Have you ever imagined waking up in the morning going to your door and finding a gift? This is exactly what happened to some residents of a city in the interior of the United States. They found an old television on the doorstep. It could be Christmas, but it’s still August, so no, this wasn’t a visit from Santa. And what was left was not quite a gift expected by everyone. After all, almost nobody uses these old televisions anymore. But ” TV Man ” has been a curious event that has puzzled both residents and officials of the city of Henrico County, Virginia.

At least 50 families woke up to this “surprise” this weekend. And the most interesting is not even the gift, left at the door of the houses. But yes, the costume worn by the mysterious television donor. A man, dressed in a blue jumpsuit, wearing black gloves and a television on his head, was the one who delivered. So far, nobody knows who the mysterious ” TV Man ” is and why he’s doing it.

Unexpected gift

This weekend, residents of Henrico County woke up with a surprise on their doorstep. At least 50 families have found old televisions outside their doors.

Matt Pecka, a lieutenant in the city’s police department, said he began to receive several calls reporting Sunday morning. “Everyone started walking out of their homes, walking around the neighborhood, looking at the TVs out the door,” said Jeanne Brooksbank, one of the residents, who got an old television gift.

In each of the houses, an old TV was left, placed towards the door, says the resident. Some of the mysterious deliveries were recorded by the cameras of the houses, and it was then that things got really curious.

The delivery man did not wear a conventional mask, instead he wore a television set on his head. In the videos, you can see the man, dressed in a blue jumpsuit, gloves and a TV on his head, leaving the old televisions.

However, the situation did not cause any data to the residents or the houses. Probably all this is just a trick question. “We determined that there was no threat to the residents and that it was strictly inconvenient,” says Pecka.

The mystery goes on

Local authorities have designated some police to collect unwanted televisions on Sunday. “As there was no additional cost to residents and the incident did not hinder routine police activity, the department does not intend to continue an investigation,” Pecka said. However, should this happen again, authorities encourage residents to contact the police.

The video, which was shared by The Washington Post, shows that the delivery seems like a joke. “But I mean, a TV carefully placed at the front door of every resident … wasn’t made maliciously,” Pecka said.

In the video, the “TV Man” as it has been called by some locals, even appears giving a “goodbye” to the camera after carefully placing the television on the door of the house.

“I think it was amazing, happy and so good to have such a fun story, although there are so many tragedies going on,” Brooksbank said.

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