Ornaments for living room: 43 models on the rise

Objects must recognize decoration trends and enhance the personality of the resident.

The living room, like the dining room, is a living area. It is in this space that people gather for lively conversations or simply to enjoy moments of tranquility. Despite the contradictory proposal, the room combines with many decorative objects. The right choice requires attention to the size of the room, the predominant style and the preferences of the residents.

Best options for ornaments for living room

We selected some ornaments that match the decor of the living room. Check out:

1 – Vase with foliage

Plants make the space more beautiful and attractive, in addition to removing any negative energy.

Vase with foliage.

2 – Mirror

The mirror stands out as an excellent ally in the living room, especially when it reflects light. It also has the power to expand spaces.

Living room with mirrors.

3 – Curtains

The curtain is not just a room ornament. In fact, it plays a functional role in the environment, as it controls the entry of light and ensures the privacy of residents. Opt for a light, clear and light-colored model to align with Feng Shui recommendations.

Light curtains in the living room.

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4 – Wall lamp

When decorating the living room, it is very important to create indirect lighting points. The environment will be more cozy and pleasant with a wall lamp.

Wall lamp in the living room

5 – Table lamp

Do you have a corner table in the living room, but don’t know how to decorate it? The tip is to include a beautiful lamp and aligned with the characteristics of the rest of the decoration.

Living room with table lamps.

6 – Floor lamp

The floor lamp is a separate show, which dispenses with the use of support furniture and manages to transform any corner of the room.

Floor lamp

7 – Ceiling lamp

This pendant makes the space more welcoming and elegant.

A modern ceiling lamp in the room.

8 – Creative lamp

Whoever wants to leave the room with a fun and uncluttered touch can bet on a creative lamp. The cactus model is a great option to decorate niches and shelves in the room.

Lamp with cactus design.

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9 – Cachepô pending

Instead of decorating the room with traditional vases, bet on the pendant Cachepô. Made with natural material, these objects leave any corner of the room looking more charming.

Pending cachepot

10 – Yoga adornment

This object represents the silhouette of a person practicing yoga, therefore, it is able to attract positive energies to the living room and favor relaxation .

11 – Pineapple adornment

With a cheerful and fashion proposal, the pineapple has everything in the decoration area. The adornment inspired by tropical fruit is a true synonym of welcome and enriches the look of the room.

Pineapple adornment

12 – Shawl for sofa

Textiles innovate the look of any environment, especially in winter. A tip to redesign the sofa in the living room is to decorate it with a shawl. This piece is an invitation to read a book, watch TV or take a nap.

Sofa shawl

13 – Vase with metallic tone

The decorative objects with metallic tone make the decoration of the living room more modern and sophisticated, as is the case of this vase. The piece is super beautiful and combines with the contemporary style.

Vase with metallic tone

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14 – Organizing box

The organizing box is a “hand on the wheel” in any room in the house and also contributes to the decoration. In the living room, it serves to store books, magazines and other objects.

Organizing box

15 – Bird adornment

For Feng Shui, the bird represents a messenger that brings good news to the residents of the house. He is delicate and able to make the decoration more romantic.

Bird Adornment

16 – Round hollow pouf

This object brings style and practicality to the environment, because at the same time that it decorates the room it also serves as accommodation.

Hollow round pouf

17 – Dog Adornment

Is there space left in your rack? Then include a dog ornament. There are minimalist models on the market, which are produced with ceramics and imitate the silhouette of the animal.

Dog Adornment

18 – Decorative letters

The decorative letters form words and add charm to the home decor. Among the models that are on the rise, it is worth highlighting the metallized and illuminated.

Decorative letters

19 – Arrangement with artificial succulents

Don’t have time to care for real plants? Include a small arrangement with succulents in the living room. It is a subtle detail, but it takes a little green into the house.

Succulents in the concrete vase on the coffee table.

20 – Monochrome frames

In this living room, the walls were transformed with monochromatic paintings . The gallery valued pieces with different sizes and engravings, without losing sight of the modern reference.

Monochrome frames in the room.

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21 – Mandalas

Pictures are not the only option for those who want to decorate the living room walls. You can bet on mandalas.

Mandala on the room wall.

22 – Pillows

The pillows favor everyday comfort and also contribute to the decor of the living room. You can create a beautiful composition on the sofa, with square, rectangular and round pieces.

Cushions decorate the sofa.

23 – Wall sculpture

To make the room more charming and modern, it is worth investing in a wall sculpture. The piece can refer to an animal or an abstract art.

Sculpture on the wall.

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24 – Colored rug

In the case of a room with white walls and a neutral sofa, it is worth betting on a colorful rug. The play brings energy and fun.

Colorful carpet

25 – Elephant

This decorative object blends perfectly with contemporary decor. With regard to symbology, the elephant attracts good luck, wisdom and longevity.

Geometric elephant.

26 – Picture frame

The picture frame serves to expose a family photo, so it leaves the decoration of the room with a personal touch. This little detail will surely make the environment more welcoming.

Picture frame

27 – Spheres

Spheres are popular decorative objects. With different sizes, colors and finishes, they adorn the rack, the coffee table, the niches and the shelves in the living room. You can place three spheres (small, medium and large) inside a plate or a boat.

Spheres in the dish

28 – Books

The books also act as ornaments for the living room. They can appear on the coffee table or on the shelf.

Bookcase with books and other decorative objects.

29 – Wire basket

The wire basket is an ally of modern decor. It can be used to place a vase with green foliage or even to store books, magazines and blanket.

Wire basket

30 – Panel with macrame

To leave the environment with a handmade touch, decorate the wall with a piece made with macrame. It is a great tip to add a touch of boho style to the decor.

Macrame panel

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31 – White painted wood

In a clean room with a fireplace, it is worth betting on white painted wood. The decor is charming, simple and modern.

White painted wood

32 – Chair hanging from the ceiling

The traditional armchair can be replaced by a chair hanging from the ceiling. The piece is very reminiscent of a swing and makes the decor more cozy.

Chair hanging from the ceiling

33 – Branches

Thin branches, or even thicker trunks, can adorn the living room. They give a rustic and natural feel to the room, which is very reminiscent of a country house atmosphere.


34 – Geometric shapes in metal

The geometric shapes in metal serve to place candles and plants, making the decor more charming and modern than ever.

Geometric shapes in metal

35 – Terrestrial globe

A very modern room calls for a globe. This piece leaves the decoration with a special touch and represents the energy of the residents who love to travel.

Terrestrial globe in the room.

36 – Natural fiber baskets

Those who like crafts and want to create a cozy atmosphere in the room can bet on natural fiber baskets.

Natural fiber baskets

37 – Suitcases and chests

In large rooms, there is always room to add larger ornaments, as is the case with old chests and suitcases.

Suitcases and chests

38 – Old radio

The old radio can be part of the decoration of the room, after all, it carries many memories and stories. If the piece is a family heirloom, even better.

Old radio

39 – Remote control holder

A functional item that can also be decorative: the remote control holder.

Remote control door

40 – Hourglass adornment

If you intend to use different ornaments in the decoration, the tip is to bet on the hourglass adornment. It is interactive and makes reference to the inevitability of time.

Hourglass adornment

41 – Moose adornment

In a large Scandinavian style room , it is worth decorating one of the walls with moose adornment.

Moose adornment

42 – Clock on the wall

Do you still have plenty of room on the wall? Then invest in a different watch model. Just be sure to align the design of the piece with the rest of the decoration.

Clock on the wall

43 – Bar cart

In the 90s, the rooms had the classic bars. Today, the trend is to reserve a corner of the room for the bar cart.

Bar trolley Did yo

Did you like the ideas of decorative objects for the living room? Do you have any other suggestions? Leave a comment.

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