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Living room sideboard: 70 elegant models for decoration

The living room dresser can be a key piece for home decor. With its versatility, it can adapt to the needs of your space. You can usually receive various objects such as vases, pictures and other decorative accessories. Some versions also have compartments or drawers that help with organization.

It is a furniture that offers functionality and beauty in various styles, colors and sizes. An ideal item to be part of the composition of the room and give space grace. To choose the right option for your environment, check out several models, as well as some ideas on how to use the sideboard:

1. Decorate the sideboard with lamp, vases and books

Lidia Maciel

2. Use furniture to create a small bar

Ju Pimentel | Tati do Valle

3. Combine with a production to value the environment

Triplex Architecture

4. Enjoy decorating the corner near the stairs

Asenne Architecture

5. Make your room much more sophisticated

Simone Saccab

6. It is possible to create various compositions and change whenever you want the decoration


7. Choose a color piece for a featured piece of furniture

My little apartment

8. More charm with a floor standing mirror

Adriana Piva

9. Wood and neutral colors for an elegant room

Lydia Maciel

10. Retro room sideboard

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11. Divide the dining spaces and be with a sideboard

Christina Hamoui Redhead

12. Use sideboard clearance to store benches

Simone Saccab

13. Sideboard gains charm with a round mirror


14. Functional dining room furniture

Roberta Nicolau Architecture

15. Look how beautiful this glass sideboard

Buy at TOK & STOK

16. A beautiful sideboard makes a difference in decor

Claudia Pimenta Architect

17. Sideboard is perfect for all room styles

Marina Linhares Interiors

18. Match sideboard with other furniture material

Adriana Valle and Patricia Carvalho

19. Mirrored model for a luxurious room

Adriana Piva

20. Acrylic trimmer is a discreet option

Lidia Maciel

21. The trimmer also helps to delimit spaces


22. Glass and mirror bring sophistication to the room

Renato Mello Architecture

23. The wood sideboard brings a rustic feel

House Stories

24. Versatility with style in decoration

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Beatriz Quinelato Architecture

25. Black room sideboard with drawer

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26. A compact size is perfect for a small room.

Apartment 164

27. Gold-tone refinement in the dining room sideboard

Claudia Pimenta Architect

28. Sideboard with mirror and neutral tone palette

Monise Rosa Architecture

29. The wood trimmer is a wildcard

Bianca da Hora

30. Create both contemporary and sophisticated compositions

GAM Architects

31. Add more space to the space with a sideboard

Marina Linhares Interiors

32. Create a coffee corner in the living room with the sideboard

House Stories

33. The iron room sideboard is a highlight

Architecture Scale

34. Use the piece as a side support for the sofa

Caio Nazar

35. Modernity and sophistication with this mirrored model

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36. The black glass sideboard is ideal for a clean environment.

Vivi Cirello

37. The decorative objects help in the tone of elegance.

Marcia Leitão

38. To highlight accessories, use a simple template.

39. Lightness for wood with glass feet

Monise Rosa Architecture

40. Perfect furniture for modern rooms

41. And also for sophisticated rooms

Acayaba + Rosenberg Architects

42. Beautifully transform stair space

Bruno Carvalho

43. The space behind the couch can be put to good use.

Adriana Piva

44. Match trimmer with neutral wallpaper

Adriana Valle and Patricia Carvalho

45. White room sideboard

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46. ​​Wooden furniture brings warmth

Marina Linhares Interiors

47. Invest in simplicity in a small room sideboard

DiCasa Furniture and Decorations

48. Transparency is also an advantage in smaller environments.

Monise Rosa Architecture

49. Grandiose with iron and stone sideboard

Fernando Piva Interiors

50. Wine bar sideboard

Shop at Magazine Luiza

51. Sideboard should follow room style

Monise Rosa Architecture

52. Value a small sideboard with decorative objects

Robert Robl

53. There are colorful models to bring the environment to life

Juliana Fabrizzi Architecture

54. Decorate your room with the charm of an antique piece

Adriana Valle and Patricia Carvalho

55. Retro living room table with toothpick feet

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56. Charm and intensity with a red trimmer

Vivi Cirello

57. A model with compartments is practical for the living room.

Gava Architecture

58. Prefer objects that stand out over the sideboard

Karen Pisacane

59. Great for decorating and organizing integrated environments.

Monise Rosa Architecture

60. Wooden room sideboard

Buy at OPPA

61. Combine with a mirror to enlarge the environment

Andrea Buratto

62. How about this minimalist lightweight iron model?

Figueiredo Fischer Architects

63. A small model makes the room elegant and cozy


64. A retro sideboard brings personality

Susan Mestrinelli

65. Shelf room sideboard

Shop at American Stores

66. The union of black and white is classic and timeless.

Karen Pisacane

67. Decorate the white sideboard with colored objects

Ana Carolina

68. A solid wood model is robust and elegant.

Bruno Carvalho

69. Wood can also bring lightness and Brazilianness.

Rogerio Shinagawa Architecture

70. Dare with a colorful piece for a stripped room

Rocha Andrade Architecture

A sideboard is a charming and practical furniture that will help you to decorate elegantly and neatly. Among so many models, choose the one that has the right size and style for your environment. Bet on this piece now!

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