Room with closet: 90 models that combine practicality and refinement

A closet room is synonymous with practicality and organization. Having an environment dedicated to storing clothes, shoes and accessories brings much more convenience in daily life when getting ready. If you want a space like this, here are some ideas for adding decoration functionality to your home:

1. Good planning is essential in the closet room

D2N Architecture and Interiors

2. This will ensure that everything has its place.

Kali Architecture

3. Create a partition wall to help organize

Mestisso Architecture

4. Or optimize space with a sliding door

California Closets

5. Great solution for a room with small closet

Quattrino Architecture

6. And that can further enlarge the environment

Lidia Maciel

7. Glass and mirrors bring a very modern look

Chris Silveira

8. As well as a black decoration

Diego Revollo

9. You can choose a model with doors

Thais Helena Ribeiro

10. Or have a room with open closet

Nicole Caswell Design

11. The important thing is to organize your clothes and accessories.

Inger-Lise Lillerovde

12. In a charming and functional way

Sandra Diaz-Velasco

13. Light tones bring amplitude

Pascali Semerdjian Architects

14. And transparency favors the integration of spaces

Lidia Maciel

15. An idea of ​​a simple small closet room

California Closets

16. In a larger environment, enjoy putting a beanbag


17. Also separate a special corner to get ready

Christina Hamoui Redhead

18. And a rug adds charm and comfort

Marcelo Rosset

19. You can have a bedroom with closet and bathroom

Andrezza Alencar

20. Or use one side of the room to make your

Justine ma

21. And delimit the space with a bench

Chris Silveira

22. So you guarantee a more stripped down style

Fernanda Marques

23. Plan Partitions According to Your Need

Quattrino Architecture

24. Include drawers, shelves and clothes hangers

Misses clementi

25. A double closet requires a larger area

Art of organizing by Carol Martins

26. And even the baby’s room can earn a


27. You can opt for a woody look

Tria Architecture

28. To make the decoration more cozy

Messa Penna Architecture

29. Or bet on using neutral tones


30. White color is great for small rooms

Ju Bortolotto

31. Glasses are also good options


32. For they convey lightness with their transparency.

Manuela Senna Architecture

33. And a set of mirrors widens anywhere

Monise Rosa Architecture

34. You can opt for a simple closet

Apt 405

35. Prioritize a linear format

Bethany Pacheco

36. Or make everything visible in the open closet

Fabio Morozini

37. And plan a fully integrated environment

Dash Space Architecture

38. Including the bathroom

Roberta Devisate

39. Whether with an industrial decoration

AF Architecture

40. Or with a more elegant look

Fernanda Marques

41. An L configuration makes the most of space


42. Invest in mirrored doors

Negrelli & Teixeira

43. Or eliminate them all

CADDA architecture

44. Good lighting makes a difference.

Patricia Boaro

45. And you can add more charm with pendants

Chris Silveira

46. ​​Or enchant with a classic chandelier

VOBOL Architecture and Interiors

47. Is it possible to adopt a minimalist line


48. With Scandinavian style influence

Apartment 32

49. Have a relaxed look with open closet

California Closets

50. Caprice with a sophisticated composition

Mariane Baptista Marilda Baptista

51. Or give a delicate and romantic air


52. The closet should reflect your style.

GF Projects

53. And suit your available space

Fernanda Marques

54. Shelves are good allies in small environments.

Graziella Nicolai

55. Like mirrored furniture

Melina Knopp Architecture

56. A partition is a simple solution.

Roberta Devisate

57. You can even use a curtain.

Karla Silva Decor

58. Get more convenience with joining environments

Karla Silva Decor

59. Like a bedroom with walk-in closet and integrated bathroom

SEMERENE Architecture

60. Enjoy a hallway to store your clothes


61. The master suite deserves special attention.

Studio 021 Architecture

62. Make room for a dressing table too


63. And have your little beauty spot


64. Sliding doors facilitate movement

GF Projects

65. They look very charming mirrored

Officio & Art

66. And bring the feeling of a larger space

Idea Projects

67. By reflecting the various angles of the environment

Vivi Cirello

68. Transparency is pure sophistication.

Fernanda Marques

69. Create an amazing effect.

Chris Silveira

70. And makes it easy to see parts

Studio Cris Passing

71. Use lighting to highlight your items.

California Closets

72. One bedroom with walk-in closet and simple bathroom


73. Brings more practicality into everyday life

Eniésse Architecture

74. The perfect set for comfort


75. Your closet doesn’t have to be big


76. But you should accommodate your belongings well

California Closets

77. And bring more functionality to your routine


78. With an elegant décor


79. And creative solutions

Manuela Senna Architecture

80. Use accessory hooks

Update My Cape ll Holly

81. Reserve a space for shoes only

California Closets Charlotte

82. How about using glass shelves?

Iara Kílaris

83. Plan a unique and exclusive space

Karen Pisacane

84. Regardless of your room size

Andrea Duarte Architecture

85. Whether for a double closet


86. For a women’s closet

Adriana Piva Architecture

87. Or for a men’s closet

Brief Architecture

88. There are since simpler ideas

Arbor Architecture and Design

89. Even the most exquisite

Officio & Art

90. Store your clothes with much more style!

Officio & Art

With all these ideas you can now plan and build the closet room of your dreams. And, to make your space complete, see also photos of mirror vanity.

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