Living Room Cushions: See 35 inspiring models

The fabrics and colors chosen for the living room cushions can transform the decoration of this environment

TV on, popcorn on the coffee table, soft carpet and comfortable sofa … this is the ideal scenario for many people’s weekend. Resting and enjoying time in your own living room, whether alone or with friends, is a delight. But wait – something is missing from the image we created here. No self-respecting sofa is complete without them: the living room cushions ! In addition to being a more than necessary addition to the comfort offered by the furniture, they help to complete the decor in a way that no object can.

How to choose the cushion for the room

For some, the sofa cushions in the living room seem very simple to choose, which are just a detail in the environment whose only role is comfort. This is far from the truth: it is this detail that is often responsible for completing the decor and style of the house to perfection. Therefore, when buying a pillow, you need to be aware of more factors than just your “cuteness”, ranging from the ideal number of pillows for your sofa and its sizes to the huge range of colors, fabrics and prints available on the market . All of this together will help make your room perfect and super cozy!

Gray sofa decorated with patterned pillows.

(Photo: John Lewis and Partners)

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How many pillows to put on your sofa

How good it would be if that answer were just: as many as you want! Unfortunately, it is possible to have too many pillows on a sofa, to the point of making sitting on it uncomfortable. You need to choose an amount that allows people to sit without getting lost in a sea of ​​pillows, have your sofa two, three or more places.

There is no precise calculation, as the measurements of both the sofa and each pillow will always vary greatly from case to case. Therefore, the rule is visual: organize your cushions in order to avoid that the pieces together occupy more than half the width of your sofa.

Cushions with different prints adorn a neutral sofa.

(Photo: Pinterest)

Defining the size and format

Living room pillows are one of the wild cards of interior design to make living more pleasant and elegant. A mix of formats is always a success when composing the decoration – for example, on a three-seater sofa, choose two medium square cushions in each corner and a rectangular one, right in the center of the furniture. This is a simple composition that already demonstrates the positive effort made when decorating.

Sofa with square and rectangular pillows.

(Photo: Actaeon Decor)

The cat’s leap is never to buy huge pillows. Always prefer several medium pillows. The most common size on the market, 40 x 40 cm, allows you to decorate your sofa beautifully with more than one cushion effortlessly. Ideally, they should be the same size or slightly smaller than the back of your furniture.

Ideally, the pillows should be slightly smaller than the back of the sofa.

(Photo: Anifa Blog)

In fact, if you have opted for a retro model or any other that has a shorter back, avoid common pillows, preferring those of different shapes. If you only find the most traditional models, put a few on your sofa, so as not to make the furniture look clumsy.

Low-back sofa decorated with different cushions.

(Photo: SF Girl by Bay)

What colors to choose for pillows

Choosing the colors of the living room cushions may seem like a seven-headed bug, but rest assured. The task is not easy, but it is simpler if you follow some tips. The first is to try to combine the colors of the pillows with another predominant item that already exists in the space – the rug, for example.

If it has a pattern with three colors, you can use one, two and even three to compose a sofa with colorful pillows without the environment becoming heavy. In this case, prefer a mix of pillows with solid colors or with more discreet prints than those on the rug , such as striped, or with phrases.

The sofa with colorful cushions makes the atmosphere more cheerful.

(Photo: Worldwide DIY Design)

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If your carpet is neutral or with a simpler print, bet without fear on the cushions that also contain patterns! They will be responsible for brightening up their environment.

The prints of the cushions match the rug.

(Photo: The Jungalow)

The sofa in the living room should also be taken into account, since in many ways it is the canvas, not always in white, that makes room for them to exist in the environment. As they usually have more neutral tones, they interfere less in the choice.

The gray sofa, being neutral, matches all pillow models.

(Photo: Decoraiso)

If they are colored, the recommendation to choose color in any other fabric in your room is, in addition to betting on neutrals, take a look at the color circle. It is a figure that contains 12 main nuances and from them you can see similar color combinations, which are the closest to each other, and complementary, those that match very well. There is no mistake!

The yellow sofa was combined with a complementary color cushion.

(Photo: Homixover)

In general, the choices will always depend on the color palette you have defined for your space, well before the pillows. Some palettes in tendency to combine fabrics in the living room are shades of gray and pink, white and blue, green and mustard.

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Green sofa decorated with colorful cushions.

(Photo: Old Brand New)

Varying fabrics

Last, but not least, are the fabrics of the living room cushions. Thinking that the living room is an environment where you want to curl up when you get home, sometimes even lying on the sofa and hugging the pillows, you should analyze the fabric well during the purchase.

As the cushion cover can be changed whenever you want, it is worth thinking about combinations according to the climate. The cold seasons deserve models with a warmer touch, like wool, suede and velvet. The warm seasons, on the other hand, require cotton, which is lighter. Considering the pleasant touch, always prefer natural fabrics.

(Photo: House Beautiful UK)

It is nice, especially in environments with monochromatic or simpler color palettes, to vary the fabrics of the cushions. Textures enrich the decor!

Beautiful cushions with handmade touch for living room.

(Photo: Katrina Chambers Life & Design)

Incredible inspirations

Among all this process, which is discovering how to decorate the room with pillows, inspirations are very important. These are where you see all the tips put into practice and have a real perspective of what you want for your own home. Let’s check some?

Tone on tone cushions

This little trick of colors serves to combine only the pillows, as well as cushions and sofas: choose pieces with the same color, varying, at most, the intensity of the tone. Done correctly, it yields elegant living rooms.

The room below is all decorated with this concept, starting with the wall painted in a very deep blue. The colors are softer on the sofa and cushions, with some neutral pieces between the combination.

The blue room has a sofa and soft colored pillows.

(Photo: Sofa.com)

The same is true in the green environment. The residents also took advantage of the beautiful effect of the monochrome decor to insert different prints and fabrics.

Monochrome decoration on the sofa.

(Photo: Colored Bikinis)

Fun templates

It is not just solid colors and geometric or abstract patterns that make good living room pillows. Versions with different and fun designs help to leave the room exactly the way you live in the house.

In the inspiration below, although the sofa has a vibrant tone, it is the animals printed on the pillows that steal the show.

Vibrant tone sofa with fun cushions.

(Photo: Pinterest)

Many cacti and hearts complete a cute, romantic decoration.

Cute and romantic decoration, including cacti and hearts.

(Photo: Little Big Bell)

You can dare not only in prints, but in shapes! Unusual pillows, like the one that imitates a banana, have a young and super fun look.

Pillows with different printed shapes.

(Photo: Instagram @awwsam)

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This style of décor is even better if no pillow is the same.

Living room sofa decorated with pillows different from each other.

(Photo: Tasselfairy Shop)

 Armchair cushions

 Some rooms, in addition to the sofa, have a special corner composed of armchairs. They are meant to read, chat with a smaller group of friends or even just to accommodate more people around the same TV. Nothing more fair that they have their own pillows! If the models are small, the composition can be made with more than one of them. In that case, you get one more opportunity to combine formats and patterns.

Living room armchair decorated with smaller cushions.

(Photo: Little Big Bell)

Take advantage of the armchair to place a pillow different from all the ones on the sofa. The round model is a charm!

Yellow armchair in the room, decorated with a green round cushion.

(Photo: Oh Joy)

Don’t forget the color wheel if the chair is colorful! A good way out is to choose pillow covers whose prints have the same color as the furniture in some detail, even if small.

A charming green armchair with a square pink cushion.

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(Photo: All Modern)

 Black and gray color palette

Gray is super hot – and with it, the use of a more monochromatic color palette, focused on various shades of color and black. In the living room, the result can be surprising, varying a lot from the other elements inserted in the decoration. When the palette is really focused on shades of gray, it results in a modern decor, with urban airs. On the cushions, you can bet on a gray and black combo, with more discreet patterns.

Discreet patterned pillows decorate a gray sofa.

(Project by Karina Korn Arquitetura | Photo: Eduardo Pozella)

The combination of gray and pink has become very popular, representing a resident profile that is both cool and romantic. In these cases, the sofas usually have a gray upholstery, while the cushions have a lighter and more delicate pink.

Gray sofa decoration with pink pillows.

(Photo: GoodSGN)

The discreet gray sofa is a versatile base that allows the insertion of many colors in the palette. By choosing yellow in the living room cushions, for example, you create a point of light in the decoration that attracts the eye and further values ​​this very important piece of furniture.

With yellow cushions, you create points of light on the gray sofa.

(Photo: La Redoute)

Sofas and cushions with many colors

The most common thing in decoration is to choose a neutral sofa and bet on the cushions to change the decor – with the great advantage that, when models get sick, you can at least change the covers and have something always different in your room. However, if you like a lot of color, you can bet on the sofa itself in a beautiful and colorful version – without giving up the amazing pillows!

The blue sofa, very light, is an elegant option for those who want a sophisticated and colorful decoration. The pillows can have the same shades, with gray and white combined in the mix.

Light blue sofa with colorful cushions.

(Dantas e Passos Project)

The same upholstery tone can be accompanied by a more diverse color palette: orange, peach, pink and other blues, with varied and cozy fabrics, resulting in a feminine and relaxed atmosphere.

Blue sofa decorated with cushions in orange, peach, pink and other shades of blue.

(Dantas e Passos Project)

Why not combine a pink sofa with multicolored cushions too?

Pink sofa with multicolored pillows.

(Photo: The Pink Pagoda)

Pillows in tropical decor

One theme that we find a lot in inspirations is that of tropical décor. In it, the cushions have light and natural fabrics.

The pillows surprise you with their light and natural fabrics.

(Photo: Fancy Decors)

In addition, they appear in shades of green and with plant prints. The Adam’s rib, a large, dark green leaf, is a very popular cushion print, as are palm trees.

Foliage print is up for cushions.

(Photo: Patina)

The geometric shapes result in ethnic patterns that are also very successful in the pillows.

Cushions with geometric shapes and ethnic patterns.

(Photo: Pinterest)

Taking inspiration from nature is a great request to define both the materials in which the chosen piece is manufactured, as well as the drawings it presents. Insects, for example, are a versatile design that can be combined with any type of pillow.

Insect print cushion.

(Photo: Not On the High Street)

Handmade details

Looking for cushions with handmade details is a way to insert a very special product inside the home. That’s where DIY comes in! Buying a simpler cushion cover, you can make customizations to your taste, such as sewing colored tassels around the piece.

Personalized pillow with colorful borders.

(Photo: Anthropologie)

Embroidery is also a great option for those who like to follow the DIY path. Take the opportunity to write words or phrases that suit you or the feeling you want to feel in the environment – the piece below brings the word “rest”, which means “rest”.

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The word "rest" appears as a print on the pillow.

(Photo: Fall for DIY)

Small colored pompoms are also a grace stitched around the pillow cover.

The cushion cover has colorful pompoms.

(Photo: Fall for DIY)

You can also transform a white cushion cover with little: just paint for black fabric! Create drawings, random patterns and the outline of objects like cacti.

Cushion model with drawn cacti.

(Photo: A Beautiful Mess)

Liked? Comment which combinations of living room cushions and colors are your favorites!

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