Top 50 Best Pocket Architectural Door Ideas with Complete guide

We can’t always be blessed with expansive interior dwellings, and many of us are always on the lookout for a little hard-won extra space.

If you reside in such quarters, or are simply looking to protect and prolong each sacred inch, the pocket door is nothing less than a miracle of design.

Defined by its unique ability to glide into a wall upon opening, thus eliminating the need for a swinging or hinged door, the pocket door is the perfect architectural compromise between space-saving necessity and eye-catching composition. And just like any top-tier door, the pocket door is available in a number of styles that allow it to blend in seamlessly with your surroundings.


From rustic panes to chic glass paneling, along with brightly painted and intricately carved wood renderings, the sheer diversity of the pocket door makes it an alluring feature for even the most spacious domicile. No more bumping into door edges or having to compensate for limited capacity; the pocket door is a fluid solution disguised as a superior decorative alternative to the traditional swinging door.

We crave comfort and privacy in our homes, as well as surfaces that appeal to our personal aesthetic. Domestic creativity can seem limited when space and resources are restricted, but these pocket door ideas are proof that you can make the most of your space without sacrificing your style signature.

And judging from its presence in homes of all statures around the world, the pocket door is proof that this is one smooth interior move.

Here’s all you need to know about doors :-

Sliding doors are one of the great solutions for space and / or mobility both inside and outside our home. They allow us to visually separate and unite spaces with incredible simplicity, as well as being an easy alternative to find in different colors, materials and finishes.

Types of sliding doors

Among the main types we can find the following:

“Pocket” doors : these might look like  normal doors , to use, but instead of turning them to open they only need to be slid from right to left. They are perfect for places that do not have a lot of space because they hardly take up space.

Patio doors : this other type tends to need a large space due to the large windows with which they are made, always in order to show the landscape that the patio, terrace or garden offers. They are also one of the best alternatives when they are designed to separate the kitchen or living room from the exteriors of our home.

Bypass doors : this is a variant that is usually double and that has a rail at the top to facilitate its movement. They need more space and are very heavy, although they are the ideal alternative for large closets or to separate one room from another.

Pros and cons of a sliding door

Like everything, this type of  interior or exterior doors have their advantages and disadvantages. If we have to start with the advantages, we would emphasize that we do not need any type of space to open them, which makes them a fantastic alternative for the interior of our home if we do not have meters left.

And precisely for this reason, by introducing this type of door we create the illusion of having more space. They are easy to maintain, easy to open and close (in general), it is very easy to find them in different types of materials such as wood or glass.

On the downside side, we know that they are not highly recommended (if we are talking about patio doors) for places where the winds are too strong or the adverse weather for much of the year. They are not as resistant to this type of atmospheric phenomena as other models can be.

Due to the corrosion of some of its parts when we talk about exterior sliding doors, many times they end up being really difficult to open and close. On the other hand, they are not as safe as other more “robust” ones, as they often have a lower thickness, are made of glass and can be easily broken.

As for interior sliding doors, if they are not installed by a  skilled workforce , it is quite likely that they will frequently snap into the sliding mechanism and cannot slide easily. Also, its guides get constantly dirty due to their continuous use, but with regular cleaning of the guides, this is a problem that can be solved.

Sliding door guides, fittings and locks

The different guides and fittings of the sliding doors allow us to open them in one way or another, in addition to having different characteristics in terms of aesthetics, functionality or resistance.

The hardware has to work together with the thickness of your door, so in this case, if you choose a hollow core you should get a hardware of the best quality possible to have more security. Of course, always remember that each type of door has the most suitable ones, the ones that suit you best.

It is also important to always keep the guides in a perfect condition so that the door always slides smoothly and in the best possible way.

On the other hand, and if we think about locks for the patio door, are you the type of person who usually loses or forgets keys? Perhaps then it would be recommended that you opt for an automatic or with code. Although you always have at your disposal the locked doors of a lifetime.

What surfaces are best for a sliding door?

Small surfaces that need to save space are the best candidates to install this variant of “pocket doors”.

They are ideal as a connector from one part of the house to another, to separate the patio or the cover from the interior of the house, for closets, dressing rooms, terraces, bedrooms, living rooms that share space with the kitchen, etc., always having Keep in mind that they must be inside the house or after the front door, even if we have them in the patio. It also considers that this type does not serve as an entrance door to a house due to the lack of security, among other things.

How much can sliding doors cost?

The reality is that you can find great differences depending on the supplier and the material and quality of the chosen door. For a  basic glass door (without installation guides included) the price can be around 130 or 140 euros approximately. If we opt for one with a glass of higher quality and thickness, with included guides and aluminum reinforcement, we can even reach 500 or 600 euros.

The  wooden doors sliding type also have a varied range of prices ranging from 60 euros to 200 or 300 euros.

A much cheaper option is PVC folding doors, which can be found in imitation wood. We can find this variety for about 50 euros and even less.


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