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How to decorate with wool pom poms. 10 ideas that you will love

Although there are decorative initiatives that we can materialize for ourselves and that have nothing to do with the time of year, there are some that undoubtedly throw more than others with the arrival of the cold. Case is what I bring today, and it comes from the hand of a lot of ideas that you will love to put into practice and decorate with wool pom poms. A sweet and versatile craft that can offer you as varied as original possibilities that will surely surprise you . Take good note and do not miss wool, we started!

decorate with wool pom poms
Source: A Kailo Chic Life

Texture to your walls

Finding simple ideas to decorate the walls in a brilliant way admits a lot of variants from which to choose and that depending on the room and style in question, they will be able to give that touch that you are missing in the space and that in no other way did you get. Decorating with wool pom poms can certainly be one of them. And it is that through its texture you will be able to show a depth as interesting as visual both alone, and through a mural composition in which it fits .

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decorate with wool pom poms IX
Source: Uma Decoration

Top the cushions

Take advantage of the seams of your cushions to adhere to them a row of pompoms as a piping, it will become an initiative as fun as original with which you will get colorful and very different results. Use the same color for all of them for a more linear and calm appearance . But if what you want is a call to attention in space, bet on the color variety, the use of neutral colors or a range of colors in different shades.

decorate with wool pom poms II
Source: The broken wallet

Carpets that love stepping on

Decorating with wool pom poms while giving rise to a fluffy and comfortable carpet will be a great initiative with which more than one at home will dream. And it is that renovating the carpets of home and getting it right can be as simple as adjusting to the size, colors and style of the protagonist of the room in question. As for showing a button, check out the example I show you below! ?

decorate with wool pom poms IV
Source: Etsy

A touch of wool to your Christmas

A great idea to decorate with wool while preparing the arrival of Christmas at home, happens to encourage you to materialize a Christmas wreath in the purest winter style. Use different sizes to populate it to the fullest, bet on neutral colors that dress and shelter your door at the same time and boasts personalized Christmas decoration!

decorate with wool pom poms VI
Source: Joann

A perennial touch to your decoration

Especially in winter, the natural details in your decoration will always be a plus . And decorating with wool pom poms to fill them with life will be an initiative as varied as it is original that will not understand sun or irrigation and for which you will not have to worry ?

decorate with wool pom poms III
Source: More and more crafts

Decorate with wool pom poms. Tune the usual

Believe it or not, your usual decoration is susceptible to change as long as you are willing to spend time and high doses of love and dedication. The metallic and shaped grid storage is a clear example of this. But also baskets, blankets, plaids, curtains, vases and all that element to which you can tie or sew pompoms of wool , will become the perfect candidate to show off a future change.

decorate with wool pom poms V
Source: A beautiful mess

Crowns that remove the hiccups

A metal ring, a frame, a piece of wire or even a metal hanger, can result in a decorative crown with which to fill any of your walls with the most achuchable forms of character and light. Hanging, supported or even suspended and filling any of your windows with life , the truth is that welcoming one of these will not understand the period and will have room in various decorative styles.

decorate with wool pom poms VI
Source: Never perfect studio

Show off custom tapestry

Almost as if it were a carpet to use, carrying out a tapestry with pompoms can become an idea as original as it is great. It covers the dimension that best suits the space of your wall in question, let the loose wool hang in proportional dimension to the dimensions of the tapestry and the aesthetics that you pursue, and it also boasts its own style through the decoration of your walls !

decorate with wool pom poms VIII
Source: We are scout

A pouf that will be raffled at home!

Decorating with wool pom poms can also lead to the creation of auxiliary furniture as practical as visual at home. And if not to tell the person who is encouraged to shape his particular pouf based on a good handful of them.

decorate with wool pom poms X
Source: Charhadas

As you can see, wool pom poms can be an artisan initiative with which to fill the decoration of your home with life and depth through some detail made with them. Do you dare with practice?

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Do you have any stunning, creative and beautiful DIY home décor ideas and designs to add? Why not discuss it on our comment section or mail us at [email protected].

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