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Top 60+ Best Modern Patio Ideas – Contemporary Outdoor Designs

Decoration is an interesting practice … The concept of decoration is subjective, subject to personal premises and exclusive tastes. However, the concepts of balance and harmony by which decoration is governed are more universal, which means that, even if you don’t like the style, there are combinations that are more likely to work than others.

But, putting aside philosophical considerations, it is easy for anyone to identify with a decoration when they see it. That is why it is so important to see many images when looking for decoration ideas!

This is true for indoor decorations as well as outdoor decorations. In fact, the precepts are the same for both environments, the big difference lies in the necessary resistance that outdoor materials must have in order to survive prolonged exposure to the elements. And if there are objects that over the years give a very pleasant patina, there are also others that have to be replaced with some regularity for deterioration.

Today we talk about decoration for your backyard, garden or terrace, and we have a good selection of images with good tips to inspire you, but if you want to see everything about decoration be sure to visit the Checopie website  !

We start with an idea that is spectacular and can even come out quite cheaply: – a bench made with the head of an old iron bed!

This idea of ​​landscaping by PFS – Arquitectura is not exactly new, but it is its use in a context of total modernity that creates the contrast that distinguishes it. Here is the proof that it is possible to use old and historical elements in the backyard decoration of a house of very modern lines, without making the contrast unpleasant. It only takes balance, adding a good green frame and some rustic elements, like the wooden beams making the floor and the flowerbeds.

In this patio with decoration signed by the Floret Arquitectura office, the joy of pop culture sets the tone for creating a unique patio, of relaxation and conviviality.

The colorful chairs give life to the wood surrounded by rustic stone and sparse vegetation, well chosen, but it is the lamp that reminds us of an outdoor advertisement of any vintage American restaurant, which gives the touch of originality more striking to the whole. In total this is a space with excellent conditions of use, and even some privacy, even being surrounded by buildings! 

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