Small double bedroom: 47 simple decorating ideas

See tips for choosing colors, furniture, lighting and other details of the double room.

The double bedroom, even small, must have a decoration that favors comfort and tranquility. It is important that the personality of the residents is reflected in each piece of furniture, color or decorative purpose.

The double bedroom, in most cases, is synonymous with rest and refuge. It is where two people share a more intimate life and enjoy nights of sleep. To make the environment pleasant and cozy, it is worth worrying about every detail of the decoration.

How to decorate the small double bedroom?

When decorating the double room, it is common to have to avoid the lack of space. A small environment requires an intelligent composition, that is, able to use every inch without compromising the comfort and circulation of residents.

Casa e Festa separated some tips for decorating a small double bedroom. Follow:

Choose style

The first step in getting the decoration right is choosing the style. Will it be a romantic, classic, minimalist or contemporary composition ? It all depends on the couple’s preference. Once the style is chosen, it becomes easier to define the color palette, furniture and decorative objects.

Define colors

To improve the feeling of spaciousness in the double room, it is worth betting on light colors, such as white, beige or off-white. These tones can appear on walls and furniture. The colorful details should be on account of the bedding and ornaments.


When choosing colors for a double bedroom, it is very important to think about the sensations they convey or the style they value. The combination of blue and white makes it the perfect environment to rest. The use of gold makes the division more sophisticated. Red, orange and yellow, in turn, serve as a stimulus for sexuality.

Proportion is everything

A room with little space requires decoration with essential and proportional furniture. Therefore, no furnishing a small environment with large and imposing pieces. This choice will certainly make the room even smaller.

Fundamental furniture

There is some furniture that can not be missing in the double room, as is the case with the bed with a comfortable mattress and the wardrobe . These two furniture items must be in harmony and recognize the needs of the space.

Enjoy the vertical area

Did you lack space in the room? Do not worry. You can install shelves and niches on the wall in order to organize personal objects and ornaments. This idea doesn’t cost much and makes the most of the room’s dimensions.

Decorate the walls

There are many ways to decorate the walls of the double bedroom. It is possible, for example, to hang painted pictures or mirrors in this vertical space. Some residents choose to transform one of the walls into a real panel, by applying wallpaper or painting in a different color.

Change the bedding

Do you want to change the decoration of the double room, but don’t have the money to invest in new furniture? Then bet on buying a new bedding. The bedspread or comforter should reflect the mood of the residents.

Don’t forget the lighting

Every double room must have soft and pleasant lighting. The main light, installed in the center of the ceiling, can share space with the luminaires.

Use accessories

Is there space left in the double room? Then invest in functional accessories or those that favor the organization. Try, for example, placing a chest at the foot of the bed or a pouf. A very comfortable armchair is also welcome in an empty corner of the room.

Do it yourself

The Do It Yourself (DIY) wave can be put into practice in the double room, in order to save money and leave the decoration with a personal touch. Pallets, for example, can be used to build a headboard. Wooden crates can be transformed into super stylish bedside tables.

More solutions for small double bedroom

The decoration challenge is to optimize the small space with simple, smart and beautiful ideas. Check out some inspirations for your project:

1 – Bet on a bed with storage at the bottom

 To make the room look bigger, use mirrors on the wall

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