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Room Niches: 60 Ideas for Organizing Space.

Flower pots, books and small objects are found decorating a room. Room niches are perfect for better organizing them as well as for greater emphasis. You can find this furniture in various sizes, shapes and colors, as well as can make up a living room, dining room or TV.

In addition to enriching the decoration of the environment, the niches are marked by their functionality and charm. For this reason, we have selected for you an extensive list of varied models of this furniture to decorate your environment, as well as some niches that you can buy at specialist furniture and furniture stores.

60 niche room photos to inspire you

Functional, the living room niche is perfect for organizing your decorative items and making the room more organized and presentable. Check out several different models of this furniture to enhance your decor:

1. Specially lit niches to highlight items more

Andrea de Paula and Gabriela Nóbrega

2. Insert plants into niches for more naturalness

Unire Architecture and Engineering

3. Natural-tone niche bookcase for a cleaner space

Babi Teixeira

4. Niche decoration and wooden shelves

Dudi Duarte Architecture

5. For the dining room was chosen the niche bookcase

Bittar Architecture

6. Built-in lighting makes all the difference

Paula Blaya Architecture

7. Furniture gives your items a privileged place

SP Studio Architecture

8. Aerial models are ideal for small spaces.

Triart Architecture

9. TV room niches make it look more organized

Arbor Architecture

10. Here, they contrast with the blue wall.

Roberta Nicolau Architecture

11. In neutral tones, the niches stand out in the most sober decoration

Juliana Pippi Architecture

12. Built into the wall, the three niches hold small items and a plant.

BT architecture

13. In gray, they contrast with the white panel.

Simone Sccab

14. Arrangement of square and rectangular shapes

Studio deux

15. Niches decorate living and dining room

Sesso and Dalanezi Architecture

16. Pieces feature wood bottom and indirect lighting

Andrea Reis Architecture

17. Niche decoration makes it look more orderly

Architecting Ideas

18. The room is consecrated with a panel with niches and shelves.

Adriana Valle and Patricia Carvalho

19. Environment is marked by its perfect symmetry

WV Architecture

20. Furniture is protagonist in this interior project

Villa Studio

21. And may appear in authentic formats

Luiz XV Furniture

22. Gray and wood in sync

Très Architecture

23. Beautiful Niche Dining Room

Lima Orsolini Architecture

24. Air niche is marked by its straight and angular features.

House 2 Architects

25. White bookcase with woody niches

Renata Gaia Architecture

26. Items decorate the TV room with charm and color.

GF Decor and Architecture Projects

27. Industrial style metal and wooden niches

Villa Studio

28. Make a composition with different niche formats

Lucas Barbosa

29. Use niches of other colors to create contrasts.

Carolina Ouro Architecture

30. Living room furniture features mirrored bottom

Mariane Bassegio Architecture

31. Create a multi-niche composition on the TV panel

SKL Metro

32. Corner of room gets highlight with indirect lighting

Priscilla Bailoni

33. Dining room niches decorate elegantly

Unire Architecture and Engineering

34. Include small-room mirrored-bottom niches


35. In the organization, place small items on the lying books

Barbara Filgueiras Architecture

36. Use artificial plants to decorate the niches

Tamara Rodriguez Architecture

37. Bet and invest in harmonious contrasts.

Melina Roman Interiors

38. More practicality for the living room

Aline de Queiroz Dantas

39. Decorate niches with miscellaneous items

Flávia D’Angelo

40. Create compositions with decorative books and accessories.

PKB Architecture

41. Four white niches decorate the small room.

House 18

42. The conformity between wood and brick

Novarchitecture Architecture

43. Discrete small room niches

Rented Address

44. Wood and white for a clean modern space

Suellen Georg Architecture

45. Also embellish the top of the niche

Coffee and Milk Corner

46. ​​Item accompanies color of TV panel

Maycon flamarion

47. Dining room consists of wood and white lacquer

Studio Tan-Gram Architecture

48. Lacquered furniture gets even brighter through the built-in niche lighting

Claudia Albertini Architecture

49. Amazing composition of hexagonal niches


50. The mirrored bottom model is sophisticated and elegant

Studio BG Architecture

51. Different vases and sculptures arranged in niches

Samy and Ricky Architecture

52. Want to make items more prominent? Invest in recessed lighting!

Melissa Dallegrave Afonso

53. Organize your wine bottles or decorate with empty beer bottles.

LS Selection

54. Use room space for coffee corner

Polverini Architecture

55. Bet on the combination of black tone and wood niches

Claudia Albertini Architecture

56. The template was used for storing and organizing coffee utensils.

Carolina Ouro Architecture

57. Wood adds a natural touch to space

Lima Orsolini Architecture

58. Niche bookcase of various sizes and shapes

Adriana Valle and Patricia Carvalho

59. Wooden Niches in Glass Shelves

Sesso and Dalanezi Architecture

60. Niches for living room get nicer

SP Studio Architecture

Living room niches are ideal for keeping your books, DVDs and other small objects organized. The furniture makes the space look nicer. Now that you’re inspired, check out some niche room models to buy!

10 room niches for you to buy

With various shapes, colors and sizes, check out a list of various options of this furniture for you to purchase and enhance the decoration of your living room, dining or TV.

Your home

For every taste and budget, living room niches will transform your environment. Whether its shape, size or color, the furniture will provide a more pleasant atmosphere by organizing all your adornments and decorative items. Before buying your niche, keep in mind the size of the space in which it will be inserted so as not to be too tight or too large. Bet on colorful niches for neutral spaces, the result will look amazing and more stripped down.

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