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Women’s Closet: 60 Proposals to Organize Stylish Clothes

The women’s closet is a space that deserves extra attention when designed, not only for the diversity of items to be stored, such as bags, clothes and shoes, but also for its decorative appeal.

Thinking about it, we seek to bring different environments that make it possible to aggregate the two points in a modern and functional way. Check it out below:

1. Turn all available spaces into functional

Kamila Andrade Architect

2. Changing the sizes of niches and hangers

Evelin Sampaio Architect

3. Doors can also be used and used for the mirror.

Rhes Architecture

4. And the dressing table can also be availed to organize

Rhes Architecture

5. A support puff is very useful for the environment.

Caja Architecture

6. Organization is essential for the closet

Mary Jane Organizer

7. Lighting is also indispensable for decorating

Fernanda Rocha Lima Architecture

8. Leaving the space light and harmonious

Polly design

9. The rail proposal illuminates both sides of the closet

Marina La Gatta

10. And light points bring elegance to the environment

Souza Engineering and Architecture

11. The light mirror is also a great alternative

Bianca Favaretto

12. And the chandelier shines with elegance and sophistication

Vobol Architecture

13. Mirror effect is perfect for amplitude

See Architecture

14. And provides a beautiful visual effect

Max Mello Architect

15. Glass doors increase brightness

MMRA Architecture

16. Keeping the delicacy of space

Andrade Olivier Architecture

17. Even in More Clean Spaces

VPR Architecture

18. Sophistication of wood combined with transparency

Studia 54

19. The central bench can be used for jewelry or small items.

Annex A

20. Making them visible and easily accessible

Ledyanne Carvalho Organizer

21. Drawers also help organize other accessories.

Organized Juh

22. Keeping the closet always organized and functional

Max Mello Architect

23. Carpets are decorative and comfortable

Nanda Abreu Organizer

24. And add a personal touch to the space

Apt 806

25. Mostly combined with wallpapers

Studio R Design

26. Customize the closet with useful and decorative elements

Organize In.out

27. Using a very cheerful wallpaper

Fernanda Carvalho Architect

28. Or a very colorful and different beanbag

Marina La Gatta

29. Combining Varied Colors and Elements

Valdo Figueiredo Architect

30. Reflecting your personal taste in every detail.

If the House

31. Whether for a more spacious closet

Stefani Architecture

32. Or for the more compact ones

Otaviano Mendes Architect

33. The secret of everything is in the organization.

Igor Alex Furniture

34. For the closet must be above all functional

Studio M Joinery

35. Designed to store neatly

Organized Duo

36. And keep garments always visible and accessible

Vivi Organizer

37. Shoe Shelf Helps Optimize Space

Home Safe Home

38. And glazed front drawers allow visibility

Misses clementi

39. Niche can be used for clothing.

Lux Mommy

40. Or to make scholarships more accessible

Tone Ostensen

41. Organizer boxes also complement the closet

Jackie hempel

42. Discarding the need for joinery

Lokki 783

43. Shelves are also a great alternative.

Ledyanne Carvalho Organizer

44. Ideal for larger shoes and bags

Lux Mommy

45. Glass shelves are very delicate

Carol Rosa Organizer

46. ​​Drawers are indispensable for optimizing space

From cluttr me

47. And keep everything well organized

Lola De La Vega

48. Leaving Clothes Less Exposed

Our Ap1005

49. And easier to store

Nyedja Medeiros Architecture

50. For those who like everything visually accessible

Stefani Architecture

51. Coat racks and shelves are ideal

Beautiful house

52. For a functional and organized space

Cal Closets

53. The project should include a space for shoes

Carol Rosa Organizer

54. To be visually well disposed

Candy’s House

55. And Affordably Organized

Carol Rosa Organizer

56. Glass doors keep shoes less exposed

Studia 54

57. Always try to adapt the space to your needs.

Veloso Andrade Architecture

58. Making the most of the closet space

Angela decoft

59. Designing a creative and functional space

DZ Studio

60. Well decorated and pleasant

Dudi Duarte

Try to design your closet thinking about the items you have to store, taking advantage of all available spaces and always adapting the functionality to the decorative elements!

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