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How to design your pool , 100 pool designs and plans, The complete guide

A great exterior and interior design for your home is already fulfilling. But it would even be more satisfying if you have your own pool. A good pool with a wonderful pool design!

and you know what “Life is also like a swimming pool,you dive into the water but you can,t see how deep it is.”

Every one of us would like to have everything in our homes. We want the theater to be there. That is why we have entertainment rooms or we sometimes turn our living rooms into home theaters.

We need delectable suppers in our homes simply like those from our preferred hotels. That is the reason we ensure we cook the most mouth watering suppers in the kitchen and serve it in an enticing lounge area.

Having everything in the house, gives us the motivation to love home all the more particularly in the event that we have our own pools to make a plunge when we need to unwind and work out.

It implies that you are just advances away to beguilement. You will without a doubt feel like every one of your stresses and stress are washed away when you get in the water each time you feel depleted from all the day’s worth of effort.

The pool won’t just be an asylum for stress yet will likewise be an additional stunner. It additionally includes a cool and quiet condition to your home particularly on the off chance that you add streaming water highlights to it.

Pools can likewise add magnificence to one’s yard separated from a decent finishing. It can some way or another be expensive, however the satisfaction and fun the proprietors and their companions get from them is precious.

For individuals who are investigating having a pool at home, we have a decent asset of thoughts and motivation for you! Check it here!

Interesting points When Designing a Pool

Getting a pool for your home should be arranged well. It’s not just about burrowing a wide space, putting tiles and filling it with water.

You will consider certain elements so as to assemble one and make it powerful and effective. What’s more, be the perfect pool for your home.

To enable you to begin, we have this supportive guide on the things you have to think about when planning a pool


Have a budget

You have to know your spending limit so you could choose how enormous your pool could be.

This incorporates the development and other sudden costs that will show up.

At that point, search for a temporary worker who can take the necessary steps for you with the structure you like and the spending you have.

Think about the users.

The users are significant particularly v.important if there are kids.

With children around, you can cause a different pool for them or you to can have a pool with various degrees of profundity so the children can appreciate on the shallower part. All things considered, that still relies upon the space you have for the pool. Other pool highlights will likewise rely upon the clients.

Audit how you mean to utilize it.

Review how you intend to use it

what if you are a swimmer?

In the event that you are and you mean to rehearse your swimming abilities at home, at that point a lap pool is directly for you. Yet, in the event that you simply need a pool for the family’s diversion, at that point you can pick an alternate sort and style of pool.

You can likewise include a spa on the off chance that you need on the off chance that you need to get more unwinding from it.

Pick your pool type and styles.

Choose your pool type

In view of your financial limit and style inclination, pick the kind of pool structure you need. You may have a solid pool, fiberglass pool or vinyl liner pool.

On the off chance that we talk about the period of time in development, solid pools are built the longest time. While fiberglass pools and vinyl-tile pools has short development periods.

Solid pools can enable you to pick the structure you like. They can be done with hued mortar, marble, clay tiles and glass dot.

Fiberglass pools are extraordinarily made for your plan. It comprises of fiberglass shell and will simply be gotten your region for establishment.

Vinyl-liner pools additionally enable you to have various plans for your pool wherein the vinyl coating has different hues and examples.

Must Consider colors.

Consider colors

If you think that color isn’t important in designing a pool, then dude, you are absolutely  wrong.

Choose the right Tile colors,and other accessories like bricks on a surface and other things.


pick a shape.

Choose a shape

Customary square shape style pool may look exhausting for you.

Along these lines, you can pick the shape that interests to you and accommodates your spending limit. You can likewise fuse existing scene and building highlights.

You can utilize a square shape formed pool if your zone has precise shapes. Also, you may utilize numerous bends in the state of the pool on the off chance that you might want to use your zone without removing whatever are existing.

Determine your space.

Determine your space

Take a gander at your accessible parcel zone. In the event that you think there is sufficient space for a pool, at that point go get one.

Your accessible space can likewise disclose to you what shape and size of pool would be directly for your region.

This is the main thing that you have to consider before you even start looking at pool plans that you need.

It is imperative to think about your accessible space for pool development. This will assist you with determining your pool plan and measurements.

Along these lines, you don’t need to re-try your plan or waste any materials that you have just purchased.

You ought to likewise assign a space for your hot tub, porch, deck and different structures that you might want to have.

Allocate space around the pool.

Allocate space around the pool

It doesn’t implied that since you need a pool that you will utilize the majority of the space as a pool. There should be space around the pool so individuals can circumvent it.

Traffic must be considered on how individuals will utilize it. Additionally, plan as indicated by the pool’s utilization particularly in the event that you mean to put slides, furniture and other stuff around the pool.

Choose pool features.

Choose pool features

There are different pool features that you can add.

You can have a fountain, ponds, waterfalls and many others. There are also some items that are made exclusively for the pools like the pool handrails, pool ladders, slides and many others.

Now, think of how you want your pool to look like and which of the items you want to add. This will also be needed for your budgeting.

Place pool accessories.

Place pool accessories

After completing the design of your pool, you can now think of certain accessories you would like to use.

You may want to places slides especially if there are children in your home.

You can also add boulders and water features that will not only make your pool look good but will also make it more fun.

You may also do some landscaping around the pool to make it look more appealing.

Choose outdoor furniture.

Choose outdoor furniture

You can get outdoor lounges for your pool or you can also provide a seating area where you can also dine.

Some people really like to eat near the pool area especially that it feels refreshing to be sitting near the water.

Some even place a pergola near the pool where they can put up their own kitchens, bars and dining areas.

Well, this goes back to item number one, it again depends on your available space.

Add a water feature.

Add a water feature

Bring the outdoors in by using water features.

This is perfect when you cannot go out to swim since the sun is too brisk. You merely open your windows and you will feel the coldness of the air through water features. It also adds beauty to your pool.

You can use a waterfall that tumbles into the pool, an urn pouring water into a basin, a tropical waterfall oasis, bubblers, spillway of stone, artistic statuaries, laminar jets and spring jets.

Choose a water feature that suits your design and your budget.

Have good landscaping.

Have good landscaping

You also need to consider your landscape setting. Let your pool design complement with it.

This is the case if your landscaping were fixed first before you had your pool. But if your pool is designed first before the landscaping, then you will have more freedom to decide on the design of the pool.

Whatever comes first, make sure that the landscape and the pool will jive well together.

You can bring nature by the pool through good landscaping. Use larges rocks or boulders on the sides of the pool giving it an effect of being a remote canyon.

You can have some plants around them, too. You may also have a cabana from rustic logs. Be creative in landscaping to make your pool a truly happy place.

Put dramatic lighting.

Put dramatic lighting

There are many pool lights that you can use.

Choose in-ground pool lights, above ground pool lights, fiber optics, laminar fountain, spa lighting, lighted floating fountains, and others.

You can place uplights under bushes and place spotlights to highlight focal points.

Consider your safety.

Consider your safety

Obviously, a well – planned pool is pointless on the off chance that it can make a wellbeing peril.

On the off chance that you have kids at home, you should make sure that your pool is alright for them. Particularly that they will invest more energy in the water.

You can have a different pool for children. Make it straightforward with the goal that it won’t be tricky. Additionally, don’t put stylistic themes in child’s pool to maintain a strategic distance from risk.

Yet, regardless of whether there are no children, you should at present make sure that everybody utilizing it watch security pool rules.

At the point when children are swimming, somebody must watch them. Try not to release them close to the channels, as well.

Try not to acquire glass or anything weak the pool particularly with children around.

On the off chance that conceivable, you can put a fence around your pool. You can even place in certain cautions on the off chance that somebody means to utilize it without your consent.

Pool Designs and Ideas

We have just talked about the fundamental things you have to think about when making a pool. Presently, let us take a gander at one of the most significant thing: pool structures.

Compositional Pool

A compositional pool focuses on giving an a customary pool as well as an utilitarian pool with extraordinary style also. It likewise help improve the general stylish of your home.

The following are some flawless instances of design pool you can have in your home!

Split-Level Home Pool

This pool at a Split-Level Home in Vancouver is quite relaxing with its blue tiles and gorgeous views of the ocean.

Secret Garden House Pool

The pool at this Secret Garden House in Singapore has a relaxing and peaceful ambiance. The area is beautifully landscaped with trees around. It would be amazing to swim here.

Mid-Century Modern Palms Residence

This pool at a Mid-Century Modern Palms Residence is impressive with its wood and concrete materials.

Hamptons Residence

Hamptons Residence’s pool is stands out with its blue-green tiles that reflects the light outside. It is surrounded by several lounge chairs for people to be lazy outside.

Swimming Pool House

This pool looks gorgeous with its bright blue tiles. The designer has also created a sunken living room just facing the pool. This gives the illusion of being submerged in the water.

Swimming Pool House

Here is another view of the pool from a different angle.

Casa Sal

Casa Sal’s pool may be small and simple but the views make up for its size. It certainly does not steal your attention from the gorgeous view outside.

Deerhurst House

The pool at the Deerhurst House looks relaxing with the tall trees as its backdrop. It had mosaic tiled flooring and a wooden decking that blends well with the surrounding.

Contemporary Home with Teak Screens

This Contemporary Home’s pool looks Clea and neat next to this unique house facade. It is surrounded by a combination of concrete and wood.

Floating Eaves Residence

Floating Eaves Residence’s pool in Miami looks elegant and compliments the view of the beach from outside. The pool is surrounded by treed and faces the beach.

Home in Sentosa Cove

This pool from a Home in Sentosa Cove is slightly elevated and faces a part of the living room.

MT House

MT House’s pool is made of blue tiles and has an amazing view of the city. Its simple geometric design is quite minimalist.

Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Family Home

Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Family Home looks quite sturdy with its concrete pool. There is also a fire pit near the pool.

Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Family Home

Another angle of the pool.

Naman Residence

Naman Residence’s pool has a nice ambiance with pebbles on the side. The wide sofa near the pool adds a nice touch to the deco as a whole.

Casa Jabuticaba

The pool at the Casa Jabuticaba is also designed with bright blue tiles. It is rather wide with open views.


This Riverhouse’s pool looks elegant and compliments the clean and crisp design of the home. The bright blue of the tiles looks great and compliments well with the home.

Casa Xixim

Casa Xixim’s pool is modern and elegant with its blue tiles.

Seaview Beach House

This pool at the Seaview Beach House is a nice touch to the landscape of the house. The designer has enclosed the are with glass wall.

Silver Wood House

Silver Wood House’s pool looks chic and sophisticated with the light brown flooring and light green tiles. The colour combination is quite refreshing too.

Above-Ground Pool

Another type of pool that you can also consider is the above-ground pool. This type of pool is considered to be, one of the most least expensive option for a pool. Above-ground pools are also mostly used in areas where it is cooler.

If you think this is right for your home, below are some examples you might like to check out.

Feldman House

This pool at the Feldman House looks lavish and elegant. The lighting of the pool brightens up the entire space.

Cool Blue Villa

Cool Blue Villa’s looks cute with a portion of the pool made out of glass. From this angle. It looks like a gorgeous crystal with its bright blue tiles reflection.

Shaw House

Shaw House’ pool is located at the second floor with a glass bottom.

Shaw House

Here is also another angle of the pool. The reflection of the water is seen from below. This gives an illusion of also being under water.

Shipping Container Swimming Pool

This Shipping Container Swimming Pool’s is well, made out of a shipping container. The design is ingenious and rather unique.

Shipping Container Swimming Pool

This is from another angle of the pool. The designer has opened this side to make it appear bigger, especially when you are already swimming on it.

Beverly Grove Residence

This Beverly Grove Residence’s pool looks classy and elegant with its glass wall. Its lighting is also lovely that it brightens the exterior.

Brandywine House

Brandywine House’s blends well with the geometric facade of the house. The colour of the pool and the concrete also compliments the earth tones of the area.

Infinity Pool

An infinity pool is a type of pool that gives you the impression that it merges into its surrounding landscape especially the beach. This type of pool can be popularly seen in resorts or properties with a nice beach front.

Fancy an infinity pool? Here are some interesting pool designs for you!

Dry Creek Residence

The pool at this Dry Creek Residence overlooks the valley. Its earth tones make the entire area inviting and relaxing.

Casa Indios Desnudos

Casa Indios Desnudos’s pool is rather inviting with its infinity edge pool. It has a cool walkway that leads out to the deck, away from the house.

Casa Indios Desnudos

Here is aerial view of the property. It looks amazing!

Pool House in Rio de Janeiro

This Pool House in Rio de Janeiro has an industrial design to it. The pool is overlooking the mountains and has mosaic tiles.

Pool House in Rio de Janeiro

Another angle of the pool and the property where you can see the view from the pool.

Villa N

Villa N’s pool is has wooden flooring that blends with the outdoors.

Villa N

This is another view of the pool area. As you can see, the walls of the facade are made out of rough stones.


A-House’s infinity pool looks over gorgeous green fields. A dip here will be relaxing with such gorgeous panoramic views. The furnitures around the pool blends well with the view.

Malouna Villa

Malouna Villa’s infinity pool is bathed in the warm glow of the pool area’ lighting.

Malouna Villa

Here’s another view of this gorgeous pool! It opens up to the beach. A dip here will give you the impression of swimming in the sea too!

Hollywood Hills Home

The pool at this Hollywood Hills Home is classy and elegant with its geometric shape and gorgeous views of the city.

Hollywood Hills Home

The pool is located in the upper potion of the house.s

Roca Llisa

Roca Llisa’s infinity pool has a gorgeous view of the ocean. The wooden deck with the lounge bed looks minimal with only the beds as furniture.

Southwestern Houses

This pool in this Southwestern House looks aesthetically pleasing and velds well with the surrounding area. It was designed to compliment with the rough stone facade of the building.

Collector’s Villa

The pool at this Collector’s Villa is relaxing and quite spacious too. The view of the beach adds a relaxing ambiance and tropical feel to the pool.

Quinta da Baroneza House

Quinta da Baroneza House’s pool los overlooks the countryside. The flooring near the pool are made out of red bricks with comfortable chais near it.

Quinta da Baroneza House

Here’s another view of the pool. The house itself adds a nice touch to the entire exterior with its wooden lattice.

Sardinera House

Sardinera House’s pool has smooth texture that blends well with the home facade. It also overlooks the ocean and has stone walls.

Sardinera House

Here’s another view of the pool. It looks like it is one with the ocean, don’t you think?

Lap Pool

A lap pool is a favorite type of pool for health and fitness buffs. It is usually long and narrow and is designed for swimming laps.

For home-owners who loves to have a lap pool, here are a few examples and inspiration for you.

Avenue F

This pool at the Avenue F looks quite simple and inviting. There is an elevated area for the kids and a stone pathway going down.

New Twin Peaks

This pool at the New Twin Peaks lap pool is relaxing with glass enclosure.

Foothill Home

Foothill Home’s lap pool great with its green tiles. The pool’s wall is also painted white to blend in with the rest of the home exterior.

Foothill Home

Here is another view of the pool that you might like to see.

Rishon LeZion

The pool at this home is spacious and quite elegant looking. The pool rather compliments the facade of the house.

Rishon LeZion

Another angle of the pool. The house has open walls with large white curtains.

Rising Glen

Rising Glen’s lap pool is charming with its small fountain at the edge of the pool. The concrete edges of th pool blends well with the facade of the house too.

Wood and Stone House

The pool at this Wood and Stone House in Long Island compliments well with the view of the ocean. The house’ wooden exterior is complimented by the earth-toned furniture on the patio.

Wood and Stone House

Here is another angle of the house and the pool. The edges of the pool is designed with rough stones.

Casa Clara

Casa Clara’s lap pool is modern and sleek.

Casa Clara

This is another angle of the pool and the house. It faces the beach and offers stunning views of the city.

Lakeview Residence

Lakeview Residence’s lap pool looks amazing with its wood pathways. The pool is long and has great views of the mountain. There is also a fence along the edge to keep the privacy.

Home in Australia

The pool at this Home in Australia looks ultra modern and sleek.

Hidden House

Hidden House’s has gorgeous blue mosaic tiles. The leaves-covered wall gives a refreshing feeling to the area.

Barrancas House

The pool at this Barrancas House looks refreshing with its green tiles. The designers also places some plants with hanging stems at the rood to add a more fresh feeling to the area.

Natural Pool

A natural pool is a unique type of pool that is intended to be maintained without the usual chemical or devices that we commonly use for other types of pool. This type of pool uses only hydraulic and biological processes to filter, clean and clarify the bathing water.

If you are thinking of something more unique, consider getting natural pool. Here are some gorgeous examples.

Home in Mosonmagyaro´va´r in Hungary

This natural pool looks pretty great with its pebbled-lined wall. The designer has even added some plants on the pool to add more character.

Natural Landscaping Stone

The design of this Natural Pool Stone is very unique with its free form. The designers has used big rocks as its wall with pebbles and trees near the edge.

Natural Swimming Pools

This looks stunning and refreshing with the small waterfall design at the edge. The designer has captured a natural landscape with this design.

Plunge Pool

The plunge pool is the exact opposite of a lap pool, in terms of usage, that is. A plunge pool is usually a small and shallow pool that is built solely for lounging, wading and cooling off.

If you are into plunge pool, here are some great examples you can check out.

McLeroy Residence

plunge pool is simple yet spacious. The pool has a lovely jacuzzi too with wooden flooring at some area and some with green patches.

La Montana Place

The pool at the looks great with the concrete flooring and wooden table and chair at the side.

Di Lido Island

This home at the has a gorgeous plunge pool. The flooring of the pool blends well with the marble-like floor of the house.

Miami Beach House

This has an interesting and classy pool with marble floor surrounded by trees and grass. The subtle lighting of the pool illuminates the area.

Renovated Heritage Home

The pool at this  is classy and edgy with its black lining and bright blue tiles.

More Swimming Pool Ideas

Need more design inspiration? Here’s a look at another set of swimming pools for your home!

Cat Mountain Residence
swimming pool house designs

The overall floor plan design centers on maximizing the views, while extensive glazing is carefully placed to frame and enhance them.

You will be amazed at how the pool looks great with it being connected to the house and a covered patio.

Compound in the Dunes
louvered pool

This louvered pool house is pretty simple and really modern. The color of the structure complements how the sky plays with the color of the water in the swimming pool.

Herron Residence
Lounge furniture

We like the proximity of the pool to house. A deeper overhang to protect swimmers from sun. Lounges on the outside of pool for sun worshipers.

Highland Park
swimming pool windows

The windows of the swimming pool house beside this gorgeous pool and Jacuzzi is really interesting. It looks like the windows you will typically find in tropical countries.

Lima Residence
minimalist design

Straight and sleek lines. This pool’s clean, simple lines mimic the architecture of the home without overpowering its style.

Small grassy spaces in a minimalist design add to the modern look.

Lookout Residence
Modern architecture

Modern architecture paired with fab swimming pool layout – this home is definitely stunning, thanks to the astounding lay-out.

Los Angeles Modern Exterior
sleek lines

This home has clean and sleek lines that use beautiful materials that connects to the swimming pool area. The covered patio and the greens look great with the material for the walls.

Los Angeles Pool
swimming pool house designs

This may be the best time to take photos of this California home. Dusk brings out the reflection of the house to the pool and still remains as stunning as it is.

This infinity pool is blessed to have great lighting and different textures around it.

Menlo Park Residence
 ball sculptures

If you don’t have a view, then create your own. The architecture of the home, the ball sculptures and the pool are all absolutely beautiful surroundings for this simple deck in a courtyard-style home.

Pecos Pool
L-shape concept

Pools are often the reason for using the L-shape concept. Living and sleeping spaces are allowed direct access and views, and the pool is protected and made private by the configuration of the home.

Saratoga Creek House
black Pebble finish

The pool above has a black Pebble Tec finish that gives the pool water an elegant, dark blue look. But notice how it complements the light colored flooring and walls close to it. Works all the time!

Split Oaks Farm Pool house
Asian touch

Just by looking at the shape of the roof, you can say that it has a bit of an Asian touch which is great because it looks refreshing to the eyes and the play of colors of the interior is nice too.

Swimming Pools Chicago
pool house

This house in Chicago is definitely a huge home with a stunning swimming pool – layout and all; and the design of the pool house is rather simple but real pretty.

exterior design

We love how this decking makes the entire exterior of this home look incredibly modern and sophisticated. The lighting is really stunning!

swimming pool house designs

As indicated by the originators, the advanced lines and materials proceed with the structure feeling of the home’s inside. This was done to mirror the top of the line boutique lodgings the property holders visit in their movements.

On the off chance that and when you choose to build a pool in your terrace, the photographs we have appeared above might be a wellspring of motivation for you folks!

The above rundown is nevertheless a couple of the example homes with incredible pools and some easy to spectacular homes with these water highlights.

We hoped you have found this article interesting. And by the way, you can also check 50+ Luxury Bedrooms With Images, Tips &  Accessories To Help You Design Yours for some tips on how you can get the luxury bedrooms.

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