Raffia: 25 decorating ideas and tips for growing this palm tree

Raffia is a type of palm tree widely used in gardens and indoor environments. It is a plant of great ornamental beauty, easy to grow and that grows well indoors. To find out more, see its special meaning, cultivation tips, ideas for using it in home decor, and lots of other useful information about the species. Check out:

Meaning of the Raffia Plant


Raffia is seen as a plant that brings success and attracts wealth to the place where it is placed. Therefore, in addition to the interiors of homes, is also a species very suitable for businesses, offices and workplaces. In addition, it is a plant that helps purify air and eliminate toxic gases from the environment.

How to care for raffia


Very popular in interior decoration, this plant requires only simple care to stay beautiful and healthy, find out which:

  • Sun: It is a plant that prefers to be grown in the shade, but tolerates both places with full sun or shade. Indoors, should be in well-lit spaces.
  • Watering: Water at least once a week and, if necessary, increase the frequency in the warmer months of the year. It is a plant that loves to get water sprayed on its leaves. It does not tolerate soaking, so always check the soil before watering.
  • How to plant: Can be planted in pots or flower beds in the garden. In case of pots, remember to choose a suitable container for the size of the species, which can reach up to 2m. Also ensure good drainage by placing gravel at the bottom.
  • Fertilization: Not a demanding plant with respect to soil nutrients. Fertilization can be made annually, preferably in the spring, with fertilizer and earthworm humus.

Just saw how simple and easy it is to look after a copy of raffia. Growing this beautiful foliage is no secret, and you can add an elegant touch of green to any corner of your home or office.

Videos and tips for growing raffia

Learn more about the key features of this plant and see essential information to grow yours:

Basic Tips About Raffia

Find out about the origin of this palm tree and see why this plant is so common in home and office interiors. Write down all the care tips to keep yours always beautiful and flashy. Also, learn how to prune dry leaf tips correctly.

How to grow and reproduce raffia palm

Learn more about the characteristics of raffia, its different forms of cultivation, the appropriate climate and the appropriate places to place the plant. See also information on watering, pests, fertilizers and how to reproduce a copy to make various seedlings.

Care to keep raffia flashy

Check out more tips on the care that this species needs and see a selection of factors that can interfere with good plant health and may be the reason your raffia palm is dying. See simple solutions to keep your copy always green and flashy.

25 photos of raffia to bring green to your home

Raffia is an ornamental plant and a good choice for indoor and garden use. Here are some ideas:

1. Raffia is a species widely used in decoration.

Botanic Soul

2. And adapts to pot cultivation


3. Is a sturdy, easy-to-care plant

Folio Architecture

4. Looks beautiful as a highlight in the room

Max Botanical House

5. And also in the garden


6. Its shape is quite ornamental

Gabriela Mendes Architecture

7. And its webbed leaves are dark green in color


8. Can be used in flower beds to hide walls

Native Landscaping

9. Or in vases to elevate space decoration

Decor factory

10. Is known for attracting fortune and success.

Nicole Finkel Architecture

11. And very welcome in commercial spaces

Alejandra Marquez

12. Ideal for gracing that little corner of your home

Zê’s Home

13. And add some green to the home

Natália Martins

14. Combined with a basket, it brings a rustic touch


15. And excels in modern decorations

Andrew Waller

16. Volume, beauty and freshness for balconies

Native Landscaping

17. Choose a suitable vase for your copy

Our Ape 401

18. There are raffias of various sizes

Mary Help of Christians Amato

19. And it can grow a lot if it has room

Sandro Ward Landscaping

20. It is a charm used in isolation

Plant & Art

21. But it brings even more double dose charm

Cristina Côrtes

22. Or combined with other plants

Home With Pets | Fit 303

23. Fill that space under the stairs with life


24. Let a more graceful corner

Rose Sano Landscaping

25. Delight in any environment with raffia!

Andrea Carla Dinelli ARCHITECTURE

Raffia can be the perfect plant to complement the decoration of your space with a natural mark, as it is a species that requires simple care, is resistant and has a very ornamental dark green foliage.

And for those who love a touch of green but don’t have much time or gardening skills, check out 80 Fantastic Vertical Garden Indoor Decor Ideas


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