Valances and curtains with shabby valance: 16 ideas to furnish with taste!

Shabby chic valances and more! Be inspired ...

The valance is a truly indispensable decorative element for a curtain to be truly complete. In addition, the valance covers very well the bins where the roller shutters are inserted. Having an exposed bin would not be pleasant, therefore better if adorned properly. The valance can be of many types, perform different decorative functions and also present really different decorations. Floral, geometric or solid colors, combined with sumptuous curtains, with ostentatious luxury, for mixes that enhance an environment with wisdom. The valance also decorates beds, shelves, not just windows or balconies.

The valances furnish, are a real piece of furniture. There are classic, contemporary and shabby chic styles for a house that recalls the atmosphere of Campania and Provence. Just follow the style of the house, follow its mood and the curtain will have its suitable valance. A fun and necessary job that will involve you and will help you define the look of your home with style. “Dressing” with a pelmet means giving refinement. Choose a pelmet that knows how to be like a curtain that opens on the beauty of your home.


The valances for the kitchen

In the kitchen, the valance is a piece of furniture like anywhere else in your home.

Semi-transparent curtain with beigne valance, above sink in the kitchen.



Floral patterns of great visual effect, for this pelmet associated with a simple white curtain.

Valance for curtains with floral motifs, here in the kitchen above sink.



How beautiful this pelmet with cashmere decorations, which looks good on its own, without any curtain to complete it.

Valances for kitchen curtains.



Here the valance takes on another function: it hides the compartment under the sink, a truly functional and original option.

Country style valance for under kitchen sink.



How beautiful the checkered valance, with the decorative bow: beauty without superstructures, which furnishes with glamor.

checked valances for the kitchen.



Shabby valances and curtains for the home

The shabby chic style is known, it never fades. The shabby valance here acquires a pure decorative flavor, enhancing it as a painting or another piece of furniture would do.

Curtains with shabby chic valances.



White: the color of the shabby style. What a beautiful valance that reflects all its intrinsic beauty!

Shabby chic curtain with white valance.



The shabby pelmet with flowers in relief. An elegance that always impresses and manages to amaze.

Shabby valance with relief flowers and aqua green curtain.


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The essentiality of cream and shabby no-frills style. In a simple environment it’s really the best.

Valance for interior curtains in taupe, cream.



Inspirations of the past, for this valance of worked fabric that brings back the clock hands.

Rustic style valance.



Timeless lightness: the shabby pelmet is delicate, beautiful … an unparalleled glance.

Delicate shabby chic style valance embroidered.



The valances in the bedroom

In the bedroom the valance creates a scenic backdrop that enhances, enhancing every single detail of the window or balcony.

Beautiful beige valance for interior curtains.



The valance that decorates the base of the bed: what exquisite elegance!


The valances to decorate the bed.



In the classic bedroom, the valance decorates the lower part of the bed: an element of great sophistication from the past.

Beige valance for the bed.



Here too the valance decorates the bed: when a piece of furniture can have multiple functions of enormous interpretative glamor.




In the children’s room, the valance decorates the underside of the shelf and perhaps hides another storage compartment.


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