If you think you had a difficult life, you don’t know the history of this parrot . He was named Freddy Krueger due to a beak deformity caused by a gunshot that the animal took during a clash between police and traffickers. That’s right, the parrot belonged to a drug dealer, and when he was rescued, he was still injured.

And apparently Freddy Krueger attracts a lot of criminals, as he was recently robbed (armed) of the zoo where he lives in the city of Cascavel, Paraná. And this happened while the parrot was still recovering from another peculiar event, in which case the animal had been bitten by a snake. So the next time you say your life is tragic, remember Freddy. And the most intriguing thing about this story is that two days later the parrot reappeared alone in the zoo. It is not yet known whether the animal has been abandoned or fled from the thieves and returned home.

The Parrot Theft

The case happened in the municipal zoo of Cascavel, in the state of Paraná. Armed men surrendered the only guard who was working at the scene that day and robbed the place.

According to the guard’s statement, the thieves forced him to lie flat on the floor while they smashed through the bars of a window to gain access to the storeroom where Freddy and another parrot were taken. In addition to the two birds, the men also carried a gas canister and left. There was no confrontation and the guard was not injured.

According to the zoo’s management, this was not the first time that thieves tried to rob the place. This year alone, there have been three other attempts. However, this was the first time the thieves were armed.

Now, the city guarantees that will intensify the rounds of the Municipal Guard in the zoo region. In addition, there is also a study for the implementation of monitoring cameras to ensure safety on site. But for now, there is still no forecast for this to happen.

The parrot

How Freddy Krueger managed to get home nobody knows. Whether he escaped the thieves and flew back, or was abandoned, is still a mystery. But this second hypothesis seems to be the most obvious since, due to its deformed face, criminals may have encountered difficulties with the illegal marketing of the bird.

The parrot has this deformity since the day he was rescued from the captivity where he lived. The name Freddy Krueger was due to the horror movie character. Similarly, the infamous character also had a disfigured face.

According to the zoo administration , the parrot was found 4 years ago at the home of a local drug dealer. The bird was shot in the beak during an exchange of fire between police and its former owner.

When it was taken back by criminals, the parrot was still weakened as it was recovering from an injury caused by a snake bite. By the time he returned to the zoo, he had completely recovered from the episode.

It is no coincidence that the parrot has to be isolated from other birds because it is very aggressive. After all that, it’s even understandable.

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