How to Choose the Builder to Buy an Apartment?

Knowing how to choose the builder to buy an apartment is essential. Understand what to evaluate during this process.

Hiring a construction company to buy an apartment can be a great way to get out of rent and have a place to call your own. This, by the way, is the great life goal of thousands of people who save and prepare for the purchase of the dreamed apartment. And now that you’re ready for the next step, you need to do a lot of research before signing the contract to buy an apartment, either on the plan or under construction.

Do you know how to choose the right builder to fulfil the dream of your own home? Do you know which points you should check before making this commitment? Sky Marketing presents everything you need to know about the construction company before making this important decision:

Get to Know the Builder well to Buy an Apartment

Buying an apartment is something that will compromise you financially for years, so trust is needed for this relationship to be satisfying and secure. For this, it is essential to know the construction company’s past. You certainly don’t buy a car or any other product of value before doing a lot of research and testing. With property, it can’t be different!

In addition to visiting the apartment that you intend to buy if it is ready, try to get to know other properties of the construction company up close and, if possible, talk to residents to find out about the quality of the building. Try to find out with older buyers if the construction company usually meets the deadlines that were established in the contract.

Go to the Project Site in Person

If you are going to buy an apartment off-plan, it is essential to personally know the location of the development before signing the contract. One of the biggest mistakes of those who buy property in the plan is not worrying about knowing the neighborhood they will live in in the future, in addition to the conditions of the land, neighboring buildings, etc. Park view city features an ideal location for investors.

It is also necessary to evaluate the structure of the region and to know if it offers everything that you consider important for you and your family .

Analyze the Mockup

Many buyers are unaware of the importance of carefully analyzing the project’s model. The layout of the apartments in the model is very important to guide your decision on which apartment to buy because it is through it that you will know which apartment receives the morning or afternoon sun, which view it will have, etc.
These are details that can make all the difference in the future, especially regarding the valuation of the property.

Archive all Documents

If this is the first property you are purchasing, the insecurities about how to choose the construction company to buy an apartment are certainly greater. So, to feel more secure, file any documents that can help you in the acquisition process.

From promotional leaflets to the emails that were exchanged during negotiations, keep absolutely everything that involves the purchase of the property! If possible, register everything in the registry of titles and documents. It sounds like a tedious job, but it saves you in case you need to use the documents in the future.

Watch out for Insurance

When a property purchase is made, the developer takes out insurance to guarantee both that the buyer will pay and that the construction company will meet the deadlines and delivery. However, if this insurance is only in the name of the developer and he does not fulfil the promise, the buyer does not receive compensation, but the developer does. Pay attention to insurance clauses!

Understand Interest Policy

As you can see, there are many points to analyze in order to know how to choose the builder for your future apartment. An interest policy is one of the points that can catch you by surprise in the future if you are not well prepared. Some builders do not charge interest until the keys are handed over.

However, after delivery, they begin to charge interest on the entire financed amount. To avoid this type of problem, it is necessary to include in the contract a clause that determines the cancellation and the refund of the money if this happens.

Ask for Referrals from Customers

It doesn’t seem like a good idea to invest in real estate through a construction company without asking the company’s former customers, does it? Although this is not a guarantee, it is certainly a powerful help, in the sense of understanding that the institution is solid, reputable and has had a commitment to the public in its past undertakings.

Those who have done business before know not only the sales processes but also the quality standard in the after-sales relationship. So ask as much as you can, especially about the experience, willingness to answer questions, organization of documentation, meeting deadlines, and so on.

Consider the Builder’s Time

We talk about knowing the builder’s past and customers, which is highly recommended before buying a property. However, in the real estate market, there is an important factor related to the time of presence in the sector, given that companies with a bad reputation survive very little in the construction sector.

On the other hand, those who work with quality and honor their commitments can have decades of activity, which is a relevant indicator. In addition, it ends up being another way to seek information about the institution, as well as its projects built and projects executed previously.

Assess the Financial Health of the Company

It is not possible to choose the construction company to buy an apartment without evaluating the financial health of the company. After all, you will be putting a good part of your finances there, right? Therefore, try to find out a little more about the segment, as the economic relevance of the sector makes news of bankruptcies or defaults spread very quickly.

To avoid going through this type of problem, try to know even the smallest details. Try to find out, for example, if employees are getting paid on time, if the organization has significant debts with the government, and if there are protests from suppliers or banks. In short, analyze the aspects that attest if there are conditions to honor the commitments.

Evaluate the Awards and Certifications Received

You may not even know this, especially if your area of ​​expertise has nothing to do with construction or real estate. However, the most reputable construction companies in the country, which offer a quality service to their customers, are usually well recognized by the institutions that evaluate the segment.

As a result, it is common for them to receive awards and certifications, which can come in different ways. There are awards for housing solutions, employee satisfaction index and, nowadays, those related to the concept of sustainability. All of them are a good sign that you will be getting a great deal.

Analyze the Incorporation Project

The best construction companies on the market work with the utmost rigor in their projects and, therefore, do everything that the current legislation on the sector requires. Among the biggest legal demands is the incorporation project. Therefore, not thoroughly checking such an item is one of the biggest mistakes you could make.

It will need to be approved by the city hall of the municipality in which the property will be located, duly registered at the local Real Estate Registry Office. This is public information that is easy to access. In this way, you check the integrity of the institution and can verify any irregularities in relation to the feasibility of the project.

Compare Real Estate

Did you know that the construction company itself can serve as a basis for you to make a comparison between the properties of the place in which you are interested? This can be done by drawing a parallel with other institutions in the field that operate in the same region, understanding the way they work, the quality of the projects and, of course, the price.

It is worth taking a close look at the forms of payment available and the interest rates charged, in addition to the forms of service. All this will help you choose the company that best meets your demands and expectations without fear, bringing more security to your investment.

Advantages of Buying an Apartment on the Floor

checopie home decor

Now that you already know how to choose the construction company to buy an apartment, the path to your property has become simpler. However, if you still have doubts that an in-plant unit can be the best option on the market, check out the advantages below.

Easy Payment Terms

As we said before, one of the biggest advantages of buying a property in the plant directly with the construction company is that, since the company is directly interested in closing the deal, it will tend to offer the best possible payment terms. In a high-value-added good, this is a tremendous financial benefit.
With this, you can better plan the payment of installments, have the entry in installments until the delivery of the keys or discount some amounts at a discount. As if that were not enough, the total price is usually lower since the project is still under construction. Bureaucracy is simpler, and financing can come out faster than directly at the bank.

Customization and New Installations

It is quite likely that when you think of property on the floor, the first thing that comes to your mind is that the facilities will be completely new. This is interesting not only for conservation reasons but also as a guarantee that the place will be in tune with the modern lifestyle, with more outlet points, distribution of rooms, etc.
In addition, you still have the possibility to negotiate and request some changes to the company. As it is in the construction phase, the changes should be simpler, allowing you to choose some colors, finishes or even major renovations, such as tearing down a wall to enlarge some environment, for example.

High Upside Potential

Finally, this is another great advantage of buying a property in the plant directly with the construction company. In addition to the facilitated conditions and possible discounts on payment, you can be sure that the unit has an exceptional potential for appreciation, especially if it is in developing areas.

Many new ventures are being built in places that are receiving investments from the public sector and the private sector, such as neighborhoods that were not so popular a few years ago. In this way, those who have attentive eyes can profit a lot, even if this is not their initial intention.

Buying an apartment involves a lot of care, from choosing the construction company to buying the apartment, the location of the venture, documentation and the company’s suitability. So, don’t be afraid to ask the broker or representative of the venture everything and personally check everything possible. Thus, you guarantee a much smoother process when making your dream come true!


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