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What are the latest trends in interior design and decoration for this 2020? In ChecoPie we have it very clear; We bet on simplicity and the natural. Because the real thing is the new luxury!

Impatient to see how your living room or bedroom could change over the next decade? The most influential interior designers, the deco firms we like the most and the always accurate Instagram feed anticipate some of the decorating trends that will dominate 2020, just around the corner.

The space in which we live is a faithful reflection of our personality. It reveals our feelings, the way in which we understand life and continues to be “a veiled declaration of intentions.”

Be it a photo, a chair or a carpet, everything around you has a reason.

All the objects we have chosen, the intensity of the light, the color of the walls, even the smallest details of the kitchen, talk about our history and who we are and reveal who lives in that place.

Change of decade in 3, 2, 1 … We are not going to go around, no. Hints the fair. In a few weeks – weeks! – We will close 2010 and enter a completely new and eager decade to discover: the enigmatic 2020. At the gates of the unknown, the sensation may seem somewhat terrifying, but we are sure that you are excited to know what fashions, aesthetic currents and of course, what trends in the field of interior design will bring us this new decade. And it is that in addition to some styles that remain from previous years and others belonging to other times resurface in revival plan, there are some forecasts that dare to dictate trend and whose track is worth following closely. Will they have real draft in homes or will not go from the simple review in the coolest interior design magazines? Certainly we are not fortune tellers, but we believe that the ideas that throw usfrom the studies of the most renowned interior designers, the decoration publishers of the stores that we like and of course, Instagram, as hotbed of decoration and interior design trends, have something to tell us and you should not overlook them when it comes to Decorate your home next year.

From the living room to the kitchen, from the colors of the furniture and the walls to its different textures, everything is capable of soaking up new airs to provide a very personal and trendy touch in your home. Just do not forget that beauty is in the eyes of those who look and interior design is no exception, your house should be a reflection of your style and personality, not the most cutting-edge deco trends, so feel free to adopt those that best align with you and your needs and discard those that do not fit your parameters at all. Meanwhile, open your eyes wide to everything new that arrives, which is very exciting.

A classic blue and other unexpected tones
The official color of the year 2020 chosen by Pantone, ‘Classic blue’, is timeless and durable, but elegant in its simplicity. Think of a sofa, a wall you want to highlight or the lower furniture of your kitchen , as something you want to prevail over the rest of the elements of the space.

Do not lose sight of the orange , in its most powerful version, bright and full of vitality.

The apothecary-style sideboards
Although these glazed furniture are more common in the bathroom, we will begin to see them more in kitchens and living rooms, with the incorporation of metal and glass. They are very beautiful when light seeps through the upper shelves and is a fantastic way to display everyday objects without dust.

Walls with personality
The round, striking walls will triumph, which try to say a lot, with mixtures of two, three or four colors, with textures, plinths and embossed moldings, wood paneling, half painting and half other material (wallpaper) … All the prominence.

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