Living Room Decor: 40 Gorgeous Tips & Ideas to Get Inspired

In order to be called modern living rooms , they must have some trend elements, while still having the face of the people who live in the house, after all, personality is always a charm and the most IN trend that exists in the world. Check out the 8 decorating tips for modern living rooms .

TIP 1. Brick wall exposed or exposed

Having a wall or several with exposed bricks is a trend that makes living rooms modern and is here to stay. And no less! The brick gives an air of warmth to the room, combines with absolutely everything, besides being visually beautiful. And most interestingly, it doesn’t follow any rules, that is, they can all be white or one of each color, all smooth or all uneven, elegant or rustic.

Think of the brick as the offending element of your room and be happy forever!

TIP 2. 3D textures Or Painting on the wall

The 3D texture is a very nice effect for the living room. Choose one of the walls, so as not to overload the environment, and invest in this texture. It’s modern, young and very stylish, isn’t it?

This type of texture calls for an adequate lighting. So, abuse the targeted lamps, which give even more emphasis to this wonder on your wall.


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TIP 3. Velvet and brown leather sofas

If you want to invest in a sofa for your living room now , these two tips are precious. The velvet sofas are back on the scene, in fashion and in our hearts, because nobody disagrees that they are beautiful. More than that, they are cute and very cozy.

Within the options of velvet sofas , you can choose the more traditional ones, with more details and textures, or the more modern ones, with strong and smooth colors.

The leather sofas are the sofas of the day. They are versatile, easy to clean and combine with all styles of living rooms, from the most conservative to the most modern.

Far be it for us to hinder your choice of the ideal sofa, but between the velvet sofa and the leather sofa, we cannot even think of eliminating one of the alternatives! Good luck because the two options are breathtaking and make anyone doubt!

TIP 4. Themed bar and cafe corners

Themed corners with space for the objects of preparation of coffee and drinks are increasingly popular in modern living rooms . The coolest thing is that everyone can customize the way they want, which gives the environment even more meaning.The idea is to take advantage of a corner of the room that you don’t use to give more life to the environment. An old sideboard can be the base and, on the wall, put a bookcase or a wire to hang the cups or bowls.

If you don’t have that space, invest in lightweight or wheeled objects that are easy to transport. Your bar and your coffee corner can be anywhere, just have the right object and imagination to compose this space.

TIP 5. More pictures and more pictures, please!

The paintings are no longer a detail to be the shells of modern living rooms . All ideas are valid, but check out some that are a trend of decoration.

Frames with cute messages

The darlings of the moment are the boards with positive messages. Any doubts that they make the room more beautiful, modern and uplift the mood?

Frames with plants

The paintings with elements of nature, mainly plants and, more specifically, the Adam’s rib, are the objects of desire for those who like to be within the main decoration trends. They are irresistible, don’t you think?

Continued tables

The continued pictures with plants and sea are also giving us something to talk about. You can use a photo you took yourself and split it into more than one image. Undoubtedly, paintings gain even more meaning if you have worked on them and if the image is yours.

TIP 6. Tiled ceiling

Gone are the days when decoration was limited to the floor and walls. The ceiling has won over in modern living rooms and is making all the difference in the decor of today’s homes. Be it wood, plaster, concrete, 3D or other flooring, the ceiling of your room will never be the same!

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TIP 7. Vertical garden on the wall

The vertical garden has been changing rooms lately, did you notice? He left the garden and the balcony to settle in the living and dining room. And it is not that it was beautiful!

Many people are choosing to replace the dining room cabinet with the vertical garden. It is an option, if you have plenty of room to store crockery and crystals and want more nature inside your room.

TIP 8. Leave your shoes at the door

The number of families that choose to leave their shoes at the entrance of the house to maintain the hygiene of the home has been growing. It is a health issue if we think about it, especially if babies and children live in the house. This habit requires an appropriate location for shoes, such as a chest or closet. Otherwise, the entrance to your home can become a shoe store. Watch out.

Were there 8 tips? Ah, we couldn’t help it, so here’s the bonus tip.

TIP 9. Plants

Modern living rooms do not neglect plants, on the contrary, they use and abuse them as one of the main items of decoration. The larger ones have the power to make the room more sophisticated and the smaller ones can give that cozy feeling that we want so much for our homes, filling all spaces.

The subject now is plants, but look at the leather sofa that we talked about before giving your air of grace in this environment. Beautiful is not it?


So, did you like our tips for modern living rooms ? If you have more ideas, reply in this post. We will be happy to share your tips!

A hug and see you next!

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