High bed -30 Adult loft beds that help you maximize space

adult high bed

Loft is a name for an urban style but very modern in the world of interior design. This is characterized by an incredible saving of spaces in the decoration. Today, this style called loft is an important trend that has quickly become very popular. This is where the idea of ​​the high bed or loft bed is born.

high bed start

It is true that no design style will double the square footage of your home or your room. But without a doubt, a high bed in your room if you add a lot of space so you can move freely having all the comforts you need. The high bed is no longer only addressed to children’s rooms or to student residences.

single high bed

High bed – The loft style to maximize space

Today, most adults have found these loft-style beds as very elegant and versatile accessories or furniture for small homes or rooms, such as the studio type. From beds that are hidden when not in use to high beds that provide a lot of space and functionality.

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high bed stock

Unlike a normal bed, as we know it, on the floor, the high bed provides a lot of additional space in it. Either for extra storage, which is never too much or for common activities to recreate. This space is achieved by raising your bed a few meters from the floor. Having a very high ceiling is simply not a requirement for this design .

high bed apartment

So don’t worry, you just have to get some advice and choose which type of loft bed best suits your home or room. The high beds certainly offer extra space. It could give space for a second bed, a workplace or storage to store many things. Many of the loft beds are customizable. Which gives the advantage of being able to add them in your home without any problem with the features and space you want.

Elegant loft bed design with every comfort

high elegance bed

Rarely, these high beds or loft beds are becoming very famous. Due to the great comfort they give people, as well as their functionality. When space is restricted in a room, a high bed is a very good option. Not to mention that with loft beds you can use the space under it to place a desk, a small sofa or a dresser, among many other things.

high bed desk

Loft beds come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Which can easily adapt to the existing aspect of your home. In addition, these high beds are an investment that you will not regret. As for the benefits of high beds, as we already mentioned is the granting of a lot of additional storage space.

single high bed

If you do not need a workspace, you can always take advantage of the extra square meters, storing containers, shoes, clothes or a simple and simple living room, among others. That you have an additional space is necessary when your home or room is small. Since these high beds are an excellent choice for all those small rooms.

High bed for adult giving space to another bed and closet

free high bed

We have mentioned that you will have space to store or work and recreate but it should also be mentioned that with the extra space provided by these loft beds you could include another bed. Which means you could accommodate more people in the room. As for the styles, you can find them in wood to give your room a more traditional appearance.

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high wood bed

Or if you prefer metal to have a slightly more modern bedroom. You could also say that loft beds are a great piece of furniture for those families that are growing but with little space. Similarly, they are perfect for you to receive guests who can stay at home and sleep comfortably. Actually these high beds have many benefits when it comes to acquiring them.

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Very simple high bed with matching sofa underneath

minimalist high bed

They are safe, practical, cozy and also fun when going to sleep. It should also be mentioned that not only do they save a lot of space but also give the room an aspect of distinction and originality. The area under a high bed can be used as a small home office or simply as a place to place a sofa, a bookcase or a closet.

hidden high bed

The only drawback that these loft beds would have so far is the free space under it. But not because of the storage but because obviously an adult would have to duck to avoid hitting his head. Unless your home has a fairly high ceiling. It is not to mention, that the high beds for adults are designed so that you do not suffer any injuries.

Very high bed leaving room for the living room

original high bed

They generally have a separation distance of 80 centimeters with the ceiling, when the adult sits on the bed. And they can support an approximate weight of more than 90 kilos. The high beds for adults try to be a little more functional than the beds for children, and have many options to choose from. High beds may include work stations.

small high bed

Desks, filing cabinets, a station which you can very easily use a computer under your bed. You also find these beds with shelves and storage. Including drawers to help make the most of the space.

sophisticated high bed

A high bed with comfortable living space

high bed books

A high bed can be very sophisticated in the decoration of your small home. Releasing a significant floor space, which you can use differently. Tall beds for adults are different from each other in many ways that have to do with size or location. Obviously, it is expected that a high bed is built on an elevated platform that can be entered through a staircase.

High bed with work area under it

high work bed

It has a high loft bed as part of a large block that contains the work area with a comfortable desk at the bottom. By organizing the functions in this way, the architects managed to save a lot of space.

High bed with ingenious staircase surrounding the column

high stair bed

This design is really very ingenious. Not only because of the way the space is organized, but also because of the way the stairs spiral around the large support beam. This is a high ceiling apartment. Which facilitated its design a bit, giving space to a work area and a closet.

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High bed giving great space for work and storage

This high bed design gave this small apartment an efficient space. Placing the sleeping area on a platform on a corner with plenty of storage space underneath, as well as a bench. You can climb to the high bed through a staircase across the corner, facing the window.

Raised bed with work area at the same level and closet below

high combination bed

When you have very little space, sometimes you have to choose between having a closet and your work area. Here you can see what such a combo would look like. The bed is on a platform, while underneath there is a set of open shelves, but also a small sink.

sophisticated high bed

An apartment is not necessarily small, at least not, if you know how to use all the space. This apartment has it all, but only because the bed was raised on the floor. It is an ingenious example of how a high bed with a desk underneath can be efficient and attractive at the same time.

High bed for adult very original and minimalist

high drawer bed

An adult high bed helps to add storage space to an apartment that doesn’t have enough. This small apartment did not have enough storage space for its owner’s belongings and collections. So the space was transformed by including a minimalist cube with a high bed on top.

High bed taking advantage of storage drawers such as stairs

high bed drawers

The stairs leading to the high bed are storage drawers. Placing a hand rest on the wall for more support and stability when climbing It is one of the many ways in which this type of design helps save space.

High bed with wardrobe underneath and ladder with drawers for storage

high saving bed

Adding much more storage space to an already reduced space is not easy. But loft beds make things a lot easier. You don’t even need a high ceiling to achieve this. Here you can see the design of the bed of this apartment, on a wooden platform and integrated into a module that includes a closet underneath with drawers to store as stairs.

High bed for adults very simple but functional

versatile high bed

In small rooms, a very simple and intelligent way to save space and add extra storage is to raise the bed on a platform. Under the bed you have drawers and storage compartments and in this way you have a functional space. Such is the design of this high bed for adults which is absolutely missing nothing.

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different high bed

high loft bed

adult high bed

hidden high bed

high space bed


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