Wicker: advantages and 25 ideas for you to bet on this versatile material.

Wicker furniture has long been regarded as out of date or only seen in beach houses. But over time, this material has regained its space and has become a major trend in decoration, bringing a more rustic touch to the environment – including modern and contemporary.

Table, chair, basket and even a crib can be found made with this versatile natural fiber. So we’ve brought you some advantages of this material and various wicker furniture and adornments for you to get inspired, plus some options for you to buy in stores and insert into your home decor. Come on?

Wicker Advantages

Wicker is a material full of advantages, so here’s a brief list of why you need to have a furniture or home decor item made from this natural fiber.

  • Durability: If well cared for, the furniture and adornments made with these natural fibers can last for many years, being very resistant.
  • Resistance: You thought the wicker was fragile, didn’t you? You are wrong! Its durability comes from its great strength and so many of these furniture are found outdoors.
  • Versatility: Despite being a rustic material, it is also very welcome in contemporary and modern decorations.
  • Lightness: One of its main aspects is its lightness. Wicker furniture and decoration items do not necessarily use any other material, such as metal or wood, in their production and therefore can be easily loaded and arranged in any environment.
  • Variety of colors: Wicker can be found in many colors or even painted with the help of a paint spray. That way you don’t necessarily have to choose your natural tone and you can choose to assign more color to your furniture and space.
  • Sustainability: Wicker is a sustainable material and therefore a way to contribute to a greener world.

There are plenty of reasons to opt for a piece made with this natural fiber. Now that you have already known its main advantages, check out some spaces that bet on this material and left the look even more beautiful!

25 wicker photos for you to fall in love

Bedroom, balcony, living room or bathroom wicker can be found in any environment and complement any style with a more natural and rustic feel. Here are some ideas that are amazing:

1. Wicker is sustainable

Triart Architecture

2. And with great durability

NA Architecture

3. Its natural and rustic look

Renata Gaia Architecture

4. Promotes more comfort to the environment

Andrea Murao

5. This sturdy material can be found in furniture.

Triart Architecture

6. Like these beautiful wicker armchairs

Sig Bergamin

7. Or on objects

Tame Architecture

8. Like this wicker basket

Panthai decor

9. Which is great for aiding small items

Tria Architecture

10. And mainly bathroom accessories

Tame Architecture

11. Wicker furniture is very light

Sig Bergamin

12. Although they are large

Tame Architecture

13. Someone approved the chair!

Larissa Catossi Architecture

14. Give your room a more natural look

Juliana Pippi

15. Beautiful crib made with natural fibers

Tria Architecture

16. Most furniture is found outdoors

Triart Architecture

17. But be careful not to expose too much to the sun.

BC Architects

18. Or the rain

Mauritius Karam Architecture

19. Use these wicker furniture indoors too!

Apartment 42

20. How about gifting someone you love with a wicker basket with flowers?


21. The details add richness to the piece.

DB Architects

22. And the braids value the model

Sig Bergamin

23. Different styles in perfect harmony

Mauritius Karam Architecture

24. This space oozes comfort and charm!

ACF Architecture

25. The combination of wood and natural fiber made the piece even more beautiful

DB Architects

Wicker sofa, basket, table and chair make the space even more beautiful, comfortable and charming. Here’s a selection of products that use this versatile material for you to secure yours and spice up your decor with a unique twist.

6 wicker pieces for you to buy

Here are some suggestions for furniture, decorative items, and wicker organizers to buy. It has options for all tastes, just choose the one that will complement the proposal of your decoration with refinement.


Give your space a lighter, more natural feel with a wicker furniture or decorative element. Versatile, this material suits any decorating proposal and will surely complement your composition with a golden key.

Enjoy and be inspired by some ideas on how to use the pallet for decoration .

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