Unsurprisingly, the history of mankind is made up of truths and myths. After all, stories are passed on from generation to generation . However, among them, there are some that, to this day, leave some people intrigued. Regardless of what it is, one of the stories that most arouse our curiosity is that of Atlantis, the lost city.

Many believe that Atlantis is real. By contrast, many also say no, since the story that the city disappeared by being submerged has never been confirmed by any historian or expert . Regardless of whether it is real or not, the subject, even old, still arouses curiosity.

Still in the meantime … After centuries of speculation, experts have reached a consensus. The continent, described by Plato, never really existed. According to the experts, Plato may have been inspired by natural disasters and international conflicts that occurred in his day. For the experts, the philosopher used such themes to write a story of philosophical fiction and fiction.

Excluding Atlantis, there are other stories of cities that have recently been discovered. However, like the history of Atlantis, the legends of these current submerged cities have also been discarded. Three years ago, underwater explorers claimed to have found underwater structures that resemble a civilization not unlike the city of Atlantis.

The Greek Island of Zakynthos

It is true that underwater explorers had found mysterious structures under the sea near the Greek island of Zakynthos. However, shortly after the discovery, a study published in the Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology eliminated the possibility of the structures being part of a submerged city.

Still according to the study, the blocks that look like “cobblestone paving and pillar bases” are not man-made. In addition, the structures, which look like ruins of ancient columns and squares, were actually built by bacteria.

For structures to be considered part of a city, certain signs must be present. According to archaeologists, who analyzed the site at the time of the discovery, there were no signs of coins, pottery shards and other things that confirmed the existence of a human civilization.

After analyzing the mineral content of these submerged structures, experts came to the conclusion that such structures were built by microorganisms.

The construction

The structures, according to the analyzes, contain a mineral called dolomite. Such a mineral is a calcium byproduct produced by bacteria that consume methane. In short, what happened was this: Bacteria found a natural source of methane in this area under the sea. This led to the production of dolomite, a cement-like component. After its establishment, the formation of these structures originated.

These structures are believed to be around 2.6 million years old. Also, they are not unique. Similar structures have also been found in Monterey Bay, California, the Gulf of Cadiz, the Mediterranean, and the North Sea. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that people believed that divers had actually found a lost city.

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