There are people who use narcotics only for the purpose of experiencing surreal sensations and hallucinations . But what if you could have it all without using any drugs? Apparently this is easier than you might think and you can do it at home yourself.

The human brain is really something amazing. Thanks to him, we can do things that our primal ancestors never could, because they were years behind evolution and that the most advanced computers are nowhere near able to achieve. It is as if there is no chance of competing with our incredibly superior powers of consciousness than any artificial intelligence.

But while our brain commands are incredibly powerful, they are also extremely fragile. That is, any injuries or structural defects can make the human brain awkward, and can easily be tricked into seeing and hearing things that don’t really exist, called hallucinations . And your brain can do it on its own, all you need to know is how to manipulate it.

creating hallucinations

To create a situation of intense sensory deprivation that will make you experience these hallucinations that alter both vision and hearing, you will need some tools. As shown in this video, where two men do the experiment at home, you will need some common household objects.

The important thing here is to deprive yourself of any sensory information of the environment you are in. The effects begin to appear after 10 to 30 minutes of experiment. The men appearing in the video reported these experiences after 20 minutes. They detailed seeing “flowers of color,” the ones you see when you rub your eyelids, and consequently create strange shapes and silhouettes.

To some, this experiment may seem silly, but if you don’t believe the guys’ word, know that they are doing something really scientific. The experiment, seen in the video, really follows all the principles of a phenomenon known as the Ganzfeld effect.

Ganzfeld effect

The Ganzfeld effect happens when you are exposed to “an unstructured and uniform stimulation field.” For example, when you see darkness and constantly listen to television static, then your brain will respond by amplifying neural noise by struggling to find missing visual signals. It is this condition that creates the visual and auditory hallucinations as described in the video.

But just like drugs, each individual would experience the effect differently and uniquely, it will never be the same as someone else felt.

Derek Muller of the Veritasium channel also did his own sensory deprivation experiment. For this, he was inside an anechoic chamber (isolated from external noise sources) for 45 minutes. And related his experience. “Perhaps the weirdest thing I noticed was the feel of my heart,” he said. “I felt like I was pumping very hard, and I could feel, almost like blood pushing through me. It wasn’t like I was listening, it was like I was feeling it. And I was feeling as if, for sure. way, my heart was shaking my body. That was strange. ”

In Derek’s case, he didn’t exactly experience hallucinations, but what he describes suggests that his brain was amplifying things in the absence of any external stimulus.

And would you have the courage to do this experiment at home? Tell us in the comments and share it with your friends.

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