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Sweet DIY nail design ideas for spring nails that will enchant you

Spring is arguably the most inspiring time of the year. The gray world blossoms in a firework of colors, in the morning nature greets us with birdsong and the scent of flowers and our wardrobe is also more colorful: whether flowers, stripes, dots, pastel colors – it can be colorful! A beautiful manicure completes your favorite outfit and is part of a harmonious overall picture. These cute DIY nail design ideas for spring nails will enchant and inspire you!

Spring Nails – Fresh angle stripe nail design

For this extraordinary design, choose a lighter and a darker lacquer of the same color, for example light and dark blue or pink and pink. First paint your nails white, then cut narrow strips of adhesive tape. Glue the strips diagonally over the nail in an X shape. Paint the resulting upper triangle in the darker shade of color, the two side triangles in the lighter shade, leave the nail tip white.

Spring nails – pastel shades of glittery nails

Paint your nails a pale pink. Then stick a strip of adhesive film diagonally on the nail and apply varnish in light green or light blue. Next, stick a strip of adhesive tape on your little fingernail and use a make-up sponge to dab golden glitter nail polish. Cut the adhesive tape into narrow strips and use them to mask an angular striped pattern on the ring fingernail. Dab on glitter nail polish with the sponge, then peel off the adhesive tape.

Elegant manicure with a fancy design

This is probably the finest of our DIY nail design ideas for spring nails! Paint the thumb and index fingernail, as well as the nail of the little finger, in a soft light blue. The middle and ring fingernails are painted in gold. Now cut narrow triangles out of adhesive tape and stick them vertically on the middle of the nail of the ring and middle finger. Now apply white nail polish and peel off the adhesive film strips.

Spring nails – angled stripe nail design in fresh green

A really striking design like this one looks more complicated than it actually is! Cut narrow strips of adhesive tape. Dab glitter nail polish onto your nails with a make-up sponge. Glue an angle strip on the middle fingernail and paint the nail with a fresh shade of green. Then peel off the adhesive tape. Now glue two angle strips onto the ring fingernail. To get the small square, stick two strips of adhesive tape diagonally over the nail crescent in addition to the angle strips. Then paint the nail and peel off the adhesive.

Colorful flower meadow nail design

Stick an adhesive strip horizontally over your nail and paint the nail tip white. Peel off the adhesive, let the varnish dry, and then stick the strip over the painted nail tip. The upper nail area is now painted in a pretty lilac shade. Dab blobs of paint and small leaves onto the tip of the nail with a narrow brush. The great thing about this design is that you don’t have to paint on fine leaves. A narrow piece of striped tape in a metal look spices up the cute design.

Spring nails – beautiful nails with dots

Isn’t this nail design just cute to kneel down? The dot design is playful and yet elegant. Paint your nails a soft, translucent shade of pink. Stick on a round plaster as an aid and paint the nail tip a strong opaque pink. You can easily pick up the glitter particles with a toothpick: simply moisten the tip of the toothpick. Seal your design with a quick-drying top coat.

Cute floral design

Paint your nails a light lilac shade. Use a fine brush and white nail polish to draw vertical stripes across your index fingernail and pinky finger nail (you can use strip tape or adhesive tape to do this). Put white nail polish on a yogurt lid, then dab a bent hairpin in it and put straight lines on your middle fingernail. Use a brush or a hairpin to draw petals onto the ring fingernail and use the hairpin to place the yellow center of the flower.

Spring nails – dot nail design in an ombré look

Our DIY nail design ideas for spring nails are always an eye-catcher! A white nail polish also serves as the basis here. Choose matching paints in red, old pink and light pink. Dab light pink dots over the nail crescent with the hairpin, followed by dusky pink dots on the center of the nail. Put red dots on the tip of the nail and complete the pattern with small dots in the corresponding shades of red. To make the little dots even, dab them on with a toothpick

Chic marble nail design

Doesn’t this nail design also remind you of colorful marbles from your childhood? This design works especially well on long nails. Use a fine brush and red nail polish to draw a curved line. Let the paint dry, then put an orange line next to the red stripe. Paint the next line with clear nail polish, then dip your finger in silver glitter powder. Two white lines give the nail design the finishing touch. Vary the order of the colors on each nail.

Fantastic nail design with real flowers

First collect small flowers and petals. Press them in a thick book. It will take a few days for the flowers to dry completely before you can start this manicure. Paint your nails with a base coat. Arrange the small flowers on the nail and apply a coat of clear nail polish. Now place the tiny petals on the nail and seal them with another layer of clear nail polish. A few dabs of golden nail polish or shimmering glitter particles create a nice accent.

Beautiful nails in rainbow colors

For the rainbow effect, apply nail polish in pink, yellow and green to a make-up sponge, then dab the polish with the sponge on the ring finger and index fingernail, this creates a great color gradient. Repeat this step for better coverage. Use green, dark blue and pink nail polish for the other nails. Cut angled strips from a piece of adhesive tape and use them to mask the nail, then apply a well-covering white nail polish. Peel off the strips while the paint is still damp.

Colorful flower nail design

Paint your nails in a beautiful nude. Put white, yellow, pink, black, and green nail polish on a yogurt topper and use a bobby pin to dab five white dots on the center of the nail. Wait for the varnish to dry, then paint a blue flower that overlaps the white flower. Repeat this step with one pink and one yellow or green flower. Use a fine brush to paint a five-pointed star in the center of the flower, then use a toothpick to put a dab of black nail polish in the center of the flower.

Nail design with blooming lavender

In spring you really can’t go wrong with a beautiful flower pattern and our DIY nail design ideas for spring nails would not be complete without flowers. Lavender smells wonderful and is an extremely decorative pattern. A white nail polish serves as the base. Apply two thin coats of varnish for better coverage. Use a fine brush to paint on green leaves and stems. Use dark and light green nail polish for this. Then paint the flowers with light and dark purple.

Elegant glitter nails

Even in spring it can glitter festively on your nails! Paint your nails white and let the paint dry well. Tip: A make-up sponge makes it easier for you to apply glitter nail polish! The sponge soaks up the liquid lacquer and thus ensures denser glitter particles. Apply gold glitter nail polish to the top half of a makeup sponge, then dab the polish over the natural crescent moon of your nail. Using the same technique, dab the polish onto your other nails. Finally, paint your nails with a coat of glitter nail polish.

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Geometric nail design

A strong purple serves as the basis. To get the strip at the tip of the nail as clean as possible, stick a round plaster over your nail and trace the outline of the plaster with a fine brush and white nail polish. Take the plaster off and use the brush to continue drawing the white line. Leave a narrow strip on the sides of the nail and fill in the bordered area with white. Once the polish has dried, put a strip of tape horizontally over your nail. Paint the resulting strip in a strong blue.

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