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Terracotta color: 25 ideas for decorating the home in this warm tone

The terracotta color is a warm earthy tone that resembles the appearance of clay. It brings nuances between orange and brown. It is a lively and full of personality for decoration. It looks great on fabrics, walls of various environments and combined with rustic elements.

To add color to your home, check out composition ideas and paint suggestions to revamp any space:

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Meaning of terracotta color

Elisah Jacobs

Terracotta means oven-baked and shaped clay, and refers precisely to the natural orange color of this material. It is widely used in construction to make elements such as bricks, tiles and vases.

25 terracotta color environments to explore the earthy tone

The terracotta color can be protagonist in a space or appear in furniture and decoration objects. Check out environments using this color and get inspired:

1. The terracotta color may be in furniture


2. Or on the walls of the environments

StudioVert Architecture

3. To bring a special highlight to the decoration

Each Architecture

4. Also looks great in a bathroom

anonymous architects

5. A perfect color for rustic style

Patricia Pomerantzeff

6. You can use it all over the space.

anonymous architects

7. In small detail as a niche

MN Architecture + Interiors

8. Or in a bicolor painting with white

Siham Mazouz | FrenchByDesign

9. A good choice for facades and walls

Felipe Hess Architects

10. To make the outside cozy

Tuscan houses

11. And also very elegant

Thais Costa

12. Terracotta color looks great on fabrics

Triplex Architecture

13. In the living room you can bet on sofas with the tone

Livia Bortoncello

14. A striking piece for a neutral decoration

SALA2 architecture and design

15. Or choose armchairs with the shade


16. Color also brings a connection with nature.

Due Idee Architecture

17. And fits nicely on porch pieces


18. Perfectly matches wood


19. Another option is to harmonize with dark colors.

Carmen Mouro Architecture

20. Or add a modern twist to the green

Forma 011 Architecture + Design

21. And use various plants in the composition

SALA2 architecture and design

23. Terracotta color impresses in any environment

Toca Architecture

22. Be on the inside

Architecture Scale

24. Or outside the house

Sadala & Gomide Architecture

25. A tone full of comfort for decoration


Terracotta is an engaging color that does not go unnoticed in decoration. A good choice for a wide range of styles is to create a relaxed or sophisticated atmosphere.

Terracotta wall paints

Intense, the terracotta color can be presented in various nuances and present in the walls of the most diverse environments. See paint options for using tone:

Soft Terracotta – Coral: A sober, refined and light tone. Conveys warmth and looks great in the dining room or kitchen.

Cave – Sherwin-Williams: Inspired by the caves used as homes in the past, this modern and casual tone warms the surroundings and brings free spirit to its core.

Purple Earth – Suvinil: An earthy orange tint that brings references from nature. Welcoming, this color blends in very well with relaxed, rustic and modern spaces.

Catarroja – Lukscolor: a bold and striking color that stands out for its liveliness. To ensure balance, a good option is to bet on the combination with white.

Clay Powder – Angel Paints: This hue features a light burnt pink pigmentation and is perfect for composing bicolor walls and details in bedrooms and living rooms.

Terracotta – Suvinil: Darker , this color brings a sophisticated and neutral look that can be harmonized with more intense shades like purple and red.

Whatever shade you choose, the terracotta color is sure to transform your space with personality. Enjoy and see also other warm colors to use in the decoration of your home.

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