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Landscaping: Essential Tips and 15 Amazing Garden Designs

In addition to aesthetics, plants bring many benefits when used in public spaces, gardens, balconies and even interiors. However, to design a beautiful arrangement of vegetation with free space, a landscaping project is required. To better understand this topic, check out more below:

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What is landscaping

Landscaping goes far beyond plants and organizes the landscape on any scale with functional and aesthetic elements. It is an art aimed at the design and composition of a free space with various species of vegetation and equipment, such as swimming pools, paths, pergolas, fountains and fences.

Because it involves space composition issues, it is related to the area of ​​Architecture and Urbanism, besides creating several possibilities of interaction with nature.

Landscaping Techniques

For a fascinating and functional garden or green space, check out these techniques that are great for both outdoor and indoor use:

Choose the right plants

Low Poly Landscaping

Plants are an important part of landscape composition and the proper choice of species makes all the difference in landscaping. It is important to take into account the main features of the site, such as the amount of sunlight and space available for cultivation. As well as consider the attributes of each plant, such as size, flowering season, need for maintenance, fruit production, colors and textures.

Include aesthetic and functional elements.

Paula Brito – Landscape Architect

In addition to plants, various elements help to compose the landscape and provide interaction with space and the creation of areas of permanence. Include gazebos, pergolas, hammocks, benches and other garden furniture. Remember that the materials used must be suitable for outdoor use, resistant and in accordance with the concept of the space.

Make use of water

Elkis Landscaping

Water brings moisture and comfort to any space, and its sound is soothing. With its use it is possible to create amazing scenarios and enable fun, contemplation and relaxation. Water can be inserted into space in a variety of ways, such as pools, mirrors, fountains, and lakes.

Invest in good lighting

Landscape Gardens

Lighting is able to transform space and allow any place to be functional at night as well. The lights can highlight plants, sculptures and other elements, light up paths and make everything more cozy and warm.

Use vases

Elkis Landscaping

Pots are simple and practical options for growing plants in any space, especially small and indoor areas. In addition, they are versatile elements that allow various configurations, can be suspended and come in various colors, sizes and shapes.

Define boundaries and paths

ARKITITO Architecture

The landscaping path is important for guiding and guiding people through space, and the paths also help shape designs and protect plants. Use stones, woods and non-slippery floors. Fences, vertical gardens, green walls, hedges, walls and panels define the garden areas and can guarantee occupant privacy.

All of these techniques help guide the landscaping project and ensure that the green space is beautiful, practical and amazing.

15 Landscaping Ideas for a Sweeping Garden

See now 15 examples of contemporary projects that combine plants and great beauty:

1. Landscaping encompasses the entire design of the garden.

Rodrigo Oliveira

2. And it makes all the difference in the composition of a home.

Daniel Nunes Landscaping

3. Plants make any space more beautiful

Low Poly Landscaping

4. And also collaborate to make the environment cooler

Jacobsen Architecture

5. Landscaping values ​​the smallest yards

Low Poly Landscaping

6. Leaves a nicer little balcony

Green Gold Landscaping

7. And has the power to create an amazing scenario

Alex Hanazaki

8. Explore the integration of architecture with landscape

Gil Fialho Landscaping

9. And see how good lighting is essential

Elkis Landscaping

10. Distribute vegetation according to available space

Bugii Gardens and Terrariums

11. Mix different forms of cultivation.

Mauricio Prada

12. Invest in plants with varying textures.

ARKITITO Architecture

13. Also give yourself a place to relax

Elkis Landscaping

14. No matter how big your space

Higor Zanelato

15. Landscaping Makes Everything Wonderful

Alex Hanazaki

Gather all these tips and get to know the plants you choose, if necessary consult a landscaper to help you plan all the details. For sure, it is possible to have the dream garden decoration : beautiful, showy and very well planned!


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