House Designs: Reform in Melbourne, by Bryan Alsop

modern house designs with classic facade

The world is full of countless beautiful house designs. On this occasion we bring a beautiful design house, exquisitely renovated by the prestigious firm Bryant Alsop. It is an old (and outdated) house, which received a second chance thanks to its new and demanding tenants.

House designs with dining room

This house, initially in Edwardian style, was turned upside down by the designers of the firm at the request of its owners. This is a British couple who moved to Elgin, Australia, where the house is located. The new owners wanted to give the house a modern look, but at the same time leave some classic touches that reminded them of the British style of their place of origin.

Entrance with wooden door

This is how it was decided to mix both styles, so that they fit harmoniously. The dichotomy between the classic and the modern can be seen from the same facade of the house. Thus, at the entrance we can delight in a modern parquet floor and lamps that seem typical of the most sophisticated Ikea designers . And this at the same time that we go through a door with indisputable invoice of nineteenth-century house designs.

Elegant wardrobe

Likewise, the house was renovated respecting the layout of its structural plans. Walls and partitions remained intact, while a palette of soft colors was added to the interior. The same can be said of the roof. In fact the facade of the house remained virtually intact, at least in essence. The rooms at the rear of the house were reinvented, giving birth to the result of a comfortable and luxurious double suite.

Modern furnished room

The main bathroom, attached to the bedroom suite, has a separate bathtub. The designers were right to locate it just below the window. The result of this is that the resident can enjoy a relaxing bath while contemplating the views offered by the local landscape. Similarly, a small niche or shelf has been added to the wall, so that it is possible to access personal care products by simply reaching out from the same bathtub.

Modern bathroom with bathtub and views

A main hall separates this new room from the living room, which is two steps below. Large double windows illuminate the room in such a way that they reflect the white of the walls, providing an almost celestial feeling. Shelves and built-in drawers delicately finish the living room, making it your ideal place to watch TV, share with your family or just sit for a while in a pleasant place inside the home.

House designs with modern kitchen

Then we have the kitchen, where a strong contrast is added to the white walls with the incorporation of matt blue cabinets. This is not only elegant, but also perfectly expresses the harmony between the classic white and the modern and uncommon matt blue.

House designs with kitchen / office

Interestingly, a modern desk is added to this kitchen, which is still very interesting. Generally, when talking about house designs, one might think that the logical thing is to install some type of television in that area. But in a decade where almost all technological life revolves around computers and smartphones, it is extremely successful to opt for the inclusion of such devices. Finally, a huge white dining table dominates the center of the kitchen, assisted by wooden stools.

porch or terrace

It should be noted that both the dining room and the living room are open to the patio, where a wooden terrace provides the family with an additional recreational space.

House staircase with second floor

Returning to the interior, both the family bathroom, as well as the secondary rooms and the children’s play room are located on the upper floor. Although the children of the owners are in the age of primary education, the space that has been assigned to them is designed for the not so distant future to be refocused for the needs of adolescents and even when they are even older.

Modern bathroom with tiles and mirrors

For its part, the family bathroom is topped with grayish tiles, as well as mirrors both in the sink and in the shower. These reflect each other, and in turn the light of the roof skylights.

It can be said with total certainty that Bryan Alsop’s new design of the house is absolutely delicate. It perfectly reflects the dichotomy between classic and modern, but in such a harmonious way that it is even questionable that we can use the word “dichotomy.” Do we talk about dichotomy between day and night during sunrises and dusk? The same thing happens to us with this Elgin house.

Comfortable and modern desk space

Too bad it is a private residence and is not available for some type of vacation rental. We will have to settle and save so that the prestigious design firm makes us our own.

Other house designs by Bryan Alsop

But this firm has an already extensive track record, as well as versatile. On their website they delight us with a fairly broad portfolio with all their other projects.


Classic style house with red bricks

This fabulous house with an unquestionably classic style is located in Coppin, an area within Melbourne, one of Australia’s main cities. Its slightly Victorian style, as well as the powerful use of reddish bricks, makes, at least, all pedestrians are unable to resist taking a look at the house.

Glen Island

original two-story house

This newly built home has fabulous views of Melbourne Bay. In addition, its rustic design while modern, gives an elegant air, apart from interesting.

Mason Street

beautiful and futuristic house

Also in Melbourne, Australia, this house combines styles in an aptly eclectic way. The modern, the classic and the eminently vintage come together in a house so original that it seems taken from one of those futuristic science fiction films .


Modern and elegant house

Another area of ​​Melbourne. A modern and spacious residential structure. Very focused on the outside, especially on the ground floor. The most interesting thing about this project is the material of his house, which at dusk is drawn from the original white to the satin blue night.


Modern design cabin

Again, in Melbourne, just outside. Surrounded by a large green area, it is one of those house designs that offers an absolutely rural air, as if it were a cabin in the middle of the mountain.


House with beautiful views

In a small village in the south-east of Australia, a newly manufactured home. The merit is taken in this case for his ability to take advantage of the landscape in achieving beautiful views, as seen in the photo.

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