Indoor plants: 15 ideas to decorate with a green touch

A beautiful indoor plant! 15 inspirations to decorate with a green touch

Indoor plants for a green touch in the home.If the time has come to decorate your home, consider doing so by letting the plants in. These know how to decorate with great style, giving that touch of green that is good for any environment. Plants offer serenity and that total feeling of peace that must always reign in every home. The green corners are full of positivity and brightness, and they look really good everywhere. Obviously take care to position your plants where there is the necessary light to make them feel good. Play with your imagination, decorate every room. From the bedroom to the bathroom, which becomes a real green osasi. Place them in the living room, perhaps next to your relaxation corner. Plants are the best way to make your home environments the place of peace and serenity you are looking for,

Don’t be afraid to play with the various shades of green, to choose flowering and evergreen plants. Put them on the stairs, on bedside tables, on the shelves. Suspend them from the ceiling or keep them in plain sight next to the balconies. They will surprise you, they will become the must of your home and you will no longer be able to do without their natural attractiveness.

Come and discover our ideas for decorating with indoor plants and get inspired!

15 ideas for decorating with an indoor plant

A corner of paradise can only be born where there is a plant. This gives a touch of natural beauty that surprises.

Sitting room decorated with a beautiful indoor plant, bench with cushions and a picture with leaves.



The discretion of an indoor plant that can adorn with glamor and revive the shade of a living room that plays with grays.

Living room with green plant near the sofa.



How beautiful this patch of green in the purity of a white decor. Indoor plants decorate with joy.

Living room with corner sofa and vase with green plant.



Plants also look good in the kitchen and in this case play down the linear and super contemporary furnishings.

Kitchen with island with large green plant at the bottom.



A hint of greenery, in an “easy”, young and functional lounge, where everything is practicality. So choose indoor plants that you can cure without too much effort.

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Gray and white sofa with vase and green plant.



How wonderful, the green reference of the furniture decorations and the plants placed not only on them but also next to the armchair: real relaxation!

Lounge with armchair surrounded by plants and flower pots.



Play with shades of green. Here the aqua green of the wall and the cushions is combined with the bright green of the plant which decorates with all its playfulness.

Living room with 3-seater sofa with stool where a white vase with a beautiful plant is resting.


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In the vintage mood of what could be an entrance, the green of the plant, in its rattan pot, gives timeless elegance.



What a sweetness this soft pink of the living room and the walls, in which a green stands out that illuminates and plays with the intrinsic light of the room.

Nice living room with shades of pink and a beautiful indoor plant near the sofa.



In the bedroom, plants are a real must, because they relax and promote the rest of the gaze.




What a play of light, of nuance: the green of the plant knows what it is, when it can give 360 ​​° glamor!



In a contemporary bedroom, the green leaves of a plant are a link to what is most natural and beautiful in life.



The warmth of wood and a simple and rustic bedroom. The plant, placed on the bedside table, finds its right place, even visual!


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Naturalness is the characteristic with which you have to place plants in the bedroom. Because there is no need for complicated stylistic architectures!

Modern bedroom decorated with an indoor plant.



Green spots in a grayscale: when the plant colors discreetly and with wonder!


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Bedroom decorated with indoor plants.


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