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How to unclog toilet? – Easy and uncomplicated tips!

How to unclog toilet? –

Easy and uncomplicated tips! How to unclog toilet? It’s a real terror when you flush and the water doesn’t come down, right? A clogged toilet creates a major bathroom problem that needs to be resolved quickly. So you can use some easy and uncomplicated options using home made products and materials. They are practical and inexpensive solutions that make all the difference. To help you out, we have listed several step by step tutorials. Follow the post with 5 amazing solutions + essential tips to keep the toilet in working order. Topics [ Show ]Learn how to unclog toilet with simple and practical processes!

The toilet clogged. What is the cause?

According to experts, the most common obstruction is the droppings themselves. In this case, unclogging is simple, usually products such as bleach or hot water solutions already do the trick. However, there are cases where the toilet clogs due to toilet paper. Therefore it is not indicated to deposit it in the toilet after use. To end the problem, a plunger is indicated. Finally, the water passage may be obstructed due to rigid objects (tampons, condoms, etc.) that end up falling or being deposited in place. In this case, the help of a professional is required to use specific equipment.


If the toilet has a box attached, the processes for unclogging are the same as for a common option. There are simple products and affordable materials that help solve the problem.

How to unclog toilet? –

Step by step If you are looking for practical options for unclogging a toilet , we have listed the top 5 for a good result. They are alternatives that replace the plunger and avoid the work of a specialist. Check it out and surprise yourself. With pet bottle In the absence of a plunger, a practical way is to use pet bottle . The effect is the same and you still need to use products. Therefore, it is worth following a quick and easy tutorial.

  • Materials: 1 2 liter pet bottle 1 broomstick 1 scissors Step by step:
  • Using scissors,
  • cut the pet bottle slightly above the middle,
  • making an opening that will act as a plunger.
  • Take the broomstick and snap it into the mouth of the bottle. In many cases it will be tight, but if necessary, use electrical tape to keep it fixed in the bottle.
  • Put the bottle in the toilet like a plunger. Make continuous moves back and forth.
  • Push and pull the homemade plunger so that the suction power helps the water run down.

According to experts, this process is not fast, but very efficient, so the execution should take about 15/20 minutes. At the end, flush to see if water goes down normally. If it does not work, continue the process. The toilet will unclog if there is no rigid object obstructing the waterway.

With film paper To unclog the toilet without dirt, a good option is to use film / plastic film . This alternative is indicated when the toilet is clogged with toilet paper.

Materials: Plastic film; Newspapers or damp cloth. Step by step:

  • Use the cloth to clean the toilet to remove all grease and dirt.
  • Fix the plastic wrap around the pot – about 5 layers, so that there is no air vent.
  • If convenient, cover the plastic with newspapers to keep the structure even stronger.
  • Close the lid, sit down or put a weight on it for pressure.
  • Flush. The pressure helps to release the plumbing and facilitate the passage of water.
  • Okay, the toilet will be working normally.

With baking soda and vinegar Another simple way to unclog the toilet is to use simple products like baking soda and vinegar . These are inexpensive options that should be used together and usually have the same effect as products such as caustic soda.

  • Step by step:
  • Boil two liters of water.
  • Mix half a cup of baking soda with half a cup of vinegar.
  • Pour the water into the toilet.
  • Then throw the baking soda and vinegar solution. If it is a simple obstruction, the substances will be efficient.
  • Flush and test to see if water flow is normal.


With detergent and hot water The detergent also works well to unclog the toilet. In that case, you can use it with hot water, forming a solution that helps clean up anything that is hindering the water passage.

  • Step by step: Spread liquid detergent in the toilet for about six seconds.
  • Let it act for about twenty minutes.
  • Pour about half a bucket of hot water – so that it fills the entire toilet compartment.
  • Let it act for about ten minutes. As soon as the water goes down, test by flushing.

With soda  The caustic soda is an etchant used in making homemade soap, but also serves to unclog toilet. Before using it, however, you must protect your hands and face by wearing gloves and a mask / goggles. This product is dangerous and should not be handled by anyone. Also, you should keep away from food, children and animals.

  • Step by step:
  • Separate 250 grams of caustic soda.
  • Boil about two liters of water. Pour the soda into the toilet.
  • Then pour the hot water. Let it act for about an hour.
  • Run the flush test to see if the waterway is normal.
  • According to experts, the use of soda should be done ultimately. Prefer non-corrosive products like the options we listed above. If you find it convenient, you can also replace it with cola or bleach.

General tips and toilet care:

  • Clean the toilet often using indicated products – such as bleach;
  • Do not throw anything on the spot, from paper to condoms, tampons, etc; Avoid using products to unclog drains in the toilet;
  • If an object falls into the toilet, pull it with the help of a hanger, squeegee or wearing gloves on your hands;

Have a plunger available; If the problem goes beyond clogging, hire a specialist company or a plumber.


  • So, did you like to know how to unclog the toilet ? In fact, it is basic and easy processes that can get the problem over with. If you have any questions leave a comment. Good luck and see you later.

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