The moon is really fascinating and has aroused the interest and curiosity of man since the time of Galileo. Although the moon is essential to our life, its origin is still unknown. In fact, there are several scientific theories that try to explain where the moon came from, but none of them are conclusive. What we do know for sure is that it is as old as our planet, about 4.6 billion years old. And the scientists concluded this by analyzing the age of lunar rocks.

But one thing that not everyone knows about the moon is that it has eight phases, not just four as most people believe. Everyone knows the full moon, the waning moon, the crescent moon and the new moon, right? Yes, but as it revolves around the earth, the amount of sunlight it receives varies according to its position. This causes an illusion that the moon is changing shape, but in fact it happens from the different angles through which we see it. The moon is not able to generate its own light, so it only reflects sunlight, so it goes through eight different phases. Yes, eight !!! Check below what they are.

Phase 1 – New Moon

The first phase of the moon happens when it is positioned between the sun and the earth. Thus all three objects appear in close alignment. However, the illuminated part of the moon is on its rear side, so you cannot see it completely here from Earth.

2nd Phase- Rising

Soon after the new moon , it advances towards its first quarter, with its beginning marked by a crescent. Seeing the very thin crescent moon, we can deduce from the fact that it is in its second lunar phase. As shown in the image, it is growing and getting bigger from the point of view here on Earth.

Phase 3 – First Quarter

We can see the exact half of the moon when it reaches an exact 90 ° angle to the sun and planet Earth. This phase is known as the first quarter of the moon.

4th Phase – Gibbous Moon

The Gibbous Moon is marked when the moon is half its size. As the phase progresses, the lit portion seems to grow larger than the other. At this stage it gives the impression that the moon is around.

Phase 5 – Full Moon

Well known to all of us at this stage, lunar the moon is on the opposite side of the earth. Thus much of the moon, which is illuminated by the sun, can be clearly seen from the point of view of the earth.

Phase 6 – Balsamic Moon

When in this phase, the part of the moon, which is seen from Earth, is much smaller. And during the Balsamic Moon, is that the moon seems to be hump, but the only difference is that it is on the opposite side.

Phase 7 – Last Quarter

In this penultimate phase, the moon again reaches the exact visible half of the earth. Looking at this picture, you will notice that the moon in this position is exactly opposite to your first room.

Stage 8 – Waning

In the eighth and final phase, only a small part of the moon is visible. And it gets smaller and smaller until the lunar disk disappears completely.

And you already knew these other phases of the moon? Tell us in the comments and share it with your friends.

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