How to decorate your home with your own hands: 65 photos & inspirational ideas

In this article, we will talk about how to decorate your home with your own hands. Our workshops will help you realize your ready-made ideas, and a selection of photos with many cool decorations will inspire you to create your own.

Undoubtedly, accessories play a large role in interior decoration: vases, interesting details, multi-colored decorative pillows, figurines, etc. So that they do not turn into simple “dust collectors”, it is not necessary to invite a designer. If you wish, you can cope with this task yourself. The main thing here is to withstand decorations in a single style that would not break out of the general interior of a room or the whole house.Moreover, each room needs an individual solution. For example, such frivolous decorations as decorative brooms, amulets, fruits, wicker baskets will not be suitable for the living room. These accessories will look better as a decor for the kitchen.


We sew a decorative pillow for the living room One of the most functional decorations for the living room are pillows (see photo). In addition, they have great aesthetic value. They can be made of contrasting materials, or be matched to match the basic color of the interior. Such decorative pillows can be made with your own hands. Even a beginner needlewoman will cope with this.

For the manufacture of pillows, almost any material you like is suitable, but it must meet certain criteria: keep fit well; be resistant to washing; be hypoallergenic. Another concern is to choose the right material for the filler. It is better to give preference to foam rubber and silicone. And one more thing: it is better to prefer the material for the pillowcase is dense, while its color should, if possible, be light, without patterns. Here, cotton will be optimal.

Advice! The most successful seam for sewing covers and pillowcases will be linen. We combine the parts and sew them with their faces up. Gently iron, then sew them down. The crumbling edge of the material will thus be inside the seam. This protects it from falling.


A lot of decor options can be thought up with paving and facade tiles, and even now concrete decorations for a house are very fashionable. Partial coloring of such jewelry in gold color, as in the photo, was popularized by Scandinavian designers If you have a private house, then you are given the greatest scope for the implementation of your ideas. Indeed, the imagination has a place to roam over a large area of ​​the cottage. An additional field of activity is the exterior of the house: roof, porch, courtyard, fence, etc. How to decorate them, you can see in the photo or video below.

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