How to make handmade lampshade? See 50+ ideas and 4 tutorials

Are you tired of always having the same lampshade models? So, this tutorial is what you need to modernize your home

A Do It Yorself ( DIY ) project is always a lot of creative fun. After all, everyone likes to have exclusive and personalized items. So, see how to make handmade lampshade with simple materials that you can even recycle.

The lamp is a prominent piece in the indirect lighting of the environments. It can be placed both on the corner table in the living room and on the bedroom table. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful piece at home. Various DIY projects reuse bottles, tapes, fabrics, papers and many other materials.


  • Reused lamp;
  • Firm fabric;
  • Decorative ribbon for finishing;
  • Scissors;
  • Scotch tape;
  • Washable fabric pen;
  • Fabric glue;
  • Small brush.

    Step by step

    1- Wrap the lamp shade with the chosen fabric. Now, with the scissors, cut 5 cm above and below the edges.

Step 2- Wrap the fabric around the dome to cut the excess. Then, also leave about 5 inches for the finish.

Step 3- Place a line of fabric glue along the seam, pressing the ends. To keep it firm, use tape and let it dry for half an hour.

4- Hold the loose end and wrap the fabric tightly around the dome. To do this, overlap the glued tip. Take advantage of the adhesive tape here as well so it doesn’t come off. 5- Now, just fold the excess fabric to the inside of the dome and mark the top edge with a washable pen. Then, work one end at a time, starting at the top. 6- Cut the excess fabric about 1.2 cm above the line drawn with the washable pen.

4- Then, create a border by inserting this part between the fabric and the dome. Make sure the stitching is even.

8- Pass a thin layer of the appropriate glue between the dome and the folded fabric. Once this is done, press firmly to keep the glue in place.

9- Turn the lamp over and repeat steps 5 to 8 on the bottom.

9- Now remove the adhesive tape and create a side seam, folding according to the photo. After that, pass the glue on the bottom and press to make the glue.

10- Start at the side seam with small brush strokes of fabric glue, do this at the top and bottom edges. Then, apply a decorative tape to finish

Lamp with adhesive tape

This handmade lampshade model is perfect for those who love patterns and a modern effect. The best part is that the process is very simple and you can vary the colors as you wish.

Step by step
1- Separate the lampshade model that will serve as a base for your DIY. This model combines a vintage touch with the most ethnic pattern, creating a unique geometric lamp effect .

Photo: Playback / Jungalow

2- With two different colors of adhesive tape, you can mount this design on the lamp’s dome. Here, orange and blue-green colors were used.

Photo: Playback / Jungalow

3- An important tip is to use sharp scissors to cut the ribbons. Do not worry if the drawings are irregular, this is the charm of the composition.

Handmade lampshade with fabric
If you have a thicker fabric that is big enough for the dome, this project is perfect! Following a decoupage style, you assemble this wonderful piece simply and with attention to detail. Check step by step.

Learn how to make handmade lampshade

Now follow the step by step for you to customize a lamp and make it look amazing. There are several tricks and suggestions that you can use for your study corner or even as a gift to someone dear. Check out!

Romantic lampshade with fabric ribbons

This delicate and romantic model is easier to make than you think. With a work in fabric ribbons you get this minimalist and charming effect . For a change, you can use colored ribbons as well.

Step by step

1- With the help of a measuring tape, evaluate how many meters of fabric ribbons you will need for the decoration of your lamp


2- If in doubt, separate a little more material. Now, wrap the ribbon vertically around the lamp.

Wrap the ribbon around the lamp
Photo: Playback / The Craft Tutor

3- To help keep it steady, use clothespins as you progress through the job.

Clothespins help keep it steady

4- Before continuing, test the lighting to see how it looks when lit. Then, make some adjustments if you think it is necessary.

5- Check if the tape is well adjusted, without being too tight or loose. So, to join, use a hand-sewn post. It is virtually invisible and very simple to do.


Photo: Playback / The Craft Tutor

6- Then, you will do the most fun part, which is to weave the ribbons horizontally, inside and outside the vertical ribbons. Do tests to find out how many lines you will use in this process. Use pins to secure the ends of the work.

Weave the ribbons horizontally
Photo: Playback / The Craft Tutor

6- Now, you can attach the tapes and hide under the horizontal parts. That done, tie the bows with bows in a few rows to finish. This lamp is great for decorating a female office .

Lamp with barbecue sticks

A very simple way to make lampshade at home is using barbecue sticks. The Family GorskerZ channel created a video to explain the complete step by step of this project. You just need to watch, gather the materials and get your hands dirty:

Other ideas on how to make handmade lampshade

In addition to the designs you’ve seen, there are several ways to make a unique and unique lamp. See more templates for you to reproduce, with many items you already have in your home or are easily found


30+ Geometric Support Ideas for Plants (DIY): Learn how to do it

2 – Model with pearls

 – Lamp with antique pantyhose


With these incredible ideas you already know how to make handmade lampshade at home! Take advantage of the best tips and put your imagination to work. For sure, you will have unique and beautiful pieces.

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