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Modern Double Beds: Types and 50 Stylish Sleeping Models

Modern double beds add beauty and are the main element of a bedroom. They should be comfortable and, of course, need to match the space decoration proposal. Check out the sizes of different types and ideas for your inspiration!

Types of Double Beds

The size chosen will depend on the space available to position the bed, as well as the preference of the resident or couple. See the three main types:

  • Standard: The most common and inexpensive of models, the standard double bed has a size of approximately two single beds. This model is more suitable for small rooms. The dimensions are 1,38m x 1,88m.
  • Queen: Larger than the traditional double bed, this model is one of the most loved by the public. Measuring 1.58m x 1.98m, the queen size bed is ideal for taller people who like to have more space at bedtime.
  • King: Being the largest and the most spacious, this model has varying dimensions, ranging from 1.85m x 1.98m to 1.93m x 2.03m. King type is recommended for larger rooms and large people.

It is extremely important to take into account comfort, but also to acquire that model that allows a good circulation through the environment.

50 modern double beds for your moment of rest

Now that you’ve checked out the major bed types, check out some modern double beds for your room!

1. Choose the model that best fits your location

Juliana Pippi

2. Remembering to leave a good circulation space

Buy at Casas Bahia

3. And for the other furniture that makes up the environment

SP Estudio Arquitetura

4. Decorate with pillows


5. And blankets

Migs Architecture

6. To give even more charm to the room

Studio AG Architecture

7. Bet on headboards

Thaisa Bohrer

8. To complement your bed

Claudia Pimenta and Patricia Franco

9. Modern double beds with drawers are ideal for small spaces.

ACF Architecture

10. So you can better organize your items.

Shoptime Shop

11. Wasn’t this room amazing?

Claudia Pimenta and Patricia Franco

12. Test the bed well before you buy

Shop at American Stores

13. After all, you’ll spend a good part of your day there.

Arbor Architecture

14. Modern beds with a rustic feel are on the rise!

Andrea Murão

15. Gray is a very comfortable shade.

Thaisa Bohrer

16. It’s very cozy

Migs Architecture

17. King or Queen Beds Are Ideal For Taller People

BC Architects

18. And also for large rooms

Moderne Architecture

19. The default template

Claudia Albertini

20. Which is equivalent to two single beds

Pererira Reade Interiors

21. Is most common

Studio Elen Saravalli

22. Is suitable for small rooms


23. Amazing headboard!

Dudi Duarte

24. The wood of the bed gives a warmer touch to the space

Claudia Albertini

25. The sober decor is elegant

Triart Architecture

26. You can opt for higher models

Noi Studio

27. Or lower

Thaisa Bohrer

28. The choice will depend on your preference.

Claudia Pimenta and Patricia Franco

29. You can invest in a different design.

BC Architects

30. And even give the impression that the bed is floating

Fernanda Dabbur

31. It’s sure to make your look even more interesting

Dudi Duarte

32. Minimalist style is timeless

Architecting Ideas

33. With a very light and simple composition

Architects Suite

34. This one is bolder and more vibrant

Roberto Migotto

35. Contrasts make the space prettier

Babi Teixeira

36. And authentic

Studio Elen Saravalli

37. Modern box double beds are very comfortable

Shop at Ponto Frio

38. Light tones predominate in the room

Samanta Poet Architecture

39. Simple but charming!

Studio AG Architecture

40. This is a beautiful wooden double bed with drawers.

Buy at Extra

41. Just like this other

AM Studio Architecture

42. How about this different model?

DB Architects

43. For a large room, choose a very spacious model.

MN Architecture and Interiors

44. To occupy the environment with proportion

Monise Rosa Architecture

45. Beautiful and light composition!

Manarelli Guimarães

46. ​​There are options for every taste

Architecting Ideas

47. Drawer model is functional

Shop at Magazine Luiza

48. Bedding makes everything more elegant

Studio deux

49. Or more stripped

Carolina Ouro Architecture

50. The important thing is to have a cozy furniture for your rest

Architecting Ideas

Beds are much more than just furniture and, in addition to enhancing the room decor, they should ensure a good night’s sleep. Prioritize an appropriate size for your space. And to make the atmosphere more cozy, check out Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Bigger .

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