Small room rack: 65 ideas for decorating your environment with comfort

The rack is a very important element in the decoration of the room. It is a versatile piece that can have many uses, such as positioning the TV, placing vases, picture frames, storing books, controls, among other objects. When the room is small, you need to pay close attention and choose the right model so that it is in harmony with the other furniture and does not occupy all the space of the room. The design style ranges from the most traditional to modern and colorful options. Check out some small room rack ideas and optimize your environment.

65 small room rack models that will inspire you

To help you choose which rack to put in your small room, we’ve made a selection of inspiring photos that will guide you in adopting a model for your home. Check out:

1. White brings clarity to the environment

Rev. 706 Rj

2. The retractable sofa is a great idea too to optimize space


3. TV doesn’t always have to go to the rack

Apartment house 101

4. Smaller rack allows plants to be placed sideways

Only 02

5. The burnt cement wall contrasts very well with the rack

toy house

6. Look how authentic this model

Apt 161 | by Mayara Sá

7. This wood model is amazing

Welcome to 52.home

8. The tepete matched exactly with the rack


9. All right in your corner

Apartment 403

10. It is possible to make elaborate models with pallet

ArtPallet Cariri

11. Dark tones in small rooms? Yes you can!

Sweet after two

12. A little color never hurt anyone

Madam In The Kitchen

13. The perfect combination of retractable sofa and hanging rack

Planned i9 Joinery

14. Fill Your Rack With Ornaments

Jussara BR PY

15. This retro rack style goes a long way with tight spaces

House 2290

16. Dark wood tones are wonderful


17. The shelf above the rack complements the look of the room.

Edge Mendes Blog

18. This model has the most rustic features


19. Thinner models fit perfectly into rooms with small widths

Thirty & 5!

20. Rack and matching panel increases depth sensation

Rossana Leite Costa

21. In dual color style

Summum Studio

22. Compact and very stylish

Art and Design

23. Wall-mounted TV gives more room for rack decorations


24. This suspended model allows you to seat beanbags under furniture


25. Sliding doors are great for saving space.

Territory +

26. Panel and rack in one piece

Our Home 420

27. All elements in harmony

Apartment 803

28. Open shelves are ideal for placing decorative items

Apartment 803

29. A compact and functional model

Duo Concepto

30. A detail that makes all the difference


31. Simple and delicate

House 225c

32. Whole wood

Hue Diseño

33. Multiple doors and drawers

Amoblamientos Biscarra

34. Fits In Any Space

Elegantti Mobili

35. Too much green and too much life

Just White Fever

36. The placeholder for electronic devices

Brand New

37. Polished solid wood rack

Design and Deco

38. The suspended model gives a more modern look

Amoblamientos Biscarra

39. All lit up


40. Old furniture can be refurbished and reused.

House Diló Hauer Branch

41. A distinctive design

ILD Muebles de Diseño

42. Shades of Blue Bringing Wood to Life


43. A rustic and charming furniture

Muebles / by Madera & Pallet

44. Compact and unique

Rocholl ~ Living Style ~

45. The right space for television


46. ​​Color never hurts

Dehouse Furniture

47. All hollow and stylish

Silvixs “La enricheta“

48. Small in size and large in style

Noble Muebles Chile

49. Looks even prettier with sunlight

Ok Cheap Talita

50. Who loves yellow, will fall in love with this rack

decorpor2 – Monica & Rafael

51. A discreet, minimalist rack


52. The brick wall was amazing with the white furniture


53. Drawers are always great for enjoying spaces.

Tender Furniture

54. Fits In Any Room


55. Less is more

Tadah! Design

56. Fulfills its function and makes the room more beautiful


57. Unusual and innovative


58. The contrast between wood and black is amazing

59. Perfectly decorated

Rented Couple

60. The good thing about the white rack is that you can add color to the other elements.

Terrace House

61. How about this different style?

Art- Spaces CL

62. To enhance the decoration, put comics on the wall

Maria Antonia Castro

63. Wall-mounted small room rack

Maria Antonia Castro

64. Black color promotes style

Andressa Pereira

65. A unique and personality-filled disposition

Living with love

It’s not because your home’s room is so small that it can’t look beautiful with a stylish rack. Now that you’ve seen a lot of inspirations, just unleash your creativity and create your own little corner.

7 small room racks for you to buy

We have selected a few stores so you can buy your rack. It has modern models with panel, white, colored and black. Just choose your favorite and put in the cart!

Your home

Where to buy

  1. Rack With Baly Panel Up To 42 ′ White , in Americanas Store
  2. 32-inch Slim Permobili TV Rack at Ponto Frio Store
  3. Yellow Hipster TV Rack at Tadah Store
  4. Up to 42 Inch Retro Jade Furniture Bechara Black TV Rack , in Wood Shop Madeira
  5. EDN Furniture Rack Kenzo , at Casas Bahia Store
  6. Wood Garapa Rack 155 cm at the Mobly Store
  7. TV Rack up to 47 with TV Panel up to 47 – Artely Cross II , in Magazine Luiza Store

This piece is essential in the decoration of the room and is able to change the face of the room. Now that you’ve seen countless ways to combine them with the other elements and where to get yours, just take the first step toward change.

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