Home Cinema Room: See how to assemble and 37 projects

How about taking your favorite movies close to you? Find out now how to do this project.

In quarantine times it is no longer possible to enjoy a good movie in the cinema, right? But that will not be a reason for you to be without this wonderful experience. Whether you are a fan of big screens or for those who are homesick, setting up a movie theater at home will be a great adventure.

Then, use the various multimedia resources to access movies and series with the highest quality. In addition, the best thing is that you can have this comfort whenever you want and without leaving your home. For that, follow the tips in this article!

What is the ideal size for a home theater?

Do you want to set up a movie theater in your home, but have you separated the ideal space? Perhaps this is a big question for you. So, everything will depend on the area that is available and the way you intend to do your project.

A complete room, with unevenness in the steps between the seats, will need a larger space. You can use the measurement of 15 m by 4 m. However, nothing prevents it from being wider.

If your intention is a more cozy , compact and simple room, you can use the 5 m by 4 m medicine. Thus, it will be easy to accommodate the TV or projector and the armchairs.

Now that you have an idea of ​​the size of your movie theater, it’s time to put the main items on. So, see what can not be missing for this project to be a success.

What do you need in a good home theater?

Do you already have your notebook ready to write down what you need? These are basic elements that will make a true professional cinema room unoccupied. So, see the points you need to pay attention to.

Correct lighting

Even if the movie is for watching in the dark, it doesn’t mean that you should leave the lighting in the background. The ideal is to have at least one window to receive ventilation and natural light. Thus, it is possible to avoid mold , fungi and bacteria proliferation.

So that this clarity does not disturb the experience, use blackout curtains and LED spots with warm white light. In general, this lighting is more yellowish and leaves a pleasant feeling in the room. You can use warm white led lamps at temperatures from 2600 to 3500 Kelvin.

Suitable screen

You can use several screen options such as: FULL HD, 4K, HDTV, 3D etc. In addition to these, overhead projectors are also great for a home theater. The latter can be even more affordable than a high definition screen, creating a realistic mood.

To get the size right, think about the proportion of the room to avoid exaggeration or a format with low visibility. You can use a projection screen that is suspended and fixed so as not to risk damaging the equipment. It is best to keep your position in the center, without moving to the side.

Quality audio

The audio makes the difference in your project, because it offers the feeling of being in a real cinema. The most suitable for your project is the surround sound, which creates an expansion of audio in three dimensions.

So, for larger home theaters, use 7.1 surround sound. If you chose the smaller space, the audio that will be better in your room is 5.1. Both are composed of speakers and 1 subwoofer.

Perfect acoustics

It is not enough to have an incredible sound if the noises from outside the room reach you during your film, right? So, invest in sound insulation in your movie theater project. With this, the external sound does not interfere with the sound inside, nor does the internal volume reach the other rooms of the house.

Enjoy the furniture using wood and upholstery, which are great acoustic insulators. Avoid covering with reflective materials and very square rooms. So you should avoid: glass, marble floors, acrylic paint and mirrors .

Comfortable seats

To spend hours with your favorite actors, you need sofas, armchairs or a soft puff, do you agree? After all, nobody wants to go out with neck and back pain afterwards.

Test the seats that offer the most comfort to place in your home theater. So, if you buy online, always check customer reviews. If you purchase in person, try it out and see if it will be comfortable.

With the basic items ready, also see what it takes to have a perfect decoration in your project.

Ideas for decorating your home cinema room

Personalizing is one of the most enjoyable activities in the entire construction. You can follow the theme of a movie, a series or recreate a cinema space. So, see in practice how to decorate your movie theater.

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