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Laundry & Kitchen Functional Space Combination

The tendency to minifying, combination and functionality are the most effective movers of progress regarding interior design. The bright example of this is attempt to combine laundry room in kitchen within a single space. Despite the common opinion that such symbiosis is not very adequate taking into account the ecological and sanitation standards, this design method is gaining more and more popularity. Sometimes people just have no choice. In other situations, it can significantly economize the space. The purported laundry can become a wardrobe or workroom for example. Therefore, we will try to define when it is really justifiable to have laundry & kitchen functional space combination in your home. As well as find out when it is better to turn this idea down.

Laundry & Kitchen Functional Space Combination. Modern appliances gives hi-tech appearance to the room

When it is best to choose laundry & kitchen functional space combination?

The answer is obvious – combine these functional spaces when you have no other options. If your apartment or condo is too small to dedicate two different rooms and you still don’t want to use social laundries. You can go combine these two zones into one surely. And we will review some apparent reasons to do that.

Laundry & Kitchen Functional Space Combination. Spacious room in the private house

  1. Ease of installation. Indeed, you won’t have to deal with extra plumbing as kitchen already supplied with water and sewerage. Just connect hoses and switch the plug to the electrical network followng the manuals – it is that easy.

Laundry & Kitchen Functional Space Combination. Oak furniture set and dark granite countertop in the rustic styled premiseTypical English style for the private house kitchen interior

2. The ability to built-in and hide appliances. This is absolutely true. You can locate washing and drying machines right in your kitchen furniture set. The detergents for washing, basins and other auxiliary stuff can be stored there either. Or they can be stored in other cabinets of the set.

Laundry & Kitchen Functional Space Combination. One in one washing and drying machines in the storage Laundry & Kitchen Functional Space Combination. Storage for appliances right in the kitchen island Laundry & Kitchen Functional Space Combination. Hidden washing and drying machines behind the semi-translucent panelsMatted white facades of the kitchen hiding the home appliances

3. No additional noise or vibration. Paradoxically but true. Kitchen has a lot of different appliances that produce a decent level of noise by default. Refrigerator, microwave oven, extractor hood, blenders, mixers and other stuff – imagine what noise and vibration this orchestra can make? The one from ultrasonic portable washing machine will sink down in this discordant palette.

Laundry & Kitchen Functional Space Combination. Big spacious galley kitchen with all required home appliances in tone to the main concept


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Dark kitchen interior successfuly took the combination of natural materials and modern home appliances

When it is better to refuse from combining laundry with kitchen?

The presence of washing and drying machines in the kitchen doesn’t provoke accident rate, doesn’t lower the environmental friendliness of the premise or add noise level. We’ve already find this out. But, at the same time, we found two small drawbacks of having the laundry in your kitchen.

The first one is safety. If you can’t insure that all the detergents and electric or mechanical parts will be safely hidden behind the furniture facades, it is better to decline this idea. Especially, if there are pets or small children in the house. Their access to home appliances should be restricted. Other way, we expose our loved ones to extremely high and unjustified risk.

The second one is aesthetics. You can just get enough from surplus of home appliances in one small space. Hanging, staying, lying at every angle pieces of technical progress can irritate for real. And if you are not a technomaniac or you have choice in placing laundry in some other place – opt it.

Laundry & Kitchen Functional Space Combination. Hi-tech style with corresponding futuristic forms of appliances Dark oak in the studio apartment with the washing machine almost in the kitchen Open layout of the kitchen with coupled washing and drying machines   Contrasting dark and white interior with all necessary at the kitchen

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