Rug for living room: See how to choose and 57 models

The living room deserves to be decorated with a beautiful and comfortable rug. See tips for choosing the best piece.

The carpet for the living room is an indispensable item in the decoration. When composing the main living area of ​​the house, it brings comfort, beauty and warmth to the home. But do you know how to choose the best piece? It is about this issue that we will examine in detail in the article.

Choosing a rug seems very simple, but it is not. To get the tapestry model right, it is necessary to observe the characteristics of the room, the needs of the residents and the predominant decoration style. Only with this information in mind is it possible to find the best carpet for the living room, that is, with the appropriate shape, size, thickness, material, pattern and colors.

How to choose carpet for living room?

In the living room, or in any other environment, the rug plays the role of connecting all the furniture and gives a feeling of unity for the decoration. It is an item that warms the whole environment, especially if the floor is cold.

Casa e Festa has listed some tips to make it easier to choose the living room rug. Check out:

1 – The rug must be the last item

The rug should be the last item chosen to decorate the living room. Before him, it is necessary to think about the sofa and other furniture that make up the room. Taking this care, it is possible to harmonize the colors, patterns and textures.

2 – Identify the role of the carpet in the room

Will the carpet for the living room have a leading or supporting role? It is based on this information that you are able to define the best model. If the tapestry is intended to complete the look of the room, then choose a piece with neutral colors and able to dialogue with the furniture.

If the goal is to transform the rug into the highlight of the environment, then it is worth betting on colors, patterns or some type of texture. Just take care to make a combination with neutral and clean furniture, so as not to leave the decoration so polluted.

3 – Pay attention to the material!

Carpets can be made with different types of fibers, such as natural, synthetic and mixed. Sisal, cotton and wool have a nice and comfortable touch, but they get dirty easily. Polypropylene and polyester pieces, which are synthetic fabrics, are more resistant and easier to clean than natural fabrics.

For those who have dogs and cats at home, the recommendation is to choose a rug made from synthetic fibers. In this way, day-to-day maintenance becomes much easier.

To choose the best carpet for the living room, it is very important to observe the material. Does it match the predominant style of decoration? Is it easy to clean? Does it meet the needs of any allergic resident? Answer these questions to find out if the carpet model is appropriate.

4 – The ideal size of the carpet

The rug delimits the living area of ​​the room, so avoid models that are too small, as they reduce the feeling of space in the room. Ideally, the piece should be at least 15 cm under the furniture, as is the case with the sofa and armchairs.

The length should be the same width as the sofa or slightly longer. The width depends on the distance of the furniture that is in front of the sofa, such as the rack or armchair.

Avoid a rug that occupies only the center of the living room. It gives the impression that the piece was purchased with the wrong size and does not value the layout of the room.

5 – The most appropriate format

Round, rectangular or square? Defining the shape of the carpet is not always easy. In order to make the right decision, it is essential to observe the characteristics of the living room.

The shape of the rug must follow the shape of the room, which is usually square or rectangular. The use of the round rug, in turn, is indicated to highlight an object in the decoration, as is the case of the coffee table.

6 – Carpet prints and colors

After evaluating material, size and shape, it is very important to observe the aesthetic characteristics of the carpet model, such as the predominant colors and patterns. If the room has a young and modern style, for example, then it is worth decorating it with a geometric rug.

A natural fiber rug matches a room that has more wooden furniture and handcrafted decorative objects. A smooth and neutral rug allows you to use more colors in the decoration of the environment.

Residents who choose a patterned rug should be careful in choosing the other elements and not overdo it. Furniture and decorative objects need to be a little more neutral for there to be aesthetic balance.

With regard to colors, what really matters is the size of the environment. If the room is large, then try to invest in a piece with dark shades. On the other hand, a small room asks for a clean carpet, that is, with neutral and light colors.

In the case of a dark room, the light carpet fulfills the role of illuminating the environment. And the fact that the piece has a lighter tone does not mean that it gets dirty easier – it all depends on the material.

7 – Observe the thickness

Another characteristic of the carpet that needs to be observed is the thickness. A model with a thick weave, for example, makes the room more comfortable and inviting to watch TV. The low plot is more suitable in the case of an environment with a large circulation of people.

8 – Match with the cushions

There are some surefire tips that help to match the rug with the room decor, with no margin to clash. One suggestion is to harmonize the designs and colors of the rug with the cushions that decorate the sofas. Look for a perfect combination of shades and patterns.

9 – Combination of carpets

Instead of decorating the room with a single small rug, you can place two small pieces side by side. It is also interesting to combine two different models, as long as the colors match each other.

Carpet templates to decorate the room

See below some inspiring models of rugs to decorate the living room:

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