How to decorate room rack? See 25 inspiring ideas

Learn how to decorate your living room rack in several ways.

The living room is the star of the house. In this space it is common to receive visits and spend time with the family. Therefore, it is important to carefully decorate all furniture. In doubt about how to decorate room rack? So, see several tips for each style and choose the one that suits your home.

Whether vintage, traditional, clean or modern, there are always incredible tricks to decorate. Follow ideas to personalize your rack and make the room even more special for your leisure moments

Rack Selection Tips

For small rooms , it is best to bet on low racks with few decorative objects. This avoids visual overload of the environment. In contrast, large rooms look great with long racks and a TV panel . Because they have more space, it is possible to enjoy the furniture with more items for decoration.

In addition to decorations, the rack must also be functional. For this reason, it is used to accommodate electronic devices such as television, home theater and DVDs. So, it is important to define the space of each one, together with the decorative pieces.

Another detail that speaks volumes about the style of the room is the color and shape of the rack. Neon colors such as yellow, pink and blue are reminiscent of vintage. Mahogany furniture talks about a traditional and welcoming theme. Meanwhile, straight lines, neutral colors and few details refer to the modern and minimalist.

You can also texture the wall behind the rack, but it is important to note the harmony of the furniture and the effect. Excess information ends up making the environment heavy, which will make you sick of the decoration quickly.

Tips for decorating the living room rack

The type of object you will place in your rack must match the design of the room. Thus, all the decoration talks and creates a visual harmony for those who observe. In addition, whether handmade, romantic, sophisticated, fun or modern, the important thing is to express the personality of the owners of the house.

Then, follow how to decorate a living room rack with objects that leave the furniture with a unique and special touch.

Thematic objects

If you want to decorate your room with a specific theme, use objects that refer to that style. It can be items used in the 60s, old alarm clocks, decorative cans, characters from a movie or characteristic decorations that appear in a series.

Handmade items

It is common to feel a greater affection for things that are made by hand. This is because you are using your creativity and time on a project. So DIY items are great for decorating the rack. Some ideas are: boxes , picture frames, vases, candles, decorated bottles etc.


Toys can also be used in decoration. Antique dolls, miniatures, strollers, character symbols and fun items look great in the decor. This style works well when you want to adopt a fun look.


Another idea is to decorate with your favorite books. They demonstrate style and show visitors which subjects and themes you like best. Another idea is to leave the book you are reading on the rack, so you always resume reading.


Another classic rack decoration is the picture frame. It is beautiful, diverse and leaves the environment with a more personal touch. In addition to varying the format, you can always remember special moments by looking at the photographs.


Plants help to make the rack more cozy and bring a little bit of nature to the indoor environment. You can put flowers too. Whether natural or artificial, the rack will certainly look much more beautiful.

Check now several room models that demonstrate these tips in practice. Enjoy and save your favorite ideas to reproduce in your living room.

25 ideas for decorating living room rack

It is much easier to have incredible inspirations when seeing ideas in a complete environment. So, see these living room rack models for you to know once and for all how to decorate a living room rack and have an even more incredible environment.

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