33 Ideas to Decorate Modern Living Rooms

Nothing more pleasant than taking our family or friends home, they feel in an environment where tranquility, peace, harmony and good taste reign; To achieve this goal, it is essential to maintain cleanliness and order and create your own style that reflects your personality.

Thus we have that there are key factors such as colors, accessories, furniture, lighting that will help us give it that magical and special touch that we want to achieve when decorating our home, especially living rooms, which are like our letter of introduction to the visitor, and our personal refuge.

An idea of ​​multiple versatility is to work with the decoration of the walls, we can put them on them, wallpaper on one of them, paint with different colors, always maintaining balance without exaggeration, applying plaster work. Depending on the space, the colors will be used, if it is a very small room the pastels will make it look more spacious and if we prefer the classic, white is king, because it offers a feeling of spaciousness and allows us to play with the other range of colors.

This is the animalistic style, but sometimes it is expensive, in any case if the budget does not allow it, then we choose another small but beautiful style, they can be new or second-hand or we simply remodel the ones we have.

Light and atmosphere

Lighting is a basic factor when creating our living rooms, natural light is essential because it gives us that halo of nature, we can make the most of it by changing the curtains for ones of a lighter color or by placing blinds (blinds), pastel or neutral colors such as dark or light wood.

We can also play with the mirrors because they generate light and spaciousness, we can choose a large one that covers an entire wall or several small ones.

If the budget allows it, unnecessary divisions such as partitions can be eliminated, making the spaces more spacious and bright. The internal lighting can be multiplied by placing small lamps in the most relevant places. The main lighting can be focused by placing only one spot of light with a large lamp, or it is dimmed with a few rows of spotlights.

Renovation of old furniture:

To save some money and rejuvenate the environments, we can put a new upholstery, a coat of paint, some new cushions on our old furniture, and also our chairs and armchairs like this repair to modernize them a little, to the closets and cabinets you can paint the doors or take them off and make them new.

Combine styles

Our imagination is the one that sets the standards when it comes to decoration, so old styles can be combined with modern ones obtaining excellent results, always maintaining elegance. For example, an old remodeled sofa and a new wooden table will match a grandmother’s wrought iron armchair, duly restored and painted. Always keeping balance.

An old-fashioned coffee table with a modern sofa, an old wooden sideboard and a modern metal lamp, wooden furniture with metallic furniture, all these combinations are great and if you get inspired and inject a personal touch, you dedicate yourself with dedication to achieve what you really want to project, you will get fabulous results, which everyone will want to imitate.

And in this way you will be able to live in a pleasant environment with the whole family who will feel proud of your achievements or rather of everyone’s achievement, because this fabulous work can be undertaken together where everyone participates, and is integrated through ideas They will take place, it is like making a dream come true. You improve and modernize your environment, you share with your family, you contribute to family savings and you give free rein to your imagination to create, replace and improve.


Accessories such as pictures and mirrors are an essential complement, when placing mirrors we must be clear about what we want to achieve, width, depth, luminosity or continuity, as well as the shape and sizes that we must implement.

If the walls are white; With the curtains, rugs and cushions, we can include the personal touch of citrus colors, which enliven, flourish and awaken a halo of energy, so the furniture can be neutral colors to nuance.

The gray range is always a good option to combine, they can be dark gray furniture with pink and deep blue cushions, a light gray wall and the other white ones, combined with beautiful paintings. The colors green, red, orange, apricots, persimmons are always an excellent option.

Living rooms with dining area

The space of the living rooms sometimes allow us to make certain divisions such as with bamboo curtains, decorative brick walls; to include the dining area, which should be a cozy place where the conversation between the family is cordial and entertaining, so in the best place in this area the dining table is placed and in the divided area the sofa with some very easy chairs modern.

Also if there is a staircase we must make the most of it, making it stand out by changing its railings, painting it, decorating it and thus serving as a link between the two areas, the living room and the dining room.

Modern furniture for living rooms

To achieve a true visual effect of change, we have to paint the walls, change the position of the furniture, change the accessories, and why not, on many occasions we have to change the furniture because we no longer like them or because they are out of fashion .

But sometimes we can also remodel the old furniture, with the help of a good upholsterer and carpenter, they can be really beautiful, using quality fabrics and a good imagination.

There is also the online option to buy furniture and several specialized houses such as Ebay, Leroy Merlin, Ikea that are of great help in making this decision. When the problem is space, the solution may be to reduce the amount of furniture, or buy or remodel it in a smaller way.

Modern living room designs

The first thing we should do when thinking about a new design for our living rooms is to organize ideas, set priorities, what we really want to achieve, observe the space we have and choose the model of furniture we want. The lighter the furniture, the heavier the environment.

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