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Hanging rocking chair: 50 ideas that combine charm and fun

Hanging Chair Ideas


Photo: Reproduction / Bender Arquitetura

Since it refers to childhood and good times, the swing is a decoration item that is not much explored, but it occupies many minds and hearts out there. With houses and apartments getting smaller and smaller, you can think that this item of great fun has become obsolete. But not! Here are some decoration ideas that prove that it is possible to have a balance – regardless of the size of your home.

According to the architect Glaucio Gonçalves , incorporating the toy into the home decoration is not so difficult. “It can be used in the living room, bedrooms and terraces, in the office, in the yard, as a bedside table…”, the options are many, just creativity! “In addition to being beautiful and charming, they provide comfort, a delicious feeling that reminds us of childhood,” says the professional.

Does it fit in every room? Perhaps! According to Gonçalves, it is not so common to find it in kitchens and bathrooms. But use is possible. “The best way to use it in these environments would be for the purpose of decoration, such as shelves, for example”.

How to use swing in decoration

Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

In addition to the main function, which is to swing, the swings can also serve as decoration to the environment. In some cases, it can even be used to store objects. For having all this versatility, it is important to take care when buying (or making) and installing your swing.

Pay attention to the size of your environment and decide before installation what purpose you want for your new furniture. According to Gonçalves, everything depends on the purpose and who will use it. “Because of that, heights can vary. If they are used as shelves, for example, they can be installed from 40cm above the floor ”.

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In the end, there is no environment that is prohibited or that the use of the balance sheet is ugly. You just need to incorporate it into the decor.

Swing in the decoration of the room


Photo: Reproduction / Fernanda Marques

The room is a room that receives the balance very well. In addition to being an extra draw for the environment, it is a wildcard element when the house is full, providing another seat. The architect’s tip for use in the room is “to provide an ideal space that the balance does not hit anything”.

The idea of ​​sitting down and giving him a little push to swing is irresistible. Calculate the space well to avoid possible accidents, either breaking or dropping something or hitting someone – be careful not to install in busy places or passages, such as corridors.

Rooms can also have swings


Photo: Playback / Archidea

Rooms are also environments that are even more cozy with the use of the swing. And if you have space, you can use and abuse that item! It is worth putting it in the couple’s, teenager’s, children’s room and even in the guest room. Your visit will delight you with irreverence and good taste, for sure.

To use the swing in the rooms, as well as the use in the living room, it is important to remember that it is necessary to have an adequate space for this. What needs more attention is the children’s room – surely, it is the little ones who will most enjoy the new decor and splendid playing. Therefore, the expert’s tip is that “the floor should be rubberized”, to avoid major trauma if the child falls. Gonçalves also says that the ideal thing is for the swings to be part of children’s rooms from the age of five, for safety reasons. In baby rooms, it is interesting to use a seat belt suitable for the toy and that the use is always accompanied by adult supervision.

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For the teenagers’ bedroom, make sure the look of the swing is perfect. Surely he will be the main protagonist of the decoration. For the double or guest room, in addition to its main function, it can also be used as a nightstand or as shelves.

Swing on the balcony or balcony


Photo: Playback / Bruno Carvalho and Camila Avelar

Balconies and balconies can accommodate larger swings, such as those with two (or more) seats. The architect’s tip is to always know if it will be initially used with the balance function or not. “If it is not used as a balance sheet, see the best way to use it. Make it integrated into the decoration of the environment and have a functionality ”, says Gonçalves.

Swings in garden decoration


Photo: Reproduction / Paulinho Peres

The bigger your garden, the more options for swings – and here nets come in too! Ideally, in this environment it should be used for the balance function itself. Another tip from the architect is that you can innovate and integrate the balance into the environment. For this, bet on more rustic materials, such as wood, jute, rope and pallets.

It is also possible to use the swing in a conservatory. You can support small pots on the seat and create a harmonic and delicate environment.

Swings composing office decor


Photo: Playback / Edwiges Leal

Companies are increasingly betting on making the work environment lighter and less serious. For this, they invest in a cooler decoration or in specific spaces for professionals to relax. In addition to being used for swinging, in corporate environments (or in your office), the swing can also be beautiful as shelves or side tables.

Even in a library the balance falls very well. You pick up your favorite book from the bookshelf, sit down, cross your legs and get lost in the stories and the swing. Is there anything better?

Types of materials we can use in balance sheets


Photo: Playback / Vt Wonen

There is no defined type of material to be used in each environment. Everything is a matter of taste, pocket, creativity. The important thing is to make the balance stand out naturally. They can even have more than one material. For example: the balance is made of material A, the support is made of material B, and the cushion is made of material C. “Everything depends on the decorating style of the environment. It can be wood, bamboo, tires, acrylic, pallets, among others ”, says the architect. The wide variety of materials available on the market further opens up the range of options for your decor to look fantastic. Check the characteristics of each material in the table below:

Image: Your House

Image: Your House

40 environments decorated with swings for inspiration

Check out 40 ideas for decoration swings below. See that you can use it in several ways. Choose a suggestion that best fits your profile. Imagine one of them in your house! You will definitely adhere to this idea!

1. In children’s environments, or even in changing rooms, in commercial environments


Photo: Reproduction / Architecture and Interior

2. In the farm room suite or country house


Photo: Reproduction / Fernanda Distéfano

3. They are a great choice to make the environment more charming


Photo: Reproduction / Marcella Bacellar and Renata Lemos

4. Do you know that unused space under the stairs?


Photo: Reproduction / Fernanda Marques

5. Irreverent and surprising, such as a nightstand or nightstand


Photo: Reproduction / Viviane Visentin and Vivianne Pontes

6. Acrylic makes the environment cleaner


Photo: Reproduction / Fernanda Marques

7. With a natural green background, it almost integrates with the landscape


Photo: Reproduction / Fernanda Marques

8. A chair-swing-shelf. What about?


Photo: Reproduction / Fernanda Marques

9. Outside, flashy and welcoming


Photo: Reproduction / Fernanda Marques

10. The balance follows the decoration in pastel tones


Photo: Playback / Lovely Market

11. Enhance the decor even more with the use of blankets and cushions

Photo: Playback / Daily Women Talks

Photo: Playback / Daily Women Talks

12. Clean and charming environment


Photo: Playback / Villa Jipp

13. The use of dark colors provides an air of modernity


Photo: Playback / Cuckooland

14. Almost a rocking cot, you can spend a sunny afternoon hidden here


Photo: Playback / Willow House

15. The use of some accessories already gives another face to a simple balance


Photo: Playback / Archidea

16. Do you want a more inviting balcony for a chat?


Photo: Playback / Daily Women Talks

17. No secret, very do-it-yourself style


Photo: Playback / Daily Women Talks

18. Forgot your key? Such a swing is perfect for waiting for someone to arrive and open the door


Photo: Playback / Une Hir Ondelle Dans Les Tiroirs

19. In a law firm. Because dealing with laws doesn’t have to be boring!


Photo: Reproduction / Meire Santos and Leonardo Maia

20. Perfect place for a short nap


Photo: Playback / We are art

21. The use of acrylic keeps the focus on wood, which dominates the environment


Photo: Playback / We are art

22. Almost a cocoon, perfect for a nap


Photo: Playback / Archidea

23. In the toy room, it is a success for sure


Photo: Playback / Archidea

24. The use of material makes all the difference when it comes to combining and integrating


Photo: Playback / Archidea

25. For an industrial style environment


Photo: Playback / Trendir

26. Looks great in the pool area too


Photo: Playback / Trendir

27. A balance that is almost a work of art


Photo: Playback / Trendir

28. Suitable for those who love manual arts. The design could form a large mandala as well


Photo: Playback / We are art

29. Half a giant cage for this Sherlock-style haven


Photo: Playback / Trendir

30. Designs and lights give balance and ambience a more intimate feel


Photo: Playback / Trendir

31. For a Zen environment, the use of wefts combines


Photo: Playback / Trendir

32. For a minimalist environment


Photo: Playback / Trendir

33. Beside the fireplace, an invitation to sit with a glass of wine

34. A cocoon for a teenager in love


Photo: Playback / Trendir

35. To sit and contemplate nature


Photo: Reproduction / Bender Arquitetura


80 Fantastic Vertical Garden Indoor Decor Ideas

36. The garden is even more beautiful with this swing that rocks


Photo: Reproduction / Paulinho Peres

37. Earthy tones don’t fight textures. Use your creativity!

Photo: Playback / Alexandra Tobler

Photo: Playback / Alexandra Tobler

38. Invest in good quality materials for the outdoor area


Photo: Playback / Flavia Campos

39. How about packing the baby in one of these?


Photo: Reproduction / Habitissimo e Da Galeria Arquietura

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40. Any corner is for balance! Even the attic!

Photo: Reproduction / Mariekke

Don’t be afraid, do it yourself!

Did you like it, research it and find it expensive? Smoothly. Taking stock is not difficult, and it is very cheap! In half a day you can create and customize one the way you like it.

Call the family or friends who share the house with you and expose your newest idea. They are sure to be new supporters of the concept. Allow yourself to relive a taste of childhood with a touch of modernity. An adult enjoying childlike pleasure as “big people”.

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