How to customize blouses and Shirts : Learn 20 Easy and Creative ways

Use your creativity to renew your clothes and have stylish pieces

Opening the wardrobe and having nothing to please is a nightmare for many people especially for Women.  Even though you have many pieces, it seems that nothing matches the occasion, right? So learning how to customize blouses and shirts will save your day.

See 20 creative ways to transform a simple T-shirt into something original and stylish. So, separate your scissors and start now to transform your old blouses.

20 ideas to learn how to customize blouses

With a little creativity and some materials you can renew several pieces. So, check out some ideas to modify your clothes and make them much more personalized.

1- Apply stones

Custom blouse with stones

To modify a basic T-shirt, you can apply stones. They can be found in craft stores, where pieces are sold to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc. To apply, just use the specific glue that also sells there or sew.

2- Cut the bar

Blouse with cut bar


Cut the bottom of your blouse into vertical strips. This effect is amazing on many T-shirts. To finish, pull the straps a little, if the fabric is knitted it will be even more apparent.

3- Make a knot in the sleeve

Knotted blouse on the sleeve

Are you tired of your T-shirt sleeve, but don’t want to cut it completely? Enjoy and make a small cut and one with a stylish knot. Thus, your blouse is differentiated and you still avoid the heat.

4- Enjoy the crochet

Custom blouse with crochet

To personalize t-shirts, you can apply crochet techniques to the collar and sleeves. That way, you will have a completely new and original outfit.

5- Customize with cuts

Custom blouses with cuts

There are several ways to cut your T-shirts and make them look different. So, this idea is to use an overlay and have a fun shirt that mimics a skeleton.

6- Braid the neckline

Cut out the front of your blouse and braid the neckline. With this, you will have an exclusive piece with a touch of sensuality.

7- Cut out forming characters

Blouse with cutout forming character

Print a template and draw on the back of your shirt. Then, with scissors or stylus cut out the shape of your favorite character’s face. You will have a much more creative T-shirt.

8- Customize band shirts

Custom band blouse

Are you tired of your old band shirt? To solve this problem, just make some cutouts in strategic locations. Cut out a circle at the top of the sleeve and below the collar and you will have a new piece.

9- Mix textures

Blouse with mix of textures

To give a special touch to your blouse, you will only need lace, scissors and a moon shaped mold. Trace the moon on the blouse and cut out this part, glue the lace fabric inside with a specific glue. That way, you will have the photo effect.

10- Abuse of the neckline

Blouse with neckline

Do you know that simple T-shirt that you have used in different ways? To change the look of this outfit, cut out a bold neckline below the collar.

11- Make the drawing visible

In this idea, you cut out the same skeleton shape, now on the back. In addition, you also wear your blouse without another underneath. The effect is incredible and you can use it on warmer days or at the gym .

Blouse with design

12- Differentiate the shoulders

Stylize the shoulders of your blouse with this braid imitating the lace of a sneaker. It is original and you get a new piece.

Custom blouse with details on the shoulders

13- Make the Tie Dye trend

Custom blouse with Tie Dye technique

With some paints and the technique of twisting her blouse, she gets this kaleidoscope effect. You can choose different colors to create the pattern you want. See the step by step:

14- Apply beads on the shoulders

Blouse with beads applied on the shoulders

To make your blouse more elegant, choose silver beads and apply to the shoulder area. You can sew or put on the piece with the specific glue. A simple T-shirt gets another look with this trick.

15- Embellishment with thumbtacks

Studs adorn the back of the blouse

After making a stylish cut on a blouse, you can decorate that part with studs. Thus, it creates a special and attention-grabbing detail.

16- Modify the sleeve

Place a lace appliqué to imitate a T-shirt sleeve. That way, you offer extra charm to your outfit.

17- Apply drawings

Custom blouse with design

You can create a pattern with fabrics and sew on your blouse. This model with a cactus was graceful and can still be sold as a travel souvenir.

18- Decorate your blouse

Colorful pearls form an owl

You can use the same trick of applying a print, but complement it by decorating with colored pearls. This shirt looks great for kids.

19- Use the galaxy style

To do this, you need a Mickey character mold and colored inks. Then, just place the cutout over the blouse and apply the spray in layers.

Blouse with galaxy style

Watch the video below and learn how to execute this customization idea at home:

20- Finish with the cropped

To make a cropped T-shirt, there are no secrets. Just cut the bottom of your garment and that’s it, you’ll have a renewed outfit with more personality.

With these ideas you already know how to customize blouses in several ways. Choose your favorite and modify your closet today. Enjoy and also check out how to make crochet flowers for personalization.

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