How Many Are Staying? 5 Must-Know Guest Sleeping Solutions

Do you like to have a lot of guests over but you don’t know where to put them? Read this article to learn must-know guest sleeping solutions.

How Many Are Staying? 5 Must-Know Guest Sleeping Solutions. Canopy bed with the headboard picture decoration and red linen

Are you excited for the upcoming holidays? Up to 60 percent of Americans will be staying overnight at someone else’s house.

It’s not always easy to squeeze everyone inside your home when you have a bunch of guests over. Are you struggling to find enough space?

Don’t stress! We’ve got these top five guest sleeping solutions for you to get even more family and friends in your home.

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Can a Murphy Bed kill you?

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  1. A Beautiful Sleeping Sofa

Are you thinking about buying a new couch? You can solve your sofa and sleeping problem at the same time.

There are numerous beautiful and comfortable couches that can be quickly converted into a bed for your guests.

This could be set up in almost any room in your house.


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How Many Are Staying? 5 Must-Know Guest Sleeping Solutions. Double sleeping sofa at the small room

Maybe your living room needs an extra couch. A place to sit and think in your study. Or, somewhere to rest in the kitchen.

There are plenty of places to set up a sofa bed in your home. Once the bed is set up, your guests will be able to use the room as though it was a private bedroom.

  1. Install a Murphy Bed

What’s that behind the wall? It’s a secret murphy bed!

How Many Are Staying? 5 Must-Know Guest Sleeping Solutions. Murphy bed from out the blue cabinet of modern apartment

This fold-up bed solution is a really effective sleeping solution to keep your home organized and tidy while allowing for guests to stay overnight.

This can also be either a double-sized bed or a couple of twin beds. This is also a great surprise for guests to your home.

  1. Trundle With Daytime Bed

Many beds have unused space underneath them. What are you going to do with that extra space?

A few suitcases or the kid’s toys. Use the space wisely instead.

How Many Are Staying? 5 Must-Know Guest Sleeping Solutions. Ultramodern design and convertible daytime bed behind the zoning partition

You can get a trundle the same size as your bed to pull out whenever you have a guest stay over for a night or two.

As long as you don’t mind having someone sleep beneath you, this is a simple and tidy solution for guests.

  1. Loft Conversion for Guests

If you have high ceilings in your home, you could even add another room. This is an excellent solution to having enough space for guests.

Are you worried about the costs? Adding a loft conversion could even increase the value of your home by more than 20%.

  1. Makeshift Bed on the Floor

There isn’t always a solution other than a makeshift bed. Buying a blow-up bed or a camp bed can create enough comfort for one or two nights.

How Many Are Staying? 5 Must-Know Guest Sleeping Solutions. great makeshift sofa to turn to sleeper in the living room

You can even make this fun for kids. Set up a tent indoors to create the atmosphere of being on an adventure.

More Design Ideas for Guest Sleeping Solutions

If you’re worried about the number of guests that are expected to come to stay at your home, then you need to think out of the box.

From getting a sofa bed to converting your loft into a guest bedroom, there are a bunch of clever and inventive ways to make more people welcome in your home.

Do you want to discover more guest sleeping solutions? Check out our blog for more design solutions for small spaces.

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