There are currently a total of 118 elements listed in the periodic table . But only 92 of them arise naturally on Earth. And a new (or not) element may be the key to the future. And that means new technologies that are not possible until now. This is the Moscovium, the heavy and radioactive Element 115 which until 2016 was called Unupentium.

It was first created in 2004 (or at least reportedly) by Russian scientists in Dubna, however, this element was cited long before that by a man named Bob Lazer in the late 1980s. Official name is derived from the word “Moscow”, named after the capital of Russia. Lazar was famous for doing work in Area 51. At the time he claimed that the element was the fuel of alien ships purchased by the United States government. Back in 1989 when Lazar made these allegations, the entire scientific community considered what he was saying to be true nonsense. But today, that has fallen apart, as the mysterious element has shown great potential for doing truly amazing things.

The 115 element

It took over a decade for Lazar’s discovery to be confirmed, and this was only done in Sweden in 2013 by two different laboratories. To do this, scientists had to fire isotopes of rare calcium atoms into an unstable radioactive element called the americium. The result of this union gave rise to a “million dollar” atom that decayed very fast, with a short life of only 220 milliseconds.

“Making Moscovium has been a fantastic piece of international collaboration because, although the experiments were done in Russia, they relied on Americium samples that were made in America,” said Professor Martyn Poliakoff of the University of Nottingham.

Even though the atom was too unstable to look useful, Lazer warrants that the new element isotope could soon be much more stable. “They made just a few atoms. Let’s see what other isotopes they create. One or more of them will be stable and have the exact properties I said,” says Lazar.

In 2019, Lazer stated in an interview that the “super weighing” element is the path to space travel. “Element 115 is an overweight element. It’s something we just recently synthesized. We only made four atoms of it. But the ship uses larger amounts of it, small triangles of 23 grams,” he said. “It’s a unique element. When exposed to radiation, it produces its own gravitational field. So it can be used to lift and propel the ship and create distortions around it.”


If Moscovium is something to be feared, it is important to note that currently international scientists are analyzing its potential for future research. And not only the 115 element, but many other new heavy elements made similarly as well.

At the TAN conference that coincides with the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table there will be various discussions on the subject. And even the discoverer of the Moscovium will be present. During the event, it will be discussed “whether the heavier elements can have longer lives again”.

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