. There, it said you could put the microwave eggs as long as you add salt to the water to prevent them from exploding, “she said.

“The instructions said to leave the eggs in the microwave for six to eight minutes. Cautiously, I left six and took them out. When I looked in the container to see if the eggs were ready, they flew in my face. That only happened when I I took it. The eggs were fine in the microwave, “he added.

The incident

The young woman was home alone on the day. After the incident, she immediately called the emergency service while splashing cold water on her face. However, quickly, her skin was beginning to show the first signs of burns.

Rosser was taken to the burn unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. There she received specific treatments, including wet bandages on her face. Rosser was under observation at the hospital all night.

When being interviewed by The Sun portal , the British said doctors could not tell if the damage to her right eye is permanent. She said, “My eyes have started to open and I can see, but it’s very blurry.” According to Rosser, doctors assured her that she would not have scars on her face, but that in the long run a discoloration of the skin could appear.

“When I splashed the water on my face, I could see my skin peeling. It was horrible, I was in total agony. I could feel my skin burning for hours later – even while being treated at the hospital. It felt like my skin was being torn off, it was so scary. I’ve never been so scared in my life – I was shaking and crying. The accident was undoubtedly the worst day of my life to date, “said the young woman.

Since his accident, Rosser has found that several people have been injured while trying to cook eggs in the microwave. “I have a cousin who did the same thing. Fortunately for her, the blast happened in the microwave, not in her face. There was also a family friend whose eggs popped when he pulled them out of the microwave – but again, fortunately they didn’t.” exploded in his face, “he said.

“I will never boil the eggs in the microwave again, and I hope no one else will,” warned Rosser.

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