Gray sofa: 85 ideas on how to use this versatile furniture for decoration

Trend in decorations and blazing of interior designers and architects, the gray sofa has its space guaranteed whatever the project.

Versatile and adhering to any type of space, this furniture ensures a modern look, bold and very elegant to the environment. Check out the ways to use it in different types of space and choose your favorite one.

1. The gray sofa looks beautiful with colorful pillows

2. Mix textures and prints

3. Match asymmetric elements

4. And more vibrant colors to highlight gray

5. Or use overlapping objects

6. The gray sofa is perfect for composing modern environments

7. Or more laid back and stripped down

8. Perfect for minimalist decor

9. And also in something more traditional

10. Gray with mustard looks amazing!

40. Building a Cozy Space

41. Make it attractive to have a nice time

42. Capriche in the color palette throughout the space

43. Using more modern colors

44. Or taking advantage of the natural green of the plants

45. Elements must accompany sofa proposal

46. ​​Be for a more modern and stripped down idea

47. Or more discreet and classic

48. Transform the neutrality of the gray sofa

49. Using a minimalist decoration

50. Or more exquisite and detailed

Marilia Zimmermann

51. Make the sofa the central decorative element

52. Highlighting all its beauty with modern touches

Monise Rosa

53. Making the space well marked and characteristic

Carol Miluzzi

54. Using textures and prints without weighing

My only 34

55. Combining the details of different elements


56. Creating Complementary Environments

Apt 41

57. Regardless of available space

 Tok & Stock

58. Everything needs to be in balance.

Encadree Posters

59. Always seeking to express your personal taste

Doob Architecture

60. Gray matches soft tones

Degree Architecture

61. And also with the vibrant

Latte Coffee Corner

62. Cement wall helped highlight sofa


63. While blue was the main element

My only 802C

64. The tone of the sofa underpins all the decor around

Bianchi & Lima

65. Different pillows to match the wall element


66. The simple that works and transforms

Isabel Leite Design

67. A balanced and delicate proposal

Monise Rosa

68. The use of plants always transforms and rejoices

Corinne Miya

69. A touch of color makes the environment more interesting.

70. The blanket is another good option for decorating


71. Which composes easily together with other elements

Doob Architecture

72. Can be used in different ways

Castelinho da Cris

73. Integrate environments creatively

SP Studio

74. Invest in something comfortable.


75. Matching similar color and tone prints


76. Innovating with more striking details

Monise Rosa

77. Focused on Element Choices

Moana Architecture

78. Use pillows that match your living room palette


79. And choose a cozy sofa model

Ramini Lima

80. To accommodate your visitors pleasantly

Gava Architecture

81. And impressing also by the decoration

82. Taking care of every detail


83. In a modern and very sharp way

Bidegain Olive Tree

84. Taking every opportunity to decorate


85. And daring creativity for incredible results

The gray sofa allows a multitude of combinations by the versatile form that integrates with the other elements. Therefore it is a great choice for your decoration. Bet it!

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