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For you who want to decorate your home with refinement and elegance, the wooden ceiling is a great option that replaces the traditional and common plaster ceilings. The wooden lining is a very versatile material and combines with the most varied styles of decoration, from classic to rustic.

It is a product widely used in various architectural projects in order to hide the entire electrical and lighting infrastructure. Just like traditional models, such as plaster lining , there are several types of wooden lining, so we will help you choose the ideal model for you to create a beautiful and cozy look in your home.

PVC wood lining: Decorate quickly and cheaply

The PVC wood ceiling is easy to install and if you are looking for a quick and simple way to modify the rustic decor of your rooms, you should know that there are different patterns of ceiling colors and textures on the market.

The main advantages of a PVC wood ceiling are the practicality of the installation, the durability, the resistance and its easy maintenance. The PVC wood lining is made from recycled plastic material as opposed to the wood lining which depends on the cut of the trees.

For the rustic decoration of the balcony, barbecue area, living room and bedroom , the PVC wood ceiling is an inexpensive alternative that provides a great finish.

The installations of the PVC wood lining pieces are plug-in on the male and female side. These blades must be supported on angles fixed to the walls and you can place any type of lighting by cutting out the space for the luminaire.

You can find the PVC wood lining in mahogany, cherry, walnut patterns in light and dark tones with different dimensions and thicknesses. It is very simple to clean the PVC wood lining, you just need to wipe it with alcohol or water and neutral soap, which can be a homemade soap made by you .

PVC wood lining: Sustainable and durable product

The PVC wood lining models imitate wood patterns and as it is a plastic product they are excellent for the balcony, bathroom, kitchen and gourmet area. These materials are resistant to moisture and combine with various styles of decoration.

If you want to dare to decorate your living room , you can mix the PVC wood lining with smooth PVC lining to form designs or frames. The plastic material of the PVC wood lining does not accumulate dust and also does not cause allergies.

The PVC wood lining is used in any environment, but avoid using it in areas with excess heat so as not to damage or deform the product. One of the great advantages of this lining is the low cost of the material and also the installation.

Pine Lining: Adapt your decorating project

If you have a small room and want to install a wooden ceiling that is not dark, the pine ceiling is an interesting solution that combines with various types of decoration.

The pine lining allows you to use the wood in a natural tone, but if you prefer it is possible to paint or varnish the product. You can find the pine lining at a very affordable price in the market, as the product is produced with reforestation wood.

Pinheiro – Americano wood, better known as Pinus, is resistant and widely used in the production of furniture, laminate flooring , boxes and pallets. This type of wood is a trend in the modern decoration of homes, offices and commercial establishments.

It is very important that you make a periodic maintenance on the wooden ceiling and see if there is a need to apply products to keep insects away such as termites.

Cedar lining: Enhance the decor with reddish tones

For you to decorate your environment with style and personality, the cedar lining is an important element that can further enhance the aesthetic aspect of your room.

The cedrinho lining has a reddish tone and is mixed with an elegant finish. This type of wood helps in the thermal insulation of the residence and leaves the environment cool in summer and heated in winter.

You can use the cedar lining to decorate bedrooms, living rooms, entrance halls and even kitchens and bathrooms. The mixed cedar planks (slats) create a very beautiful effect on the ceiling with its various wood tones.

The decoration of the room can be enhanced by the varnished cedar lining that complements the modern style of the furniture. The cedar lining is versatile and allows you to change furniture without having to modify the ceiling.

Discover the main advantages of wood lining

One of the great advantages of the wooden ceiling is its visual aspect that provides a feeling of warmth and comfort to the environments. The high strength and durability of the material also ensure that the lining has more useful life.

Another important factor is the thermo-acoustic insulation of the wooden ceiling that keeps the room temperature always in balance. In addition, there are several advantages of wooden lining such as noise insulation and sound reverberation.

It is a timeless product, that is, of classic material that will always remain an option in decoration, even over the years. The types of wood sold on the market and the cost are also one of the advantages of wood lining. You can paint the wood lining in white if you want to create a new finish.

Check out +50 wooden Ceiling lining ideas to decorate your home

When choosing a wooden or PVC wood lining, try to check the quality of the materials and installation services. You can find several construction stores on the market that provide these materials at affordable prices. Check out some ideas!

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