Furnish a marine-style home! 15 beautiful ideas to inspire you

15 ideas to decorate a marine-style home! Let yourself be inspired

The marine style to furnish the house is always of enormous visual impact! The shades of blue, the accessories that concern the sea, the furnishing accessories that make you think of the summer: the sea is a natural element of enormous charm. That’s why the house that is inspired by it is a young, fresh house, without superstructures! A dwelling that does not demand pomp but approaches a luxury that plays with the figure of simplicity, even when it is combined in style. The sea offers unique atmospheres, makes you dream, with its unmistakable shades and the light that distinguishes it.

Furnishing a marine-style home means living immersed in the sky and the sea, playing with the blues, never leaving the holiday mood that raises our spirits and helps us to better overcome the cold season. The marine-style furnishings are cheerful, imaginative, typical. In such a house you can really indulge your creativity and make it a place of enchantment and glamor.

Come and discover our 15 marine furnishing proposals… get inspired!

The marine style to decorate your home! 15 ideas

A marine-themed centerpiece is enough to awaken that desire for the sea and holidays that should always accompany us, all year round!

Marine style centerpiece with shells and stones.


Blue stands out in the purity of white! Stripes, solid color, typically marine elements: the marine style is pleasantly unmistakable!

White and dark blue living room, marine decoration.


Wooden boxes painted in blue, fish, lifebuoys and shells: with creative recycling you can create a truly unconventional and certainly beautiful marine style!


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Wall mounted wooden boxes painted in blue and white, perfect for a marine style decoration.


Dusty blue wooden walls, white sofa, cabinet made with creative recycling and a necklace made with shells and starfish that stands out on the wall: a refinement that takes your breath away!

Living room decorated in a marine style with shells and hanging sea stars.


It does not take much to make the sea the distinctive feature of a living room. Blue is needed which brings us back to atmospheres that are a balm for the soul.


An elegance that leaves you speechless. How wonderful this light blue that characterizes the whole room in every detail and how beautiful the oblique curtains, the real novelty that attracts attention.

Attic furnished in marine style.


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Even in the sobriety of gray, marine furniture has its own reason and gives that touch of liveliness that never hurts.


It looks like the cabin of a ship, this bedroom that has everything about a sailor. Not only the furniture, therefore, but also the atmosphere you breathe!


A simple bathroom that becomes seafaring with the addition of a few characteristic elements: that timeless refinement.


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When beauty is a concept free from any mannerism: the seafaring style stands with all its sobriety.


Ah lines, what a passion! With the blue then they become even more captivating and the starfish are the final touch in an already splendid picture!


White and green water: the sea enters forcefully with all its “liquid” and clear beauty, which knows how to lighten the heart.


Glamorous and rustic at the same time, the marine-style furniture to be placed wherever you want, in the kitchen as in the living room!


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What a beautiful white and blue bedroom! Being refined with the marine style is really the simplest thing in the world.


When the dream becomes reality! Here is a marine-style room that catapults us into the wonder of a daydream.

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