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Retractable bed: options to buy and 30 space saving ideas

The trend of smaller and smaller buildings requires creative and functional decoration ideas. A smart and practical solution for those who live in a very small place is the retractable bed. With a simple, safe and fast operation, this furniture can be stored immediately after use, allowing a better use of the environment.

To help you circumvent the space shortage, here are a number of commercially available design options and creative ideas for using this versatile piece and optimizing the rooms in your home.

10 retractable beds for you to buy

To save space and make a modern, practical and functional decoration, we have selected several models that you can purchase for your home, check out:

  1. Retractable horizontal double bed , in Mercado Livre
  2. Articulated wall bunk , in Madeira Madeira
  3. Folding single bed with sofa in Lojas Americanas
  4. Multifunctional folding sun bed set in Magazine Luiza
  5. Shoptime Sleeping Office and Retractable Bed
  6. Single folding bed , in Madeira Madeira
  7. Single wall fold white folding bed in Extra
  8. White folding single bed at Casas Bahia
  9. Teen Bed / Sofa with Bottom Bed , on Tok & StoK
  10. Single bed with lower bed at Tok & Stok

Among the many options, now just choose your favorite model and make the most of the space in rooms and small environments.

30 models of retractable bedding that are pure functionality

Small spaces require innovative and creative solutions, such as the retractable bed. See different options on how to use this mobile and extend the functionality of the environment:

1. More room to play in the kids room

Kids House by Roberto Gil

2. A multifunctional environment with an extra bed


3. A room during the day that becomes a room at night

Studio Fabio Cherman

4. An excellent alternative to compact apartments

Consuelo Jorge

5. Easily turn your home office into a guest room

Kids House by Roberto Gil

6. Optimize space in a practical and very creative way

Black & milk

7. There are options for double wall retractable beds


8. And also models of single wall retractable beds

Niche Interiors

9. To ensure flexibility with style for the environment

Landis Architects / Builders

10. With this part, you can clear the area for other functions.

Studio Fabio Cherman

11. Can be built into furniture and hidden when not in use


12. A good joinery project is allied in small houses and apartments.

Architect Juliana Faria

13. Secure extra space-free mattress with retractable pull-out bed


14. Use creativity to enjoy environments

Lara Smidt Architecture

15. Wall bed mechanism allows them to be stored quickly

Kids House by Roberto Gil

16. An Amazing Way To Save Home Space

A&M Architecture and Interiors

17. Can be stored in a cupboard


18. Or hide behind the couch

Studio Fabio Cherman

19. More free room area to enjoy during the day

Kids House by Roberto Gil

20. Live in comfort and functionality even in compact housing

Andrade & Mello Architecture and Interiors

21. Retractable beds are great for open concept environments

Gaudenzi Architecture

22. The perfect solution for a small room

Shia Su

23. Discreet and practical for any space


24. An attractive feature for baby’s room

Bernardi & Todescato Architecture

25. Combine with a closet for a well-organized environment.

Studio Fabio Cherman

26. A simple and effective way to gain more space.

Isabela Saramago

27. A multifunctional corner for your home

Marta Barretto Interiors

28. Opening and closing the retractable bed is easy and safe.

Studio Fabio Cherman

29. Thus, it is possible to quickly adapt an environment to a night’s sleep

Fran Bagnati

30. And ensure a comfortable place to accommodate visitors

Furniture Girl

The retractable bed is an option that draws attention because it is a piece that combines a simple, functional and intelligent design. With the help of this item, good planning and a lot of creativity, you can make the most of the space in your home environments.

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