Small Closet: 100 Creative Ideas for Space

A small closet is a convenient way to store clothes and circumvent the lack of space. It is also an essential part of home organization as it helps keep everything in order and facilitates the routine when choosing the look of the day. Regardless of the size of your home or apartment, there are several ways to build a unique and functional space for storing clothes and accessories.

And to help you have the perfect little closet, check out creative ideas to enjoy every corner and give the environment a charm.

1. A linear format for organizing your clothes

Maria Laura Coelho

2. In a version without doors everything is visible

Karen Pisacane

3. Open, modern and minimalist model

Apartment 32

4. Save space with door mirrors

Marcelo Rosset

5. Shelves are a great ally for a small closet

Lore Architecture

6. Use a corner of the room to make an open model

D2N Interior Architecture

7. Organize your items by category

AR Architecture & Design

8. To gain space, use sliding doors

Kali Architecture

9. Transparent shelves bring lightness

BC Architects

10. Bet on curtains as partitions

Karla Silva Decor

11. Light tones help diffuse light and bring amplitude

Karen Pisacane

12. Turn the bathroom passage into a closet

Très Architecture

13. Enjoy even the closet space

Camila Chalon Architecture

14. Get an industrial look with iron pipes

Simone Saccab

15. Small walk-in closet with dressing table

Ledyanne Carvalho Personal Organizer

16. A mirror on the back wall will enlarge the spot

Ju Bortolotto

17. Good closet lighting is also essential.

Architecture & Interiors Mission

18. Create a panel for belts and accessories

Mayla Lopes Architecture

19. Dark tones for a sophisticated closet

Anna Loyola

20. Practical and Scandinavian style

Diycore with Karla Amadori

21. Small walk-in closet with built-in lighting

Karla Silva Decor

22. Insert a stool to support

Avner Posner

23. Transparent doors are sleek and easy to view

MAÍRA MARCHIÓ Architecture

24. Small walk-in closet with integrated bathroom

Architecture & Interiors Mission

25. In confined spaces, a great alternative is to use a macaw

Gisele Taranto

26. A rug brings a touch of warmth

GF Projects

27. Add personality with a little color

Miriam Maria Ribeiro

28. A popular feature for a small closet is the L-shape.

Dash Space Architecture

29. Reserve a shoe area

KTA Krakowiak & Tavares

30. More convenience with integrating environments

Architect Maria Helena Torres

31. Take up a free wall with accessory hooks

Karen Pisacane

32. A clothes rack also helps in organizing the closet.

Ju Bortolotto

33. With room even for dressing table

Santos Crisis

34. Men’s Closet with black and tinted glass details

REDECKER + SPERB Architecture

35. Use light to help highlight objects on shelves

Elayne Felix Interiors

36. Facilitate access to everyday items

Apt 806

37. Choose furniture according to your needs

Interior Spaço

38. For visual evenness, use equal hangers

House 464

39. Use organizing baskets so that everything is always in order.

Marina La-Gatta

40. Divide the bedroom area to assemble a closet

Architecture & Interiors Mission

41. Sliding cabinet doors optimize space and improve circulation

Diptico Interior Design

42. A lighted mirror countertop helps a lot in getting ready

Patricia Boaro

43. Small linear closet with mirror

Betania Pacheco

44. A functional and integrated model

Lidia Maciel

45. A glass panel is a subtle partitioning option


46. ​​A small closet can easily be installed in a hallway.

ODVO Architecture and Urbanism

47. With lean dimensions and planning it is possible to unite two environments

Helo Marques

48. Details like mirrors, beanbags and vases bring charm to the closet

Bianchi & Lima Architecture

49. Double room with small integrated closet

Karla Silva Decor

50. Shoes can easily be accommodated on the underside of furniture

Quattrino Architecture

51. Make the most of space with an L-shaped closet

Elise and Evelyn Drummond

52. Electrified rail is versatile and elegant for lighting

Marina La-Gatta

53. The open closet in the bedroom has a more casual style

Fernanda Marques

54. For a narrow environment, the tip is to use a large mirror

Ambientta Architecture

55. Make more room with swivel shoe shelves

Lara Aguero

56. In a double closet, separate each side

Evelyne Marie Steenbock

57. Arrange items by color or by clothing type

Iara Brito Organizer

58. With a right place for everything, it’s easy to keep everything organized

Helô Miranda

59. When integrated, the style of the closet should continue with the decor.

fit 806

60. A delicate fabric panel for your accessories

REDECKER + SPERB Architecture

61. The closet must have the personality of its owners.

Mariana Machado Organizer

62. In addition to comfort, a rug also brings elegance

Karla Guisande

63. Sophistication with transparent doors

Fernanda Marques

64. Escape the conventional with colors

Diego Revollo

65. Have woodwork as an ally to expand storage spaces

Karen Pisacane

66. Drawers accommodate many pieces and are therefore ideal in a small closet.

Cristiane Schiavoni

67. Customize the environment with wallpaper and rugs

Ana Yoshida Interiors

68. Shelves and boxes are perfect for small items.

Personal Organizer Miami

69. Linear format is advantageous for long rooms

Andrea Buratto

70. In a tight space include custom made cabinets

Luciana Bicheri

71. Rose gold details for a women’s closet

Studio Tatico Design

72. The closet can also be joined with a home office.

Fernanda Marques

73. Open and integrated to match the industrial style

Diego Revollo

74. You can use the space next to the bed to mount your

In my house is like this!

75. With the all white closet the highlight is the pieces

JMA Studio

76. Furniture of different heights and multifunctionality

Diycore with Karla Amadori

77. Small, integrated and refined


78. Floor-standing mirror is a simple idea with no holes

Brief Architecture

79. The open model is a good option for those with little room space

Fernanda Marques

80. A durable and extremely functional MDF closet

Cristiane Schiavoni

81. Glass doors delimit the closet without insulating it

Fabio Morozini

82. Integration with the bathroom facilitates the daily routine

D2N Interior Architecture

83. Use niche shelves to store your bags

Mariana Machado Organizer

84. Enclosed cabinets insulate parts from steam and moisture in bathroom

Diego Revollo

85. A complete space with bedroom, bathroom and closet

Vivi Cirello

86. With an all-wood look

Andrea Buratto

87. To arrange smaller items, use less depth shelves

Thais Dalagnoli

88. A puff to sit on while deciding the day’s clothes

Moderne Architecture

89. You can also use simple, inexpensive materials to assemble the closet.

Clarisse Reade

90. With a center island for accessories

Inspirate Architecture

91. If you have space available, it is worth adding a special bench

Adriana Piva Architecture

92. It doesn’t take big investments to make a closet

Rahel Lehenbauer

93. With modulated cabinets it is possible to create a variety of compositions

Maragno Furniture

Remember that it is necessary to guarantee a minimum space for circulation.

Daniela Domingues

95. For more elegance, how about glass shelves?

Chris Silveira

96. Classic and sophisticated small closet

Fatima Brandani Designer

97. Take advantage of the back wall to attach the accessories

Gabriel and Luiz Architects

98. Avoid overeating and store only the essentials

Personal Organizer Miami

99. In the closet everything is more visible and easy to find.

CK Architecture

100. Higher shelves can be used to accommodate the bedding.

Cristiane Schiavoni

A small closet can be made in the bedroom, in the hallways or in some free space. Take advantage of these ideas and transform any available space at home into a special place to organize your clothes and accessories with charm and functionality.

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