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How Color Trends Will Change in 2020?

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The color makes us feel good. It may not be a surprise that the forecast of trendy colors for painting houses by 2020 revealed by designers includes many different shades each of which is intended to channel joy and serenity while decreasing the noise that constantly surrounds us.

Trendy colors to paint houses that will be fashionable in 2020

In this article we present a global forecast of trendy colors to paint houses for 2020 based on research of color trends, design and pop culture around the world for months to select palettes that are an evolution of the color forecast of the last year. This year, we will see as a growing factor of contemporary life . Moreover, 2020 is expected to be a year of enriching change that focuses on people preparing for the new decade. Below we show you the trends of fashion colors to paint houses that we think we will see more often in 2020.


While 2020 is still far from the majority, designers and trendsetters are already looking to the future and predicting the trends we will see next year. Here we show some unique shades of paint that design enthusiasts will adopt next year.

According to the designers, the year 2020 will be defined by relaxing tones of oranges and roses to blues and greens in warm and cold tones. The colors are intended to offer a restorative balance to the interiors that cover in an attempt to promote health and well-being through the decorative medium.

Each color in the palette of color trends 2020 evokes an organic beauty that resonates with modern and traditional commercial environments, from renovated industrial office spaces to hospitality venues.

While the tones are neutral enough for commercial spaces, they are also ideal for the home. As residential and commercial trends continue to blend, this eclectic palette of balanced neutrals, earthy greens, luxurious oranges and more will offer professional designers and DIY enthusiasts the opportunity to transform spaces into experiences that not only improve the aesthetics of a environment but also have an impact on people’s feelings.

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We will enter the spring with a little color to brighten up these days something gray we have been having. Neo Mint has been described as great news for 2020. Of course, it is already leaking into some interior options, so I thought we would throw more than one good word on this versatile color. WSGN is a company that forecasts trends and, like Pantone, they reflected a lot on what will be fashionable for interiors and fashion, and Neo Mint is his prediction for 2020. I could see it in our first three photos that fits to expectations


From bold shades of orange and yellow to warm pink and taupe tones next year as well as this and the next will be to create cozy spaces. This is why it is recommended that these paint colors be used in the hotel industry (think of restaurants and hotels). According to professionals, these types of paint will make customers feel attracted to the warm earth tones. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t use these bright earth tones in your home if you’re attracted to them.

Trendy colors to paint houses ideas for 2020



This deep red is perfect for a decorative wall or even a home decoration accessory.


The wonderfully warm tone is just what we need after a disturbing and unpredictable year. After being overwhelmed by the flood of news, choices and demands about our time, it is normal to feel the need to escape, close and retreat to the spaces where we feel safe and protected.


The warm and cozy amber and beige tones perfectly capture this tranquility. Soothing and nutritious or stimulating and energizing, depending on the palettes and the colors that surround it. The different shades of beige are contemporary versatile, sophisticated and timeless and lends itself to a wide spectrum of lifestyles and interiors, perfect to reflect the universal environment.

trendy colors to paint houses-beige-ideas

The natural and raw quality of the honey-colored shades help it function as a warm neutral. And it is these neutral elements that make it adaptable when combined with different materials and decoration styles. Its rich caramel tones visually raise the thermostat a few degrees, making it perfect for creating a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in places where we like to think, dream, love and act.

Trendy colors to paint houses

Trendy colors to paint houses-honey-color

As we all know well, the shades of green are intended to promote restorative energy. The palette is composed of blue and green tones that feel directly extracted from nature, which is exactly what all lovers of these colors are looking for. In 2020 colors will be chosen, reminiscent of the earth and the sky, to offer a peaceful experience wherever they are used. While they would work in almost any home, it is suggested to use these colors also in healthcare and hospitality settings.

Trendy colors to paint houses-green

The idea here is to escape the bright and striking colors. Adding touches of color, whether through a sofa, artwork or decorative walls, is the perfect move for those who don’t take themselves too seriously. But it is better not to do it on the walls of the house. It’s about getting away from stress, having a good time, laughing and playing again.

Trendy colors to paint houses



The blue palette is an attractive combination of neutral, soft, intense and royal dark blue. Combined with polished woods, mid-century furniture and graphic prints, it is an elegant and sophisticated look. Blue can be part of a romantic palette full of roses and blues to create serene tranquility in the home. Soft fabrics, pale woods and simple handmade vessels add to the contemplative feel of the interior of 2020.


2020 will be a year of motivating change that will focus on entering the new decade. Blue colors create a calm and stable environment that feels appropriate. Blue in the interior design can play a leading role, but could be used as easily as background support.



A sophisticated palette to create atmosphere combining cakes like lilac and light pink with neutral shades of white, gray and charcoal for a contrasting collection of paint colors. We advise that these tones be used in multi-family homes or other commercial spaces. They predict that people will enjoy the natural atmosphere created by these tones in modern and traditional environments.




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