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Garden Path Ideas and Walkways Making a Statement in Your Yard

Garden Path Ideas

1. Flagstones and River Rocks

Flagstones and River Rocks

Adding depth to this simple yet striking path travelling through the garden, river rocks fill the spaces between minimalist, modern flagstones. That circular beginning and loads of plants lining the sides amplify the overall beauty of the space.

Idea Details : pin.it

2. Stones and Grass Path

Stones and Grass Path

The intended imperfections here prove it quite well that a garden path doesn’t always have to be solid – a series of stones running accompanied by little colorful rocks and grass in between goes for a natural and casual look.

Idea Details : theartfulgarden

3. Down the Garden Path

Down the Garden Path

Looking like a regular paving stone path, this one actually provides for a better irrigation by using a porous material instead of mortar between the stones. It allows for a better absorption of rainwater by the soil.

Idea Details : bhg

4. How to Make Lace-like Stepping Stones

How to Make Lace-like Stepping Stones

Intricate lace-pattern flaunted by these stepping stones brings out great elegance to the garden, that too in a cost-friendly manner. It’s a do-it-yourself affair wherein you create the design using doilies and spray paint on the stones.

Idea Details : instructables

5. Pallet Wood Garden Walkway

Pallet Wood Garden Walkway

Upcycle a few wooden pallets into a rustic garden walkway by pushing them into the soil. Also, the pallets keep things from looking too narrow, while rocks are placed randomly along the path to fill in for the lack of plants.

Idea Details : funkyjunkinteriors

6. Glow-in-the-Dark Pebbles

Glow-in-the-Dark Pebbles

Glorious pebbles mark the spaces between the stones of the path, making the space glow with prettiness during the evening. The acrylic pebbles come with a power to soak up sunlight and then glow for 2-3 hours after dark.

Idea Details : bookofjoe

7. Cobble Stone Path

Cobble Stone Path

The possibilities of custom-shaped paths a unique concrete frame opens are truly endless. All you need to do is decide the structure of the walkway, place the frame accordingly, filling it with colored concrete mix and voila!

Idea Details : tancamjenksfam

8. How to Make a Solar Powered Walkway

How to Make a Solar Powered Walkway

Ordinary glass blocks in your choice of shapes are transformed into a thing of extraordinaire when put together with solar lights and speaker wires, perfect to build a brightly-lit solar powered walkway in your yard.

Idea Details : instructables

9. Flagstone Walkway

Flagstone Walkway

Beautifully curved walkway guiding one to the front door of your house looks splendid when combining thick and durable flagstones with thousands of little stones matching the natural color scheme of the path.

Idea Details : bhg

10. Irregular Stone Path

Irregular Stone Path

The awesomeness of irregular stone walkways is that you don’t need to go for any stone-cutting equipment or complicated tools to build one. And, fitting the different shapes adds so much character, creating a distinctive yard path.


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